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Edge of Beast's Trip Reports and Random Things!

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What's up everybody? If you don't know me, my name is Sam or -Edge of Beast-. This is where I will post all of my trip reports and other random attractions 'n' stuff.




Elitch Gardens: 10/27/11 - Page 1

Denver Aquarium: 10/27/11 - Page 1

Worlds of Fun: 4/22/12 - Page 1

Worlds of Fun: 7/13/12 - Page 2




Estes Park: 12/3/11 - Page 1



Hey everyone! In August I got a chance to go to Elitch Gardens and the Denver Aquarium on my way to Estes Park, Colorado. Denver is one of my favorite places, so I was glad to go back and visit. However, the main trip was to go to Estes Park, but we stopped at Denver for two days.


Elitch Gardens was a fairly nice park. I loved the urban scene all around the park, since it was right next to Downtown Denver. However, I did feel it was in a somewhat dangerous part of the city, which is a downside.


The park had a good selection of rides. Nothing to frown upon, but nothing to get excited about either. My favorites rides there were the Tower of Doom, Sidewinder, and Ghostblasters. It was also my first time to ride an SLC... not the greatest experience.


Tower of Doom: I ended up really loving it. You can see the widespread of attractions at the park and you can see downtown easily. The height of it freaked me out a tiny bit once we reached the top, just a mild fear of heights, but it wasn't too bad.


Mind Eraser: My first SLC... also my last.


Twister II: Twister II was a pretty enjoyable ride. A bit shaky, but fun nevertheless. It also scared me how the structure shaked whenever a train went by, but I didn't think about it on the coaster.


Ghostblasters: Oh man I loved this attraction! It was fun, but rather creepy at the same time! I rode it twice because I enjoyed it a lot.


Sidewinder: Slow operations, exciting ride. Nothing more to say other than that.


Big Wheel: It was an enjoyable ferris wheel! Gave some good views.


Shipwreck Falls: Biggest drench-filled ride ever.




Elitch Gardens: August 3rd, 2011-


The fun ferris wheel that I rode a few times. The last time it rained for a little bit, so we had to get off.


Here's the beautiful midway and the water park.


I didn't ride Half Pipe since I absolutely despise spinning rides. It didn't look too fun anyways.


Just a view from the ferris wheel.


Mess of crappy rides!


A shot of downtown and Elitch Gardens.


Gross... SLC.


I hope you enjoyed my Elitch Gardens trip report! It was definitely a good park, though it lacks great attractions. It's actually a better park than you might think it is. I can't wait to go back to Denver and get more pictures of the park!


Coming next: Denver Aquarium

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Denver Aquarium: August 2nd, 2011-


I'm not sure how to write a review about an aquarium... I guess the exhibits were cool. It was a lot bigger than some other aquariums I've been to. Time for pictures!


Elitch Gardens and Denver Aquarium


Turtle? I think so...


Themeing for the aquarium.


The aquarium is in da ghetto.


Not as many pictures in this update... ah well. I hope you enjoyed!

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Estes Park, Colorado MiniVenture - Sometime in August.


After venturing to Elitch Gardens and the Denver Aquarium, we headed for Estes Park, our main visit for Colorado. Now now, I'm not into the nature stuff so I didn't enjoy the trip here that much. It was mostly for a church group trip, and I must say, I'm not really religious so I didn't like all of the things we talked about while being there.


We stayed at the YMCA of the Rockies. It was a fun and adventurous resort! Despite not liking nature, I liked the place a bit. The most fun things were going on a huge zipline and a hayride around the mountainous area. We also went on a lot of hikes early in the morning, like 4:30 am.


While not having too much fun, I loved the views that you could get all over the town. Even Downtown Estes was nice, and you could see the eerie Stanley Hotel up on a huge hill!


I'll keep giving you descriptions in each picture, so you'll find out more in them.


Our lodge? Very beautiful!


Look at that view! I must admit, I didn't really like this part of the mountains. It was too high and I started feeling dizzy and sick.


