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TR: Chuanlord Holiday Manor (Oct. 30, 2011)

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I went to Chuanlord Holiday Manor on October 30. I had a great time. I was expecting to find a rundown Chinese park and instead I found a very interesting park that, in 2011, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. I rode all seven coasters. The looping toboggan coaster was painful and apparently there is a height limit as I was initially refused a ride, but due to the language barrier, I just stood on the platform until I was allowed to board a car. The ride was rough, but not as rough as Space 2000 at Gyeongju World in South Korea. I think the best ride at Chuanlord is the Jungle Mouse. I took several rides on this coaster. I didn't see a merry go round at Chuanlord and I think the park could use a log flume, but there are so many activities like boats on the lake and a zipline. The park also has plans for a large steel coaster with inversions. With seven coasters, Chuanlord has, I believe, the most coasters of all of the parks in China. In addition to the rides and the zoo, one very neat feature is a restroom near the looping toboggan of death. I walked in noticed that the sink and the urinals were combined with an aquarium. I really had to use the restroom and all of those fish were looking at me as I done my business.

Chuanlord Holiday Manor is an easy 20 minute walk from Shunde train station and is very close to the city of Guangzhou.


I am at Chuanlord Manor today.


Chuanlord was packed today.


The Spinning Surfboat was my first coaster of the day.


I had to take a spin on both of the Shenzhou Surfing Coasters.


The Sliding Dragon provided fun for the whole family.


Chuanlord has a cool zipline over the lake.


Several different types of boats run on the lake.


I took this photo of the ferris wheel while I was on a boat.


The Spinning Coaster was a smaller model than other Spinning Coasters I have ridden.


Here are the two Shenzhou Surfing Coasters as seen from the ferris wheel.


I saw this as I entered one of the restrooms.


The urinals doubled as an aquarium.


Now be good kiddies or once again I will knock three times and summons the Looping Toboggan of Death.


This is not as fun as it looks.


The Jungle Mouse was great fun.

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