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Sant Narcís Fair (Girona - Spain)

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Hello! This is my first review in Themeparkreview, and this time it will be about one of the amazing fairs I've seen. This is a HUGE fair full of attractions for all ages and also has the special great charm because it’s located in the middle of the Devesa, a forest filled with banana trees reaching 60m high! (the tallest) Totally spectacular because there are all the attractions between the trees, including three roller coasters and a giant booster witch are VERY CLOSE to them.


In this review I only talk about the main adult rides, but there are also A LOT of family and children rides, and of course thousands of food and games houses (paraditas). I tried to photograph the coolest rides.


For those who are in Spain and want to visit the fair, remember you have time until this Sunday! (6 of november 2011). You can find in the Devesa forest, in Girona (Catalonia – Spain)


Once we walk into the forest, we can see some lights. Let’s take a look.


This is the first ride we can find. It’s a Giant XXL Booster from Fabbri, a spectacular ride between the trees!! Think that the tower is 45m tall, and once in the top you can see all the forest beneath you. It’s a very fast ride that goes VERY CLOSE to the trees. Also, at the top, you can have a beautiful views of Girona cathedral. It’s very nice!


More booster pics. I love this ride!


Through the trees!!!


Giant XXL Booster for 16 people


This is the most expensive ride of the fair (4€!). But personally I think it worth it


Next we find the first hang jump of the fair (there are actually 2). In spain we call that kind of rides "The grasshopper". So, in this fair there are 2 normal grasshoppers, 2 more inverted grasshoppers and finally 2 more child grasshoppers.... 6 GRASSHOPPER CRAZYNESS!!


There are some rapids ride... I think that this is not a very good idea, because some years it's very cold and this ride is always closed


There is also the first "special effects house"... yes, this is the first because there are TWO! (in fact, there are three, the third one is specially for children)


Now it's time for the first roller coaster. This is a spinning wild mouse called "El ratón Vacilón"... The ride is just OK, it has an indoor section with special effects. Notice the close of this ride to the trees!


More Ratón Vacilón


Next to the Ratón Vacilón, we find an inverted wild mouse called Ala Delta. This is a very funny ride, with several drops and a water section. There is a button that gives you the opportunity of getting wet in that section. Funny ride, of course, between the trees!


Once we can find this kind of ride, witch I don't know the name... again there are two of them, but this one has shoulder restrains and the other one only lapbars!


There is no spanish fair without the Buffalo ride!!


This is the first "normal" grasshopper!


As a new ride this year there is a Flat Spin!


With water effects and everything


This is a haunted house! A walking walk trough. I didn't enter into the ride, but all the people I saw at the exit were screaming, running and most of them falling to the ground! This is not for begginers!


We take a look in one of the sections of this fair. At the distance we can see the giant ferrys wheel. Also notice all the "paraditas" with food, gifts and games!


Robb is gonna love this...there is the famous "V roller coaster"! And this time, insanity through the trees!


There is also this ride witch I don't remember the name.... anyway, I'm not going to ride it! It looks very dizzy! Yes...I know... I'm a very sensitive person... but flat rides like this can make me have a very bad time....


People screaming!


More screams!


Then we find an area without trees... and there are 4 rides... the first is this hybrid roller coaster!! Is a very fun ride, half wild mouse (with ssome good airtimes) and half water ride! There is also a special effects tunnel, with water effects and lights! Very fun ride!!


This is the wild mouse part


It's called "la Jungla Encantada"


There is also an "Inverted"! Also looking very dizzy!


More inverted


There is a star flyer!!!


Remember the ride that I didn't remember the name but it has shoulder restrains? well, this is the second one with only lapbars!!


We enter again in the tree area and we find the second typical spanish fair ride... "La Olla"!


There is also a haunted house with vehicles. Very simple ride.


This is the second inverted grasshopper!! Be patient, we have not finished yet with them!


There is a Top Scan!! I'm sorry but I just can't ride them... the last time I did was in Thorpe Park and I ended in the ground one hour and a half unable to get up....


Top Scan from the ferrys wheel


More Top Scan


In this ride evrything goes round... they want to kill me!


People suffering from above


This is the giant Ferrys Wheel you can find!! It's very spectacular! This time, as you know, it goes through the trees, and you can see a very nice views. Not so nice ride if it's rainig and there is electrical storm like yesterday !


More Ferrys Wheel


There is also the famous whip ride!


This is the second "house of effects"


...and we can't finish this review without the second NORMAL GRASHOPPER!! There were also the children ones, don't forget...


This is one of the nice views you can have in this charming fair, with the giant ferrys wheel and the top scan in the back... also all the paraditas everywhere! Hope you liked it! :)

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I also photographed others year's rides. Here there are some of the most cool ones.


This was the last year's new ride, the world first "Inversion Booster" from Fabbri


The ride was OK. This was a ride kinda like the top scan, not like the fast booster.


Guess what is that?




The ride was a drop tower with a 3D video projection! Of course, nothing in comparison of TOT but was funny. At the top there was a door and you could see the outside before the drop.


Also this curious detail.... this was the fourth roller coaster last year... and the tickets box was really RCT3 inspired! :)

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The TWILIGHT ZONE TOWER OF TERROR FAIR VERSION!!!!!! The ride was a drop tower with a 3D video projection! Of course, nothing in comparison of TOT but was funny. At the top there was a door and you could see the outside before the drop.

Okay, that's just awesome...and hilarious...but mostly awesome.

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I love seeing it all in the forest. Must be awesome.


And I would go to it for just the Mystery Hotel (Mini-ToT, lol)


and that adult-sized WHIP! It's been so long...


Thankyou for sharing your visit to this fair.

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Why can't more fairs be like this?!?! Maybe they should start bringing huge, tall fake trees and plant them on the normal asphalt/sand that most fairs are on. I don't think I have ever seen a fair in the woods quite like this. This is amazing. We don't have many trees here in Southern AZ (hell, we hardly have any green vegetation or water) so this was pretty awesome to see.


Thanks for posting these pictures!


Maybe parks should steal the idea for the Tower of Tower from this fair!


Jimmy "I miss green trees and water" Bo

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That really does look amazing!


For a less dense, American version, perhaps somebody here can try to make their way up to the Nevada County Fair in California (TPR's favorite state).


It is set in the forest but the rides are in nowhere near as dense of forest as that one is!


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Hello!! I re-open this post because the 2012 edition of the fair is already here! Tonight (spanish time) I'll make the full review, including new rides and the most anticipated fair version of the Disney's Tower of Terror, which is back this edition after 3 years!!


Is there any special ride you would like to have more pics?


The 2012 fair version of the Disney's Tower of Terror with 3D projections and a 24 meters freefall!!

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