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Best and Lamest Coaster "Ending"

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Best: ummmm tough to say


Worst: Definatly Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Hollywood. I was hoping for another launch or something to come out of the smoke at me but it just went back into the station.


Would definitely agree with this one - I've been on both the Hollywood and Florida versions - wanted to compare them and was equally disappointed by both. Neither would get in my top ten - that's the problem when they hype a ride up too much before it opens. Even if it is good it only comes across as average.

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Best- Bizarro/S:ROS at Six Flags New England-The spaghetti bowl is insane!

Boulderdash at Lake Compounce-The triple up put in by GCI is possibly the best part of the ride.


Worst-Any SLC and Rock 'n' Rollercoaster-The entire ride after the launch is pretty boring.


IMO, Rock 'n' Rollercoaster is one of the funnest coasters around.


But I agree with X2's ending. The last slam is the worst.



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I've always loved Viper's ending at SFMM. The two corkscrews give really good hang time and are loads of fun. I don't like colossus's ending though, the first half is awesome with a considerable amount of airtime. But the MCBR totally ruins the end. Geez Colossus must have been amazing when the MCBR wasn't there.

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Alpengeist - Umm what were they thinking on that one?


What's wrong with Alpengeist's ending?


The ending helix is kinda slow and boring, if you count the first helix too then it is half good.


And I don't know why you put "Diamondback's airtimeless hills and watersplash" in any seat...front or back:

-you either get pushed up out of the helix and down into the watersplash; then out into the brakes


-yanked down the drop into the watersplash, then out into the brakes.


But hey if you don't like the watersplash, you're the one in ten who doesn't.

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I like the watersplash off the ride, not on. And I received no airtime anywhere on those hills.


I am not saying DB sucked just the end, I still rated it 10/10 on CF!


And i may be the 1/10 but this is my opinion not fact, i don't have to like what everyone else likes, and so far my opinions have caused the most problems because they are different lol


EDIT: I will also add for those who think i should only be putting crappy coasters on this list. Here is where these rank in my top 25 coasters.


4. Alpengeist

8. DB


And I am done defending my list and am done stating which coaster endings are bad for good lol since I am not with the crowd and take too much ridicule!

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worst-AE although fun ride


Best-Space Mountain, sharp fast turns in the dark and then sharp helix into a insanely bright brake run.


although its not a roller coaster, Tomb Raider the ride at KI, you just survived a encounter with a Indian God and then you exit the temple and ride building for a walk around the side of a blank wall. I mean come on.

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Worst: Great Bear at Hersheypark...although the rest of the ride is GREAT!


Best: Great White (staying with the 'great' names) at Morey's Piers is pretty good with a dive under the pier before the brakes. Laser at Dorney was pretty good too with a high G helix right into the brakes.

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Best: Boulder Dash. The replacement of the trick track with the extra ejector hills...... WOW!!


Worst/Lamest: Every coaster with a lift hill back into the station, but if I must choose one.... hands down Adventure Express. Sorry, you will pay? Pay for what? For making fun of how anti climactic the ending to this coaster is? In the end I'm not paying for anything, except maybe for lunch afterwards. Are you just their to warn me incase I somehow feel empowered enough to stiff KI?

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Worst: any of the American Big Thunder's. I can't stand how the post-2nd lift is the best part of the ride whereas the post-3rd lift could be survived by a 2-year-old.


Best: Fire in the Hole at Silver Dollar City, mainly because it's such a "WTF I just dropped into WATER?!" ending to an "OMG what the hell is this??" ride. Great ending.

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Hmm........ Let me think.........


I'd have to say the best being Raptor (the intense corkscrews), Millennium Force (the airtime hills and the overbank), Maverick (the Stengel Dives), or Silver Bullet (the smoothness of the entire thing and the intense double helix) (CP and KBF). Some other good enders would include Viper @ SFMM (the corkscrews and the little turn under the lift), Timberhawk @ Wild Waves (the little airtime hill and the relatively smooth brakes), and Windstorm @ The Seattle Center (VERY intense turns for how small it is!).


The worst.... This is a toughy, but I'd have to say somewhere around Ghostrider (rough, boring airtime hills and turns that give only moderate airtime for how small they are).

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My favorite is the Mummy at Universal Orlando. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but let's just say that you think you're done and the ride's over, but it's not.


I say that's one of the worst. Ooohhh, purdy... wait, uh? What's with the coffee?


Best? Probably Maverick...

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1. Fahrenheit: That last airtime hill is just crazy. That's the most insane amount of air on any ride I've ever been on.

2. Millenium Force: The last bunny hop is so much fun and then you go into another fun over banked.

3. Apollo's Chariot: That last dip suprised me a lot.




I got Chuck Norris round house kicked in the face by the restraints on shockwave during the last 2 turns. They are the worst transitions I have ever seen. There is no heartlining at all!

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