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TPR CHALLENGE: Village Gardens

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While Crazy Park Manager is getting ready for IAAPA, I thought we'd need a distraction from his antics in this TPR Challenge.


Welcome to Village Gardens!


Backstory: Village Gardens is a small park that was formerly a garden and farm center. Village Garden Center bought a used scrambler, a small used coaster, and built a train around the small lake that sits in the middle of the park.



The Wonderful World of Village Gardens!


Part of the VG site was built up before it was turned into a park with a fountain show and small food court in a disused barn. Here, most of the park's guests go to eat and take a break from the pretty gardens and displays.


The Challenge:


Build up Village Gardens to make 10,000 a year PLUS pay back the loan on the park. Some restrictions are in place, so you may have to re-think some of your strategy along the way.


You must complete your challenge by the end of YEAR 7: All parks submitted must have pictures taken no later than October, Year 7. Anything beyond that will be disqualified.


This TPR Challenge starts today, 31 October 2011 and will conclude TWO WEEKS from today, 14 November 2011, at Midnight MST. Voting will begin shortly thereafter. YOU MUST UPLOAD THE PARK TO THE EXCHANGE WITH THIS TITLE:


______________ <---- your screen name WITHOUT ANY PUNCTUATION then Village Gardens. If you do this correctly, it will look like this:


QueerRudie Village Gardens


Also, submit your progress in pictures to the this thread! Let people know what you're trying!


Anybody caught cheating or hacking (And I will know...) will be PERMANENTLY banned from TPR. So don't try it.


As always, no hacks, cheats or trainers may be used. YOU MUST PLAY THE GAME AS IT IS!


You may download the park from the Games Exchange HERE- in the Games Exchange.


Oh- I forgot to mention one detail here... The people of Village Gardens won't do big rides, or anything too intense... they will not only get sick, but won't ride your attractions...


Good luck- and I'll be posting pics of my own version of the park along the way, too!



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Yeeeeh another challenge! I never won one, but I always enjoy trying to beat the challenges! Hope this will attract some more builders.. I will be joining!


I think we will see some suprising stuff, considering you can't build intense attractions, which most of the time make the most profits. I like it

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I built a little wooden coaster, it looks like they love it ! The debit is quite high, so this is a money maker



Loan refunded, October year 1 :



Challenge achieved, May year 2 :



Link to exchange : http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2457


It's not a great park with great scenery, more like a speedrun, lol.

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Well, I spotted terrain in the corner of the park! Score!


Basically, I'm having trouble beating the objective. I'm basically done with my park. I could have beaten the objective flat out, but I was afraid I would have to stop the challenge after I got it. Now that most of the rides are older now, they have to be charged lower, and thus I'm losing my edge. Maybe I'll try a park close/reopen trick to make things feel "new" since I have new guests. I dunno.


Picture time! Still may revise many things (like areas that need more attention), but for the average joe this is pretty good!


Overview and such.


R.D.'s area is pretty much unscathed (kinda sorta). Changed some colors I think on Blue Streak, changed the layout a little on The Bunny Hop, and made the food court less bizarre lol.


Now entering Frontierland! Note: I'm now stealing R.D's path idea...it works well and it's eye-appealing. Yay!


A CCI woodie, Black Bear. Unfortunately, nobody really ever rides it because it's High intensity. A shame, because even the kiddies at Holiday World ride wicked CCI coasters. Oh well, it's for looks I guess.


Time for Blue Sky Basin, where colorful rides are cram-packed into a beautiful area. Note the Setpoint suspended coaster (inspired by Universal's version).


Bergsprung, the longest coaster in the park. I would have made it longer, but that would start drawing up intensity.


Bergsprung w/scenery...


...and without!


Not too sure what to do with this area yet. May just be nothing.

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I've always wondered, where does the CPM get his loans? That interest is crazy, even in America!


In this case, it's the land that's expensive, plus the faltering economy, tied in with the ouija board that's being used to predict the future...


(IN other words: It wouldn't be a challenge if you DIDN'T have at least one obstacle or more in your way, now would it?)

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^^About your "glitch," how long have you been playing RCT2? It has always done that!


Wow. I've been playing RCT2 for 6 years, and I've just realized there is NO november, december, january......

My life has totally changed now. .__.

Thank you.

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Final update! I just heavily advertised, shoved in rides, etc and I finally got the objective! I made a Botanical Garden with the time remaining. I'm very satisfied with my entry. One more thing I wish I could do is make the little tree/fruit farm an "interactive" apple tree experience where you "pick out apples yourself", and then "wash and purchase them" (via Candy Apple Stall). However, there is no way I could do that in 3 RCT days lol.




...and enjoy some final pics.


New overview.


Cyclone 500 race track.


New Botanical Gardens section.


Includes a big chess set!


"Sorry, Black Bear is closed!" - For seasonal maintenance.


Beautiful carousel flower gardens (never done something like this before).



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So I finished my park already I'm quite happy with it, but I struggled making a 10.000 bucks profit so the top part of the park is not that themed and more just random flat rides to generate some income. But in the end I defeated this challenge!


As in every challenge with RCT2 I have a mine themed area. This time combined with a main street(ish), kids area and boulevard.


The attractions I specifically like are the Twisted Log (hyper twister coaster), Junior (junior coaster), Backlash (log flumes), Haunted Manor (haunted house) and Double Decker. a custom double deck merry-go-round (located in the kids area, not the merry-go-round at the mine area).


I hope you like it, but enough talking..


Here are some pictures and the download link:




The Entrance




Mining Area


The cars in the center of this picture are the biggest hit for the visitors.. made huge crowds, but now its getting old :(


The last drop of Backlash


on the other side of the park you'll find a small kids area, with the doubledeck caroussel and Haunted Manor


The Boulevard


Two of the biggest rides at the park.




and a postcard :)

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Think you can't build rides with very high excitements with only medium intensity? Think again! Both the Fire and Ice coasters have excitements in the low 8's, but intensities in the high 4's!


Runaway Mine Train is not the most heavily themed of mine trains, but it runs through the thick woods, and has several tunnels. It even has two duels as a result of block timing!


To see the other coasters, download the file!

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@AJClarke0912: Haha thanks, I don't really think it is that much better I like your park

@A.J.: Haha well uhm.. im in between jobs right now (starting my new job december 1st.) so I have to do something..

@accelerate: custom supports! Looks really cool

@MrSum1_55: Which file? I can't see any Coasters look great

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Did I ever say I wasn't one?


I'm really liking what I'm seeing from everyone so far. Remember that the deadline is Monday, November 14.


EDIT: Oh, and FYI, SoCal, I made the character part of my avatar in about a half hour. So there.

Edited by A.J.
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