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Cruising with Theme Park Review 2011

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Part three of our trip report...


Our next port was Falmouth, Jamaica - This is a new port commissioned by Royal Caribbean, and it's located about halfway between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay so we can do excursions from both of those ports!


We opted to climb Dunn's River Falls, one of the most popular attractions in Jamaica.


Much like the ending of Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland, You literally climb a waterfall!


"Not sure if anyone has noticed this, but DAN is in front of me...in the water...I do believe that is a sign of the apocalypse...I mean Terminator Salvation?"


"I fight for the animatronic hippos"


Dude, Robb, this is Jamaica, not Rocky Balboa, ok?


It's kind of like Rosie O'Donnell water just broke!


TPR at Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica!


I survived the climb! ... for the hippos!


Next we went Jamaican Bobsledding!


"It's actually a pseudo credit!"


Everyone ready for Jamaican Bobsledding?


And the view of Jamaica was fantastic!Check out this POV. Seriously, the ride was actually INSANE for an alpine coaster!



This was one of the best Alpine Coasters I've been on. Crazy airtime, insane speed! It was amazing!


So many different options makes William's head es-plode!


Oh, yeah, did we mention we had to take the chair lift of death to and from the bobsledding place?


They had spiders bigger than Rhode Island.


They were effing everywhere!


Next, you had to lift your feet as to not smack into the foliage!


But the view was spectacular!


Joey only ate 437 jerk chickens. I am NOT exaggerating!


Adam had a couple of Jamaican Rum & Coke's. They were his favorite!


As you can see by the look on Adam's face... He LOOOOOOVES Jamaican Rum!


Adam looooooves Jamaican rum soooooo much....he left them a little present to show his respect.


Freedom of the Seas dwarfs the new port of Falmouth.


The new port looks really nice!


Some of the new buildings.


Here is where you enter and exit to get back to the ship.We decided to see how much wine Piers could actually drink in a short amount of time. This video tells the rest of the story...



The ship is really impressive!


Would you believe they are going to let TPR members in the kitchen?


"Look! We are going to use an Elissa friendly sauce!"


Reed is doing the cookin by the book!


Ginny cuts the cheese.


Lou and Stacey roll up some spicey-a meat-a balls!


Big 'ol tray of balls!


Reed cooks up some balls.


And Elissa is frying up some pancakey pasta. Can she do the "flip?" Let's see....



"I did the flip! Gordon Ramsey would be so proud!"


Some cheese filling...


Chef Mike was an awesome instructor.


And the final result? Manicotti!


The cooking class was awesome! We highly recommend the "Chefmasters" classes on the Freedom of the Seas!


It was delish!!!


TPR at the Chefmasters Manicotti class!


Yup, it's that time again... Salad that is better than "normal" sex!


Lick, lick, lick....


Another view of the pool deck.


The TPR suite concierge lounge came complete with the sexiest dessert on earth! Robb Alvey! Yummmmmm!


Rojda has fully replaced Garbles as Piers' new best friend!


Mmmmm.... STEAAAAAK!


Best chocolate cake EVAR!


Yes, Joey got all 5 desserts!


KidTums was in the pirate parade!


Hello towel animal!


Tonight's drinking challenge... Piers must down all the glasses of wine in under 60 seconds! Watch the video...



DONE! In 37 seconds!


A TPR tradition on RCCL ships is to have ERT on the Flowrider for our group!


Shannon saving herself from a wipeout!


Elissa on her knees!


She masters the "sitting on board" trick!


"Perhaps I shouldn't have had all those Jäger bombs!"


Renee gets it in the face!


The Flying Dutchman!


Robb gets his workout!


TPR had the Flowrider ERT or two hours!


William tries the stand-up surfing!


Domo makes his return to the Flowrider!


It was a quiet night on the Royal Promenade...


But the dance clubs were hopping!


"It's just like Night Maze at Horror Nights!


More photos coming soon! Now....



