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Internet Censorship Law


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Almost as bad as then ten strikes bill, that one makes copyright infringement a felony.

it already can be a felony... and is that really a bad idea?


There is also legislation floating around out there making it illegal to violate a web site's Terms of Service - but apparently dating sites are to be excluded, so you can still lie to potential partners

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^Is lying on a dating website really something that needs to be some sort of criminal offense? I cannot see why someone would be so traumatized if someone misrepresents their age or whatever that there needs to be criminal penalties. People seriously have devolved into giant babies...



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^ Considering Congress can't do anything at the moment, I wouldn't worry about it.


Now, I'm against piracy, but if the wording is as weak as it is, I'm sure there are going to be a lot of problems. I might quickly read the bill, but from what I've heard, having any third party copyrighted material or linking to a site that does can get a site blocked. That is unacceptable, but if the bill is rewritten to only go after piracy or blatant copyright infringement, I can support it.


Also, fun fact, it is a crime to be part of a web community and not use your real name. That means, nearly every member of TPR, and every other forum/community, can technically be charged with charges relating to hacking.

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I don' t even see the point... The internet cannot be governed. Look at china! They sensor parts of the web there, but all you need is the right proxy and wah-la!


The great thing about the internet is the people have the power. If the governmemt puts up a wall thousands of people on the web will work to tear it down.


It is a waste of time, our elected officials have more important matters they should be dealing with.




-Doug (I use my real name on the web) Mandell Jr.

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^don't get me wrong, I'm mostly against piracy. I think there are better options for consuming content than piracy. Services such as Pandora, Netflix, Grooveshark, Spotify, ect. offer most of the content that people origionally pirated 5 years ago. I personally suscribe to Grooveshark and Netflix so I can have all the music and movies I would want at a reasonable price.


Now if the entertainment industry stopped fighting this business model and embrased it I'm pretty sure that they would end up making more money in the long run. Let the industry make piracy obsolete.

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Combating software piracy has never been a successful model for the entertainment/recording industry. Chances are, this new law really won't make it any more difficult to stop people from pirating material on the internet (using the IP address or using a proxy to get around the block).


Doing some research, it seems that the new law gives entertainment companies the right to take down any websites that host copyrighted content. This means sites that host user-generated content, search engines, social networking sites, blogs, image hosting sites, message boards, etc could all be taken down if there is a trace of copyrighted content (and if you think about it, that's a pretty huge chunk of the internet right there).


Even a site like TPR is at risk for being taken down if this bill passes.

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^"taken down" might not actually be the right words.


From what I understand, if this bill passes it would force Internet service providers to block the domain name of the offending website from their DNS servers. However, this doesn't mean that the site would be "taken down." Sites can continue to maintain there websites, but they will be more difficult to access. The block can be bypassed by typing in the websites IP address (for Theme Park Review,, and maybe even using a third party DNS server would bypass the block as well.


But, the idea behind the bill is wrong. It will suppress innovation, and harm an industry vital to our nation. The Internet brings in more money than the movie/music industry does.

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