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IAAPA 2011 Trade Show - TPR's Official Report!

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I love that interview with Proslide! As a "water park person", I can't help but think that their huge capacity family water coaster would be a GREAT fit for perhaps a park in Orlando.... You know, since the two most highly attended water parks in the world are there, one of which is lacking a good family raft ride...

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I've always wondered why one of the major water parks in Orlando didn't just install a regular amusement park style water ride (log flume, river rapids, supersplash, water coaster, etc). It's a water ride with a HUGE capacity, much larger than any water slide could almost ever come close to, and I would rather ride an awesome rapids ride in my bathing suit than in my park clothes anyways! getting soaked at Animal Kingdom sucks, but Kali Rapids at typhoon Lagoon would be amazing.

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I just got caught up on all the footage.


Rocky Mountain, GG/M&V and GCI had some real interesting stuff to show off.


The two proposed Rocky Mountain projects (a Topper Track coaster being built from the ground up and a full-fledged Iron Horse coaster (could it be Rattler?). Then GCI and the Big Fun coaster concept (if BGW doesn't get one of those, maybe Go Karts Plus can snag one ). Can't wait to see more parks building those things. The model of Mythos was the icing on the cake for the GCI interview. Lastly the High Five coaster and the other two proposed Chinese projects, it would be interesting to hear more about those projects in the future.


The coaster trains on display are awesome as always. Both Manta and Green Lantern trains look sick.


The Mini Hu ride is pretty cool looking as well.


I'd love to see more of those sick Proslide concepts making their way into more parks. Maybe Water Country or KD could pick one of those fancy LIM slides up in the near future.


Thanks for all the footage. I learned quite a bit from watching all the interviews.

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I think everyone needs to be a little more realistic about the potential of Big Fun. Relative to other wooden coasters $3MM is cheap, but still far out of line for the budget of most smaller FECs. Even charging $5 per it would take 600,000 riders to recoup the investment and that is not taking into account recurring staffing and maintenance costs.


More likely US placements for Big Fun are probably smaller parks, but not FECs.


FYI - still laughing at Jake in the FishPipe

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I know this is supposed to be a kiddie ride, but I can see future TPR takeovers happening on these!
I can honestly see these being made bigger and more aggressive and marketed as thrill rides


That would be sweet!


FYI - There is a reason the new S&S ride is called the *MINI*-Hu!!!


I know it probably wouldn't be able to have four adult riders in the car at a time...but it just seems like one of those kiddie rides that a lot of "big kids" would want to try.

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I am very intrigued about the new, original topper track coaster from Rocky Mointian. From all I've heard about NTAG It would be cool to see this technology work its way across the country. Rocky Mountain is quickly becoming one of my favorite companies.

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Depending on size dimensions and height requirements etc. I could see the GCI Big Fun model working really well at a major park as a smaller family coaster. A place like Cedar Point, or Busch Gardens Williamsburg, or Alton Towers that have a great collection of steel coasters, but a poor selection of Wooden coasters a Big Fun might be a great addition to their lineup.

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Now let's take a look at IAAPA through the eyes of Hanno and his photos!


This is where we are...


...and this is the trade show we are going to!


The show is OPEN! People flood in...


The "OM NOM NOM" inflatable!


Here's an overview of the B&M booth with their latest product displayed our front!


More photos of some of their more popular roller coasters.


This tower of B&M has been a familiar sight at IAAPA going back to 2001!


For a company that does so much business, their booth is always oddly quiet.


On the other hand, ProSlide always has one of the most active booths at IAAPA! It's totally a reflection of the product they make!


And we are absolutely looking forward to this!


I hadn't remembered seeing these guys at IAAPA before...


But they had a cool model of the new Mirabilandia coaster...


And a ride vehicle being presented.


Here's a closer look at GCI's "Big Fun" model.


Another angle of BIG fun!


Those riders look like they are having BIG fun!


Robb doing what he does best....


The GCI model for the new Europa coaster was just amazing!


Some of the little details that GCI's Chris Gray added to the model.


If you watch TPR's 2nd IAAPA Video, Chris explains some of the inspiration behind these little figures.


More riders having fun on GCI's coasters!


A full ropes course set up at IAAPA. New for this year, no more "clang, clang, clang" as you travel around the course!


This Japanese-based company had a kids area that was totally insane!


Our friends from Grona Lund wanted a group photo! We love these guys! =)


I had no idea Marty McFly was here!


People wanted "haunt stuff" ... here ya go! There wasn't much to be seen this year at IAAPA.


This was a "haunted shooting gallery"


A little mini-Kuka arm!


If there is one thing there doesn't seem to be a shortage of at IAAPA, are companies that do attraction themeing.


One day, all shopping mall Santas will be replaced by these animatronic versions.


There's also a crazy amount of redemption games and arcade suppliers.


And plush! TONS AND TONS of plush!!!!


Oh, this doesn't look like a knock-off of anything I've seen before! =)

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The Miribilandia coaster looks pretty cool.


I wonder if they are going to be adding themeing to that coaster, the Master Thai coaster at Mirabilandia is allready built but doesn't look anything like that model does, not nearly as cool. It almost looks like a portable model.

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Fishpipe looks really sick! It looks like a ride that has a very small footprint, but will get a lot of riders out of novelty. It looks a lot like water zorbing on a stand, so thats really cool.


Im excited about Big Fun, it looks like a really compact and awesome ride. Reminds me a bit of American Thunder in the way it crosses over itself so much. I also dig the Gravity Group's idea of having a 90 degree bank into an airtime hill. That just sounds insane


The stuff on the new wing rider looks really cool too. I hadnt given that ride too much thought, but it looks really fun. How does the seating configuration on these rides effect the forces on the rider? I kinda wonder this after hearing the discussion.

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I have one little question, I don't now how many parts of the interviews will be shown after part 5. But as a 'Hollander' I like to see an interview with Vekoma (I don't know if this has already been asked and answerd, but I won't read 30 pages now xD ). Have you already had/tried an interview with Vekoma or will it come soon, because I'm a kind of Vekoma-fan!

Vekoma interview will be in Part 6.

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More IAAPA coverage from Hanno!


Lift your profits....with Angry Birds!


There were so many different Pac-Man games being shown it was hard to keep track! What ever happened to just eating the dots and avoiding ghosts???


The Lion King.


Bobs Space Racers had a water game where the Smurfs went up like 15 feet!


4-Player Air Hockey, anyone?


Stoned Chilly Willy!


I think they are trying to prove these are water proof!


Looking for an extreme ride?


Satori's booth was kind of baron.


Technical Park had a few things on display.


Hello Technical Park train.


More 4D film production companies.


Here was KMG's booth.


Some photos on the back of KMG's booth.


The lap-bar only seat for the new Fireball rides.


Adam and Jake inside the Fishpipe.


"This was not a good idea!!!"


Wait, how many legs are there?!?!??




"Wait, guys....I've got this all under control!"


If you haven't seen the Fishpipe video yet, it's a MUST SEE! Click this link:

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Do you guys no longer life in California? I know it's off topic, but I just assume you're really closely associated with SFMM....maybe a work relocation?


In any case, great pictures - are you guys capturing stills from your videos or taking pics in addition?


We're taking high res pictures, iPhone pictures, and video.


We moved to Orlando, we were close in proximity to SFMM, that's about it!


Hey, thanks for the reply! Obviously missed the news! Hope the move was due to good things, and obviously your love of this industry would make Orlando a pretty sweet place to be!


Nice coverage of the convention....would be interesting to go back 20 years and see what "upcoming tech" looked like, and how it's been implemented since then.

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