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Looks great Ian, was there on Sunday to get the Annual Pass so I can ride Superman as many time as I want to over December. The only down side is Lethal Weapon has developed the Vekoma roughness, and it was running so smooth earlier this year after its maintainence. I can only hope that it was a one off ride, and that it might be a bit better on the next ride.....

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Booo to the overbank...we want more bunny hills!!!!


But Elissa you havent seen the cool Black room that goes around the overbank with holograms of flying donkeys that appear while you zoom through.



But seriously there is still alot more work on the overbank turn "non track wise to be done" which will be very cool when complete.

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Booo to the overbank...we want more bunny hills!!!!


Stupid airfare for Australia during winter break...oh well...maybe a presidents day weekend trip in February!?!?


I'm looking at prices in March just before our Easter Holidays and the Spring Break - and they're working out quite good at the moment!

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I can tell you all that Feb March with definately be the BEST time to come check out this new beauty...


Crowds will be non-existant and the weather will still be nice and warm (not that it ever gets cold up there anyway!).


I could be selfish though and say that I'll be pissed if everyone does come in feb or march as looks like I'll be tied up working on the Comm Games


Well unless of course my Warner Village job comes through

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I think that Sydney is about 1000km from the Gold Coast, so it would be quicker to check for airfare to Brisbane.


As far as visiting around Febuary, I would leave it another month as the weather would still be great and the crouds would be down to almost nothing....and I might be able to get more holidays by that time...I hope.


But don't worry as I will be sure to ride it at least once for everyone who can't get here....

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