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A Credit Competition


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As of 9/7/05...


Robb - 789


Elissa - 665



Robb will be over 800 by years end, I have a chance at hitting 700.


I reckon I probably have the 2nd or 3rd highest coaster count for a chick. Robb is probably in the top 10 overall.

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I'm pretty sure Elissa is probably in the top 2 or 3 "chick" enthusiasts. And after our insane trip we're about to plan over xmas, she might take that #2 spot!


But yeah, I'm sure Lisa is well ahead of Elissa, Dana I'm not so sure.....


--Robb "She at least has the highest count for her young age of 24!" Alvey

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I realize there are many different variations of how one counts their credits. My question, however, is when do you start counting? Is it when you consider yourself an enthusiast? I ask because I have many coasters I rode as a youngster and even through my teens...do I count these? Some of those coasters are now history. I've always been a huge coaster fan but never joined a club until 2 years ago.


Just curious what you guys think.



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^ We're actually going to the north pole to kill santa before he spreads happiness to all the children!


--Robb "It's a secret! Otherwise we wouldn't be able to play more where in the world...games!" Alvey


do does this mean you dont want to meet up with people anymore. Because I could be at the same park you are at, and I would never know!

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I counted coasters that don't exist anymore. Mountain Express in MM'75 is an example. Zambeezi Zinger in WoF'95 is another I rode. As long as you can honestly remember that yes, indeed, that was one you rode. We all got to be honest with ourself, right? If it's just a numbers thing, well.... But's that MO.


I was actually quite surprised I had been on quite a few thru my years, cool to find out, after all this itme. And I'll be hitting my first 100 with the UK tour which is nice, too.


Enjoy your counting!

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Yes count DD as two! They are completely seperate layouts, as well as different inversions on each one.


The more credits the better!


Katie, yes I am a credit whore, O.

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Robb only counts Gwazi as one credit? They are distinctly two different tracks. I can understand counting a racer as one credit (which I do) since they both pretty much share the same supports and all, but Gwazi is two distinctly different tracks.

Edited by Erik Johnson
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