Another trail we found. These things are all over the place!


When will this trail end? Some trails can last miles. We finally had to turn around after about a mile. We were getting tired and wanted to continue on.


Mmm, I love the smell of pine in the morning.


Driving around the area. There's lots of roads that go on for many miles! You can end up in different towns if you don't stop and turn around.


Bye Denver! Time to head back to Kansas.


I hope you enjoyed this natural look that you don't normally find on TPR!




If you realized, I didn't take lots of pictures over this trip. Next year when I go to parks, expect tons more shots and more TRs!

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Worlds of Fun - April 22nd, 2012


Well since I didn't make it to opening day, I had to go at least the next open weekend! So yeah, this Sunday I stopped by my home park- Worlds of Fun.


Like always, it changed. Not the little changes, no, WOF changed a lot this year. Some things included new names, new locations, and even newly renovated buildings! They really changed it up! Overall I liked the park trying to 'up' the area!


So anyway... staff/operations... Slow, boring, average.. a usual habit for Worlds of Fun employees. I guess they'll never grow out of their slump. Or maybe it's just those first week "getting down the ride, yada yada yada", things. Food, while not being the best, was still not tasteless. I recognized a few distinct doodads at stalls.


Onto the rides. Mamba and Timber Wolf had this peculiar slouch where they each broke down at a point during the course of the day. Both on the slope of the lift hill. I didn't have a problem saying that they both opened eventually, but I was a tad angry. So the other rides themselves weren't horrible for the first week jitters, but again, staff was groggy and apathetic.




Patriot (x1) - One train operation + long lines = one ride is fine for me.

Prowler (x1) - Same as Patriot- one train operation. Lines weren't cruel, they were about to the stairs most of the day. Intensifying and speedy like always!

Mamba (x0) - Closed a portion of the day and I was too lazy to walk back and get the credit. Although, again, they did have only a one train operation (awful for Mamba).

Planet Snoopy Crap (x1 on a few rides I was allowed on) - I don't know why, but I adore this section. So friendly and the staff was marvelous!

Fjord Fjarlane (x1) - Barely swinging = no fun.

Thunderhawk (x0) - IT WAS OPEN. Finally. Too bad I was nauseated after riding Timber Wolf. I would have ridden, but I didn't want to blow chunks.

Flying Dutchman, Autobahn, Le Carrousel (x1) - This area has a resemblance to a creepy Ghost Town. I feel the France section is kind of out of the rest of the park.


I was kind of let down after I left. The amount of rides I got made me furious. Due to the bad-weathered day, I didn't get to ride rides such as Viking Voyager, Mamba and Fury of the Nile. In addition to that, because of the frostbiting air, I didn't ride The Grand Carousel, Octopus, Scrambler, Skyliner, or Detonator. Urghhhh....



Hey WOF! Why do we have to be visiting you on a crappy, cold day?


YAY. I see a running Timber Wolf.




Oh Mr. Spinning Dragons, mind your own business.


"Oh nothing, just taking a photo behind a bush, that's all."


I always feel fancy riding this.


So hawt.


Something is different here...




Fjord lalala.


You rock kid.


Just keep walking...


Hi Mr. Octopus


"Gurrrll, you know I'm hot." Said Mr. Prowler.


It's like seeing heaven but better.






Moving on from Prowler... :(


Well that sucks.


But anyway, SEXY PAINT JOB.


Why do the worst rides have to look the best?


If it weren't so bad, I could compare it to cheesecake or something.


You and your long lines!


Planet Snoop-- What is that??


Omg it's all sexified.


And Mr. Mamba says "Sam, I'm open now!"


Darn you


Bunny hill time!


Where'd you go, train?


I have so many more photos to show, but those'll have to wait till tomorrow afternoon! Hope you enjoyed the first part, Part Dos is coming!

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Sidewinder at Elitch Gardens is something I really want to try before it vanishes.


