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So I visited the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh today and ran into this priceless treasure.


History Center 033


An original 4 bench PTC car from the Racer in Kennywood. About all I could find on the topic in general was in the forums. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=661369


Are there any more of these 4 bench trains left in operation?

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The Racer's original trains were actually products of Edward Vettel, who also built the Jack Rabbit trains.


PTC has made some four-bench cars, though...the only operating ones left that come to mind are on Blackpool's Big Dipper.

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To add to "nowaymang"s statement, in the 80's there was also a train under the Fort Pitt bridge almost in shambles, and a car from the blue train on display at Station Square along with old train cars outside in a covered area. (next to the Smithfioeld St Bridge.) Looks like the one in the picture posted was a restored car from the one under the Fort Pitt Bridge.

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Thanks for all of the insights guys! As far as PTC 4 bench trains go, are there any left? I associated these with being PTCs after seeing the old Beast trains and others.

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Didn't Phoenix have three four-bench cars per train when it was the Rocket at Playland?


Based on the rotating picture on this page, it did not.



But it may have at one time.


EDIT: I actually found more pictures here:


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I live in Pittsburgh. Were you at the center on Friday? That was my first time going and we got there at about 1:30 and only got about halfway through everything, they really have some fantastic displays. I still can't believe they have a restored streetcar and everything as well.

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