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Southern California, rain, and roller coasters

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My friend and I live in Seattle and decided to take a quick little vacation to SoCal for the UW/USC game, SFMM, and KBF to take a break from the rainy weather up here. I was taking a gander at good ol' weather.com this morning to see what we should expect. Which three days will we be down there you ask?



You guessed it! I was just curious if all you SoCal natives could give me a feel for how quickly the coasters are likely to close due to rain if the forecast plays out like it does. Do a lot of them close at the first drop of rain, or does it take more than a light shower to get them down?


Thank you for your help!

- Josh

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^Don't listen to him.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the SoCal parks (Knott's and SFMM) are notorious for closing coasters (and even the entire park) in light rain. Mostly it will depend on if the parks have a lot of groups already booked in or any special events going on, but even SFMM has closed on big days in the past due to weather.


Keep an eye on it, but be prepared for the worst.

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Right now though, the chance of rain is hovering between 30% and 50%, depending on where you look it up. Usually, these forecasts work out for the best, but keep an eye on that as well. Rain was forecasted all day yesterday, but by 10am it cleared up to a really beautiful day with a short shower at the end.

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As Elissa said ... you can't trust the SoCal parks in even a little bit of rain. But you would probably have better luck with SFMM vs Knott's in that regard.


If it's anything like the rain this last weekend it will be off and on. It's still a bit early in the year for the "3 days of constant" rain that we sometimes get in Jan/Feb/March ... but it DOES happen.


If it is raining, your best bet is going to be the Disney parks. There are only a few rides that shut down in the rain and you are generally met with a very dead park. Most SoCal people don't do well with the rain. I personally love it.


Other than that, could be a chance to check out some of the other SoCal attractions people miss when they come out to see the parks like the Observatory, Getty, etc.


The Museum of Science and Industry and LACMA are pretty close to the Coliseum as well.

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Well if it does rain, I also would recommend the Disney parks. I've gone to them in the rain and have rode most attractions (Thunder Mountain Railroad, CA Screamin' Etc.) Plus there are many Dark ride choices, if you don't wish to get wet at all.


Also, as it was stated earlier the park is fairly empty. (Not a big day for the countless season passholders to visit)


Good luck!

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