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Vekoma Boomerang HO Scale Model

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Hello everyone.


One of my hobbies is to build miniature, HO-Scale (1:87) amusement rides (dorky I know...but I'm an engineering grad student and enjoy the puzzle!)


I'm working on a model layout, but for now am just building and collecting them.


Here are a few pictures of my latest project, an HO Scale, scratch-built, Vekoma Boomerang.


After 16 months working on it (grad school tends to consume most of my modeling time lately), I am somewhat pleased with the result and am excited to move on to something else. Just thought I would share on this website as well.


YouTube video:


Also, more pictures of this model and the others are on my model "park's" Facebook page: Mattyparkminipark.






A few from the construction process:





I used CAD to draw the track ribs and had them laser cut. They then were glued onto plastic styrene tubing and then the track was glued in place.


Thanks for looking!


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Thanks everyone for your comments! Much appreciated.


Wow!! Amazing job!! This looks great! So realistic!! Good job! Any plans for more coasters??



Hi Matt. I'm not sure if I want to build another coaster right away. I will definitely be building more for my layout (once I have the room), but my next project is probably going to return to flat rides. Either a PTC carousel or maybe a Zamperla Hawk will be my next project...I haven't decided yet! Thanks.


I wonder if Hershey would buy this off of you (or if you donated it, maybe it would make it in a window!), because it's fantastic!!


Haha - that would be neat. I do think about donating my models by setting up a display at a Children's Hospital though, someday.


From the team over at CoasterDynamix... AWESOME JOB! We love model coasters of all scales, and this one is beautiful


Thank you sir. The CoasterDynamix kits are also great (I just wish they had more HO Scale varieties...presumably a manufacturer would have access to the equipment needed to make the miniature components (upstop wheels, etc), but I recognize the challenge that's for sure).


Thanks again everyone. Be sure to check out my Facebook link / Blog for more updates over the next few months!

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