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IAAPA 2011 Trade Show - TPR's Official Report!

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^They wanted a LOT of money for it, and really they weren't going to say or show us anything that you couldn't see on your own through a VIP Tour or with some Disney enthusiasts.


Elissa, I figured it would just be a "keys to the kingdom" for the industry folks- but the description (including next gen stuff, which I'm clearly fascinated by) had me excited. I'm sure it would be a softball tour, but the fact that no one covered it makes me intrigued if anything worth while was shared.


As always, your coverage is the best in the business.

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TPR IAAPA Video Part 3! Rocky Mountain Coasters, Dippin Dots, Soaring Eagle Zipline, Martin & Vleminckx, Sally Corporation, Mack Rides!


IAAPA Video #4 Posted! Seriously guys - take a moment and watch this. TPR riding the "Fishpipe" may just be one of the most amazing things ever posted!


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Things I took away from the IAAPA, EPISODE 3 video-


Looking forward to the first original Rocky Mountain train+coaster+design concept. I'm sure it will be amazing. Get Excited!



"Shooting back" is the feature that will take shooting dark rides to the next level. It makes sense that Sally Corp was the group that advanced the technology.



Gobbler Getaway- We ARE calling the turkeys (Hopefully we'll also be calling/helping the penguins in Seaworld's new attraction.



High Five- I need to see a POV of this once it's built. Sounds like great fun (and also has potential for a new TPR game)..



Has this been announced? The Mack Manta coaster clearly has a camera for on ride videos.

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Thanks for the latest video, Robb and Elissa. I think Sally needs to collaborate with Disney to apply their new "shooting back" technology to "It's a Small World." Firefights on the "Happiest Voyage that Ever Sailed" would be amazing!

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That Big Fun coaster by GCI is just adorable. It looks like it would pack a punch at time.


Also, I love the excitement that each builder puts into their ride. It's great to see them build onto their rides because you really get the sense of accomplishment and a "here is my love-child, go and have fun with it" excitement about all of their new products. Hope to be able to ride some of these one day!

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A couple of notes from the show today so far...


- There's a strong rumor floating around that GCI has already sold a Big Fun, and well, I can't spill all the details I heard from the Mini Melts guy!


I'll bet it is for the highly rumoured TPR park opening on International Drive (previously known as Orlando Thrill Park)!


Thanks for the great coverage.

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This coverage has been amazing. Thanks for posting all this stuff!


Really liking the idea of the GCI Big Fun. I can see a lot of smaller parks taking advantage of this.


The thing that has intrigued me the most, though, was the LoQ software running on an iPhone. This would be amazing, and I really hope something like this happens. Really hoping to hear of their system being added to more parks. I love the Q-Bot!



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We will give away several IAAPA themed "Bags-O-Crap" over the next few days. They will contain items such as these...


Would you like to win one? Then keep following this thread!


We have already given away one, and we will give away another one as soon as this thread hits 300 posts!


So that means...




One lucky person who has posted within the first 300 posts will be randomly chosen to win an IAAPA BAG-O-CRAP!

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