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Dark Ride Paradise - Wild Bill's Nostalgia Center

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In case anyone didn't click on the link a couple of posts back.


Brain Kosarko is part of Chuck's team constructing the rides. On his Flickr page, he has posted pictures from work on facade of the Haunted Fun House Walkthrough. Remember the upper level of the facade is designed to resemble the Riverside Park Laff in the Dark.


This picture was taken on November 22nd, 4 days before my visit.


You can see the level of detail going into adding shingles.


This picture was taken a couple of hours after I left Wild Bill's on November 26th.


The crane and cherry picker showed up to hoist another piece of the facade into place.


Four days later, November 30th and more work on the roof and facade.


and that means more shingles.


Looking good, but how's it look at night?


Well, it looks even better!

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Hey everyone, been quite busy with work related stuff but want to share a little more info. As I mentioned the next ride that will be finished after the walk-through is the old Staten Island Pretzel. Chuck and crew spend the majority of their time on the walk-through but that doesn't mean the Pretzel is collecting dust.


I've lived on Staten Island my whole life but this ride closed quite a while ago, so I have never ridden it. But I'm sure looking forward to it in the future.


Here is one of the unfurbished Pretzel Cars.


However, after 65 hours of work, here is what the cars will look like. Neat, huh?

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One thing that was re-iterated over and over is that these restorations are not going to be half-assed. That's one reason why there is no set timetable for the openings. The attention to detail in painstaking. These guys sometimes work well into the night to complete aspects of the project.

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I just read this entire thread, half realising that i posted early on, and this is downright insanely awesome! Larry, thanks for the pics and keeping us updated as well as Buffalo Bill.


On a side note, Larry, I'm glad to see another wrestling fan on this site, and thought maybe for a second, Bob Backlund had found a new profession.

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This is really great Larry! I am also enamored of dark rides and always try to hit them at every park. I love the Scary Dark Rides book and all of that old carny footage. DAFE member too. This project sounds awesomely awesome. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I couldn't even wait to finish reading the thread to say thank you.


And now that I've read through the whole thread, I say it again, this is really f-ing cool. And I love the dark ride history lesson too.


ps don't I get the photo credit for the Keansburg picture?

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I got some more pictures yesterday of the facade work for the Haunted House walkthrough. The crew has been working their butts off in the elements and it's starting to get a bit colder in New Engalnd.


Chuck tells me that lots of evening rush hour drivers are pulling into the parking lot to check out what is going and drawing patrons into the store, which is a great thing for the overall business. The Nostalgia Store is really a great place to find a holiday gift for someone you have trouble buying something for.


The following set of photos was taken on December 9th, I'll post more pictures in a couple of days.


Looks like a little work being is done on the walkways.


A little more framing going, on but what is it for?


OK, it is wishing well, perfect for a huanted house.


I kid, I kid. Of course it is not a wishing well. I'll show you where this piece fits is later in the week.

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I have some free time tonight so I might as well post these before I forget.


These pictures were taken on December 14th, this addition raises the facade to new heights and makes the project more visible more the road.


See, I told you it wasn't a wishing well.


Let's zoom it a little for a closer look.


No. closer.


Just like a real house, it needs to be protected from the weather.


A little perspective how high up this part of the building is. I wish I had that forklift last weekend when I had to rehang part of the gutters at my mom's house.


Looks like someone is trapped inside.


The tar papering looks complete, I'm assuming wood shingles will be attached shortly.

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This really is some awesome stuff Larry. It's also great to hear that people are stopping by and checking out the shop. I hope this place gets some good business. I can't wait to see the final Haunted House walkthrough when it's all complete...it looks amazing!


Jimmy "Gotta love the old Haunted House attractions" Bo

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I owe you a drunken night out Larry! What a great thread, I just got on board and am reading every word, but had to jump ahead and say kudos. This is so exciting and beyond amazing in this day and age. I can't wait to visit and support this project!


I'll be dreaming of the Haunted House at Elitch's and the Funhouse at Lakeside tonight.

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This is officially my "feel good" thread. There is just so much right with this project. Also the fact that it is being made because they want to make it and not to effect some bottom line or some corporate reason is amazing. Hopefully I can get out there In the next couple of years and check it out!

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