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SoCalCoaster's Brick Or Treat Trip To Legoland CA

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This is my TR from Legoland's Brick Or Treat Halloween event, which takes place every Saturday in October from 5pm to 9pm.


As we drove up to the park, my jaw immediately dropped about ten feet. The main parking lot was almost COMPLETELY filled to the brim. Legoland had been offering $25 tickets for after 5pm, so it seemed every person in Southern California who had a small child was there.


We arrived around 6:30pm. The crowds were very heavy, especially for the park. However, maneuvering through the crowds wasn't actually bad, as many people were looking at various entertainers who roamed the park. My favorite was a jester style character cruising around at high speeds all over the place on a unicycle that was lit up with lights.


The back of the park (Pirate Shores, Funtown, Waterpark, Garden Restraint) were not open, which had an impact on the crowd level.


Brick or Treat had two candy "trails" for kids to walk along and get candy at different stations. I didn't experience any of these as the lines from them were INSANE! The trail that resided in the Enchanted Walk area had a line that went all the way from Hideaway, down Castle Hill, and into the Knight's Tournament Plaza.


The decorations were probably the strongest feature of the event, as every tree and bush had copious amounts of lights and theming, more so than many other haunts around parks.


I only rode one ride, Aquazone Waveracers, which seemed to have had its water cannons either working extremely well, or had them turned up just for the event. Either way, I got absolutely soaked on it! Definitely the best ride I've ever had on it!


The only negative aspect of our night however was the poor service at the Upper Deck Sports Cafe. The place was understaffed, and with people waiting 30+ minutes for food, they couldn't fill all the tables with people! It didn't help that only one side of the Kitchen was staffed.


The event ended with a spectacular fire works show which featured an immense amount of the screeching fireworks as well as some other interesting ones. Overall I think the event was an astounding success for Legoland, and if you get there early, do the treat trails, and the enjoy the park's atmosphere.


Onto the pictures: i apologize in advance for some less than great shots, my camera has a bit of trouble shooting at night.




Big Shop illuminated


Entrance Plaza


Kid Power Tower


B or T Signage


The park had a spectacular atmosphere.


These decorations were hung high above to provide extra lighting for the main paths.


A display of Lego pumpkins in the Imagination Zone.


More lighting.


They ruined the T-Rex with that controller.


A huge crowd had formed in front of the 4-D theater as a "dance party" show was going.


Aquazone's floodlights were making the ride difficult to photograph with my camera.


Bionicle Blasters actually had a wait (gasp).


And Technic has such little lighting it was impossible to photograph.


Case in point.


Heading up towards Land Of Adventure


This was the awesome Unicycle guy. He must have been in ridiculously good shape, as he was FLYING through the park on that tiny thing.


Land Of Adventure's lighting was particularly good.


As we head up towards Castle Hill, we encounter the most heavily themed area of the park. I was blown away at how good the over quality of the theming was.


I see you!


These guys were everywhere in Castle Hill.


They had several Crystal Skulls hanging in the trees.


These remind me of a certain George Lucas atrocity I dare not mention.


More ghosts.


More theming as you head towards the Castle.


This MASSIVE 25-30 ft. tall Lego ghost stood in the Castle Hill plaza, with its colors changing every ten seconds or so.


An artsy shot of Dragon's sign.


The Castle was slightly illuminated by glowing pumkins.


Lights, Lights, and more Lights.


Many of these were strung throughout the areas of the park.


Once again, the overall atmosphere was wonderful.


StarWars miniland in fog.


Looks like the Falcon has been grounded for the night.


Hoth looks better at night, mainly because it's harder to see what little is actually there. :)


The fireworks began.


There were some pretty epic ones.


Thanks Legoland for an awesome Brick or Treat Party Night!

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