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The Official TPoRlando Info and Trip Reports Thread!

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TPoRlando is now on Facebook! Click here to join our Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/345958058826428/



Jan 2012 - Photos from TPoRlando at the Apopka Food Truck Festival!

March 2012 - Airheads meet!

March 2012 - Hollywood Drive-In Mini Golf



We've opened up a TPoRlando Private Forum to keep everyone up to date! The private forum is located here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=66


Hey everyone!


I'm sure most of you know by now that Theme Park Review has moved our headquarters to Florida! The Sunshine State! The theme park capital of the world!


In an effort to get to know our local TPR members, or new neighbors a bit better, I've set up a "TPoRlando" group that will help us reach out to our local members. We plan on doing a few local meet-ups, some TPR events, and maybe if enough people are interested, more "bash" events in Florida.


It's easy to join the group, AND TOTALLY FREE, but please only join if you live either in the Orlando area, or within about 3 hours drive. (Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, etc.) If you join the group, and you aren't from the local area, you will be removed from the group.


To Join the TPoRlando group, follow these simple instructions:

NOTE: You need a TPR Forum Account to join the group. To register an account click http://themeparkreview.com/forum/ucp.php?mode=register

1. Click the "User Control Panel" link above and select the "Usergroups" Tab

2. Under "TPoRlando" click the radio button (The little circle)

3. Use the pull down menu and select "Join Selected"

4. Click "Submit!"


We think it might be cool to do a local meet-up somewhere at a park, restaurant, mini-golf, D&B's, DTD, or many of the other area attractions we have here. This wouldn't include any ERT or any perks really, but just a nice opportunity for local TPR members to hang out and get to know each other a bit better.


And if we have enough people interested, we'd love to organize some actual TPR events in the Florida area! So for our Orlando locals... please join TPoRlando now!


...hopefully we'll see you at a meet-up soon!




To update your email address:

1. Click "User Control Panel" above

2. Click the "profile" tab

3. Click the "Edit Account Settings" link

4. Input your email address.

5. Click Submit


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^^ I figured this is something new we'll try...I'm always up for trying new things! We never really had something like this for when we lived in So Cal, although West Coast Bash sort of became the annual event for that area.


I think it would be really fun to just tell everyone "Hey, tomorrow night we'll be at Dave & Busters....anyone want to meet up?", etc, etc....

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Since I'm in Tampa... yeah I'm in! I'd love to pop up to Orlando, get to know you guys a little better and have some fun.


I'd also like to suggest in February we should totally have an impromptu TPR day at the Florida State Fair. That would be so awesome!

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I live an hour away, but I probably wouldn't be able to come to many of the meet-ups since I can't drive yet.. unless you ever wanna come check out the east coast beaches!


Can I still join though for future reference?

Yes, that's totally fine. Because who knows, we might end up doing a Bash event that maybe you can get a ride to!

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Currently in the UK but should be back in the sunshine state in January for a bit, will then be back for the summer.

(I hope this isn't breaking the 'must be local' rule as I am across the pond right now... I hate to break rules, especially on my favourite coaster site! )


Would be real awesome to meet up sometime, also a non driver here but, I'm sure I could swindle a lift from the parents or something haha.


A question though, what made the change of location? Good choice though!

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Awesome idea The last minute meet ups may be out of reach for me down in Ft Lauderdale but if something pops up with a fews days notice we may be able to swing something.


Heres an idea that would be cool. A TPR takeover of a Mardi Gras float at Universal. Ive always wanted get on one of those floats but never had a chance. Would be fun with the TPR group.

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