8 years later and Spinning Dragons for Orient Express is just as unfortunate as it was back then. It's a close call between that, Shockwave/Superman, and Drachen Fire/nothing for worst replacement of an Arrow looper.

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Worlds of Fun - Part Two


More photos!



Back to Planet Snoopy...


This section is one of those places where you have to squeal like a little girl.


Some other lil' things and a relocated "Cosmic Coaster".


...and the previous location of Cosmic Coaster, aka Wacky Worm.


Hold on, I'm almost done posting Planet Snoopy pics.


I think this is a "fail" shot. Stupid balloon ride getting in the way of Mamba.


For all those Mini-Giant Swing fans.


What is that I see over there? Broken Timber Wolf.


Moving on...


"Cyclone Me!"


Stupid one train operations.. I didn't get lots of photos of coasters operating.


Thunderhawk was open!


Timber Wolf


Moar Timber Wolf.


...and PATRIOT.


Hilly hill hills




For all lift hill nerds.


Mr. Patriot feels like hiding.


Bye Patriot!


Panda Express was supposed to be the focus, but Spinning Dragons hogged the picture.


Get bamboozled.


To end this trip report, Spinning Dragons!


Hopefully you enjoyed these photos! Thanks for viewing!

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Nice report!


I really need to get to WoF sometime soon. Prowler looks amazing, and I'm quite a fan of Boomerangs A good head bashing does a body good. Also, what exactly is Cyclone Sam's? I hear it is amazing.


Thanks Griffin! Cyclone Sam's is this really wonky spinning flat ride. Though I have never been on it, so I don't have a real opinion, my friends say it has cool lasers and such.

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^ Cyclone Sam's is an indoor Wipeout. It is themed to...wait for it...a cyclone!!! Lots of Fans and lightning and the roof of the dome makes it seem like you are inside of a tornado. It is actually A TON of fun and was a suprise highlight of our trip to WoF.

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Meh, I haven't ridden it Griffin. I don't like spinning rides. Although my friends say it is a little cheesy and weird, but I can't give you my own opinion.


A Little WOF Trip Report - July 13th, 2012


I decided to hit up the park Friday (the 13th ) with my family later at night. We got there around 7, to noticed the park was loaded. I thought it might not be busy on a Friday night, especially on the thirteenth, but it was packed. Mostly teenagers smooching off with their girlfriends and boyfriends, but many families chose to go that night too. Well anyway, we got their and I noticed my camera was pretty much dead. Because of that I didn't get too many photos. None of Patriot, Timber Wolf, or Planet Snoopy - plus a lot of other things of course.


On to the park itself. Operations were standard - they were running two trains on almost every ride that they could. The operators, while seeming a little more 'smiley' than usual, were somewhat slow and drowsy from the heat I'm guessing. Each ride had about a ten to fifteen minute wait, though Prowler and Patriot were almost walk-ons the whole time I was there, with an occasional line showing up.


Not much else to say, so enjoy these (few) pictures! Btw, there are some haunt construction photos!


Viking Voyager doing its thang.


Oh yeah, I also got my sister to ride Prowler for her first time. Note that she has always been deathly afraid of coasters.


It was running fast that day.


Mmm Haunt


This building looks tiny in person. I don't get how they're going to fit a whole haunted house in there.


Don't fall for its charming looks.


Warning: tons of Mamba pictures dead ahead.


Meh, this pic turned out kinda shaky


She purrtyy


I love this picture.




Queue shot




That's all the photos I could get. Sorry, hopefully I'll charge my camera next time. Thanks for reading!

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^ Cyclone Sam's is an indoor Wipeout. It is themed to...wait for it...a cyclone!!! Lots of Fans and lightning and the roof of the dome makes it seem like you are inside of a tornado. It is actually A TON of fun and was a suprise highlight of our trip to WoF.

Yeah, Cyclone Sam's is really strange. But everyone seems to love it. It can be VERY disorienting and if you have long arms you might be able to touch the roof of the building.

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