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Best and Lamest Coaster "Ending"

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^ With the exception of the extra helix before the block brake, it's identical to Goliath at SFMM. Even though I've never ridden it, I would guess that the second half of that ride is pretty much like Goliath.




I was told on the Texas Trip that Titan isn't braked as hard as Goliath is. I'm not sure, but Titan never come to a full stop on the MCBR.


Yeah, after watching vids; Titan doesn't come to a complete stop like Goliath does. But those who rode both can speak on the intensity of the two.


I rode Titan back in March and to me it comes much closer to a complete stop than Goliath. On Goliath you have the abrupt deceleration and then the train continues. On Titan, however, you have the abrupt deceleration followed by another hard squeeze of the brake as the train leaves the MCBR. Its almost as if there is an extra brake caliper just before the dive down into the helix.


The final brakes on Titan also have a nasty suprise as well...a very hard complete stop after the initial deceleration, something I've never experienced in all my rides on Goliath (save for a multi-train stack).

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I'll update my old list using coasters I have actually ridden now.


Best endings:

Raptor - corkscrew into a double helix

Flight of Fear's ending corkscrew


Big Bad Wolf's drop over the river (RIP)


Worst endings:

Mean Streak


I don't really like Alpengeist's ending compared to the first half of Alpie and the endings of the other B&M inverts I've been on.

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Best: The original Mr. Twister was fast low to ground and then up into the station.

Idora Park Wildcat was another fast and smack your in the station.

Last great ending was the original Riverside Cyclone 2 bunny hops while making that right hand turn. Pure insane.


worst: Mean Streak and Hercules.

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Storm Runner - Hershey Park


Kingda Ka - Six Flags Great Adventure - as fast as that thing goes they could of had it go through some more hills, twist, turns, cork screws, loops - anything to help with that massive breaking.


Griffon - Busch Gardens Europe

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Even though I am not a fan of Raging Bull itself, I love the ending with the twisting and turning and all that. It is pretty nice to see that on the hyper.


Kanonen also has a good ending with that heartline roll into the brakes, I enjoyed that...


What I didn't like was Wild Thing. It was really slow on the hills and wasn't that fun...

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Best - Maverick's launch and the elements thereafter (RIP Heartline)


Worst - Being slammed into Magnum XL-200's safety brakes (OW).


Honorable mentions:



Lightning Racer's at Hershey Park's dueling ending

Millennium Force's "victory turn" as my friends call it



Corkscrew at Cedar Point. Flip, Flip....brake run?

Adventure Express at Kings Island...oh lord....I love that lift hill so much though.

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Can't think of an ending lamer than creeping up Ninja's final let's go-back-to-the-station lift-hill. (Well, yeah, getting off El Toro and realizing my wallet had been lifted while I was waiting in the queue, but that's pretty much a one-time thing.)

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Raptor's Vekoma turn into the brakes


Flight of Fear - love the intensity of the helix, corkscrew, brake-run slam finale




Hulk kind of just dicks around after the midcourse

Great Bear

Wicked (only ridden via YouTube, but really?)


As for Volcano, it's a waste of kinetic energy but I kind of like it.

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Best (or, at least, one of the best): Mystery Mine at Dollywood (that last "flip" into the station)


Worst: Kingda Ka, Stealth, Zaturn (just comes to a halt at the top of a bunny hill)

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Best ending:


Apollo's Chariot - the ravine drop, nuff said


Montu - dive into the trench, hidden corkscrew, half helix into the brakes




Lightning Racer - side by side, over and under racing to the finish line


Phantom's Revenge - double hop into the brakes


Journey to Atlantis (Orlando) - nice little "surprise" ending with the coaster track and 2nd splashdown


Boss - double helix of death!



I don't think I have anything different to add for worst endings. Great Bear and Adventure Express are the worst offenders by far.

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- Montu (obviously)

- Kumba (surprised nobody thought so)

- Evel Knieval (the three mini bunny hills are insane!)

- The Boss (rages on into the back of the park and slams a double helix)

- Chang

- River King Mine Ride (as awful of a ride it is, the ending IS a surprise)



- SheiKra (well, it's due to the fact that the ride has to have safe G's if there was NO water in the water brake, so the ending "has" to be slow and lame)

- Ninja @ SF: STL (it's PAINFUL and poorly shaped!)

- Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain.

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Mystery Mine's grad finale is incredible. Scary lift, fire, airtime, tons of speed and hangtime!


Scooby Doo's Spooky Coaster has one of the best finishes, too. Rehehehe!


Goliath at SFOG's airtime buffet.


Shockwave at SFOT's extreme airtime buffet.


Cornball Express's helix of death, then ejector air hills.


And finally, Steel Hawg's CRAZY downward heartline roll that makes you feel like you're going to meet the gravel.


I DON'T like Millennium Force's finish. A hill too small to produce airtime, straightaway, decent overbank, brakes. But I do like to lean out the side of the train and yell at people in line!



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The Beast - The enclosed helix is amazing

Evel Knievel - Three bunny hills of airtime joy

Raging Bull - The figure 8 with a good amount of force




Adventure Express - I imagine the planning mean for the ride went something like this "We have the rider go the entire ride with no theme and then BAM a theme lift hill ending to the station."


Shivering Timbers - I hated the helix of death at the end of the ride

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1.Fahrenheit's last bunny hop and turn is just incredible and awesome. So much fun! It makes the ride awesome.


2.El Toro from the hill over Rolling Thunder to the end is just crazy!


3.Dominator has an crazy G's and airtime with the helix and hop into the breaks.



1. Magnum has the most painful bunnyhops ever and then a trim and then a little hill and turn into the breaks. I hate this ride.


2. Raptor has the helix of death which is just painful and not fun.


3. Nitro's ending is just like much of the ride. Boring and airtime lacking.

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El Toro - lots of air time and some intense turns


Viper - two great air time hills before a quick turn in to the breaks


Raging Bull - crazy figure-eight


Shivering Timbers - great helix


Evel Knievel - airtime


Hellcat (Timber Falls) - never lets up until it hits the breaks


Batman: the Ride - intense turns and corkscrews




Disaster Transport - that was it?


River King (SFSTL) - sauna tunnel


T2 and Thunderhawk - does nothing after inline twists

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A few of my favorites are...


- Nitro's Ravine drop into the brakes.

- Runaway Mine Train's last turn on the lake.

- Jokers Jinx's final corkscrew.

- Expedition Everest's yeti! (when it still worked, that is...)

- Volcano's last roll and the plunge into the darkness!


As for my least favorites, I'd say...


- Great Bear's meandering turns after the cork

- Rebel Yell's ear-piercing tunnel

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