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West Coast Bash 2012! TICKETS ON SALE NOW!

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Oh, what's this? I have vacation time I need to use by March? Okay then


Event tickets are purchased - $140

Roundtrip flights have been bought - $305

Rental car was reserved - $92

Vacation time has been scheduled at work

Still dawdling on the hotels - ~$300

Fiscal responsibility has been kicked in the nards


So I'm scheduled to land at LAX around 1pm Friday. Gonna have to hit up In n Out. Any recommendations for a first timer to LA?

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^Haha, I literally live 3 minutes from LAX. In fact, there is an In-N-Out right by the airport on Sepulveda Blvd., if you want to go there. Where are you staying? I would say to try to check out some of the touristy spots in Hollywood if you're into that, because Friday rush hour traffic is horrendous if you need to get on the freeway. Also be very careful of your surroundings while driving, we have many bad/crazy drivers here.

Let us know if you have any specific questions you need answered!

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Just got our tickets for SFMM ... still debating on Knott's.


Let's see: Last remaining Anton Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop in the United States... up close and personal, the smell of refined axle grease and teflon dripping down the silky smooth rails. The ability to get close to the double-flywheel foot for a strong, forceful catapult, thrusting you hard and fast down a long, long, section of Anton's finest steel, then being thrown on your back and pushed firmly and quickly into the leathery seat... and then higher and higher up, up, up to the top... only to have Anton do it again in reverse.


No, there's no reason to debate it (At least from my point of view...)

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Just bought my tickets for both days and booked my flight. Looks like its going to be a fun weekend.


I'll be flying in early on Thursday and leaving late Monday. Should have enough time to go to Disneyland on Friday and universal on Monday.


It be nice to see Montezooma. It's like meeting good old Greezed Lightnin from Astroworld.

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