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IAAPA 2011 Trade Show - TPR's Official Report!

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I just wanted to say great job on covering IAAPA 2011 as always. Also can't wait to see more interviews and more photos tomorrow. And my favorite IAAPA 2011 photo is the photo of the new Mack car for the Manta coaster at SeaWorld San Diego and a beautiful model, you can't get anything better than that.


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Incredible coverage as always! Tons of amazing stuff to look forward to, and I agree that the GCI Big Fun looks very interesting. Loving the food pictures as well! Can't wait to try the breakfast pretzel or red velvet funnel cake!

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I've always been coming to Theme Park Review for years now to catch up on the latest information in the amusement industry, as well as seeing fun times had by everyone on TPR trips. I just want to thank you guys for everything you do for all us coaster enthusiasts who can't partake in some of the amazing events and trips offered. I feel as if I'm nearly at IAAPA with all the up to date information you guys have provided for us, and the video interviews are great to watch to learn more about what happens in this industry as well as what we can expect! Thanks again do much for everything you guys do!


P.S. the IAAPA Bag-O-Crap looks fantastic would love to have one myself! Maybe I'll be the lucky winner



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