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Photo TR: Soccer Match Between Germany And South Africa

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Photo TR: Soccer Match Between Germany And South Africa

Germany - South Africa = 4:2


Hey everyone,

today I was at our stadium, to see the match between Germany and South Africa. Okay, you all know, Germany has won the match! However, I am so happy, it was a good time at the stadium.




Onto some pictures:


Yeah, thanks for a great match!


However, look at the stadium, the most visitors are happy, too!


That made me really happy! (Damn, what is wrong with Uwe, he looked so angry)


... made the 4:2 !!! =)


... the number 20 - Lukas Podolski...


But then, near the end...


Does Uwe and a friend looks like it is a good game?


and then, in a few minutes, we had the 2:1 - 3:1 and 3:2



back to the match


My boss, and Wolle (he looked not so happy)



come on guys, I am here to see a good match.


oh, no =(




yeah, 1:0


I think it is time for the first goal...


My boss and a few other friends were there with me!


Okay, let the match begin.


Time for national anthem.


Yes, we made it to the stadium.

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^^ Yes here in England, most people have their favourite club team, (mine is Liverpool FC), and we also usually support our national team too.


England played really crappy against Northern Ireland last night and lost 1-0. This is highly embarrassing and Eriksson should be sacked immediately because he plays a team almost full of crappy players, especially Wayne Rooney. England will be a laughing stock at the World Cup Finals next June - if we make it through that is!


Anyway, well done Germany! At least you know how to score goals! Out of interest, did Germany play with a strong team?


Nice TR, it looks like a great stadium you have there!

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Yeah, I must say that soccer stadium is impressive. I wish soccer was a bigger deal here in the U.S. I never played it, but I love watching it. It's great to be able to watch the best collegiate soccer team in the nation for free.

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well I think the slapping is yust fun to do? ....but it is more an admonition like some people shout "Come on" or "here we go".


Meh they yust do it all the time: after a goal, after a fault, during a substitution (sometimes half the team slaps the replaced player) even the coach does it regullarly

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Okay now as a football enthusiast I have to post my opinion on this match. I watched the match in the TV and I have to say that it was a good match espacially because of Germany average age of 24! That is a really good sign for the future. One thing I didn't like was the athmosphere in the Stadium. I mean there were only about 30000 visitors and it was really quiet! But all in all it was a good match and espacially Marcell Jansen from my favorite team Borussia Mönchengladbach was^a big surprisebeecause it was his 2nd match for the national team and he was one of the best players of Germany. And he is only 19 years old!

The "Weserstadion" looks nice but I don't like stadiums that have a track around the football ground. I think we in Mönchengladbach have a nicer stadium BTW I'm going to watch the match Borussia-MSV Duisburg tomorrow, ok I'm visiting every home match of Borussia because I have a season card, so that's no surprise.


And for you stadium enthusiasts I've got a photo of europes most modern stadium, the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen, where I visited the match FC Schalke 04 - Borussia Mönchengladbach last week:


It has a lawn that can move out of the stadium, a closeable roof and a nive video cube with an even better result on it ;) (BTW the match ended 1:1, which was a big succes for Mönchengladbach but we could have won it^^)

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Not really better because it doesn't has a moveable lawn, a video cube or a closeable roof. Otherwise the one in Munich is bigger and has those funny different coloured outside.


Sebastian"I think I'm going to start a topic about stadiums"Rötten

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