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That port in Falmouth looks really nice, much nicer than the one in Ocho Rios. I rode that mountain coaster during my Honeymoon in March and it was crazy! Very unexpected. DO you guys do the ropes course at Mystic Mountain too or just the chairlift and the mountain coaster?

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The bobsled video gives me strong stirrings in my want region. And man, you know modern cruise ships are huge, but with the perspective of these shots, WOW. Holy Jebus, that thing is gitanic.


Can't read these cruise reports without eating something anymore. The ravenous hunger they create would otherwise kill me.

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I realized I never posted the rest of the pictures from the Facebook page to the forum.... so here they are now!




Today TPR is in Cozumel, Mexico! (Yes, again!)


We booked our ATV excursion through Wild Tours, and other than the poor quality of photos they sold us, it was a pretty good ATV ride!


TPR suited up...ready to ride!


Dan has chosen the Mexican version of his name.


Dan has opted to get wet, muddy, and dirty. Are we SURE this is the same Dan?


Let's ride!!!


First we started off....the terrain was rocky.


Then it got muddy.... REALLY muddy!


We don't mind... We like it dirty!


We made a stop to learn about some Mayan culture.


"If you drink this nasty lake water it will make you a man!"


Oh no! It's turned him into a creepy stalker!


TPR is ready to get dirty again!


"You're never too old to be dirty!"


Check us out! Mud, dirt, disgusting!


"Barrels equal theming!"


They also let us hold a baby alligator. We were told it's name was "Mr. Wallet!"


Back into the mud we go!


"No one told us this would count as a water ride!"


Seriously, this was some crazy fun!


After ATVs, we figured we'd try to make Adam a man by getting him some Tequila shots...


And a whistle massage.


He's still not a man....


Dinner on the ship was amazing! Italian menu! Our favorite!


The view from our dinner table!


Chicken Marsala! YUM!


Mmmmm. Warm lava cake! This is also better than "normal sex!"


2nd favorite moment of the trip for Piers!


Poor Big Mike...


Oh, he's still alive!


We won thousands of dollars at Wheel of Fortune... In our minds.


Tonight was "sexy bitch" night at the casino.


Tonight was also "The Quest" - This is the game that we proudly admit to ripping off for TPR Quest!


Allison and Piers are our team captains! (We're screwed!)


The game is simple - a scavenger hunt where the host asks for an item or an action, and the team captains must either get it from the audience or act out the actions themselves.


Team TPR!!!


Piers must give Allison his pants! Blimey!


Piers looks blates sexy wearing Allison's bra!


We also got to dress up Piers like a woman (standard) and parade him around the theater. Our team didn't win...but we got close!


The next morning, Philip of Chefmakers taught us how to make Chinese food.


"I'm so hung over...but I still look fancy."


Chuck mixes up some ribs.


"Yes!!! I finally get to make Kung Pao Chicken! It's a dream cone true!"




"Elissa is where she should be... Barefoot in the kitchen!"


"If this lo-mein tastes like Jäger...it's not me."


The end result was actually pretty damn good!"


"TPR Chinese take-out ... Our next business venture!"


The Royal Promenade had a mini "Epcot Food & Wine Festival" going on today.


These were amazing!


Food locations set up on the Royal Promenade to sample all kinds of different foods.


The Tandoori Chicken was amazing!


Tons of people were on the promenade for this!


The real highlight was the chocolate covered strawberries! At Downtown Disney, these are like $4 each. But during this event... FREE!


They put on a napkin folding demonstration for us.


I ate the cost of the cruise in strawberries!


I blates have 4 Jäger Bombs and 2 shots sitting in front of me!


It didn't take long...


Rojda and Kemal were some of the best dining room wait staff we've ever had on a cruise! Seriously, RCCL, if you read this, give them a raise!


It was time for our free pull! We didn't even win a keychain.


That wraps up another installment of "Cruising with Theme Park Review!" This was an amazing trip! Looking forward to our next cruise sailing from Dubai to India in the Brilliance of the Seas!

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