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[NL] Marsh Monster

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First things first, I will say that I'm pleased that you bothered to try terrain editing (which most tend to avoid) and gave your ride a unique layout! Also, it's not too terribly rough and actually fairly smooth, although it could be smoothed out a bit in some spots!


That being said, I'll echo what CF said above me, and add that you really should try to avoid the premade supports unless you've got a situation where they'll look natural. Right now, it just looks undersupported and kinda...weird.


As a suggestion for a new(ish) coaster-builer, I'd recommend one of the wood coasters or a mine train using wood supports, since with supporting the ride taken out of the equation you can continue to refocus on refining your ride. Also, since inversions aren't involved, it can teach you to keep speed and add variety without tossing in a loop here and there!

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