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Photo - TR: Georgia National State Fair 2011

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Hello all,


This is really only my second, true trip report with photos on the forum. My friend and I went to the Georgia National State Fair in Perry, Georgia. This town is outside of Macon, GA and it was a true southern, people-watching crowd. This is one of the biggest fairs I've been to, outside of the Minnesota State Fair when I was a wee lad. It had AWESOME food, spectacular rides, and exhibits and shows that we did not even get to see. The best ride can be seen on the first photo below, on the left-hand side, as well as the first video. The Stinger was really freaky and extremely intense. I don't think it would have been a pleasant experience if the 4-seat chairs had been allowed to rotate at the highest point. I've posted a video of the Stinger, as well as some others, including one of the most insane Super Matterhorns ever!


Anyway, onto the videos, followed by the photos . . .





Ahhh . . . the fall . . . and the fair. My favorite time of year.


Look at the spectacular rides they had to offer . . .


Including Tango . . .




Couldn't decide what to ride to catch before we left, and unfortunately I settled on Storm instead of this . . .


The YO YO! Didn't get on this one either . . . but I've been on it elsewhere.


The Tidal Wave! AKA suspended Matterhorn! One of four Matterhorn variations at the fair!


The Fire Ball!!!!


And the Sky Flyer (AKA the Star Flyer). Yes it was not as tall as others, but in proportion to the rest of the rides and buildings, it remained the tallest structure, and offered an extremely thrilling ride! This was my first Star Flyer!


Here's a guy with his son (see his legs?) just chillin' . . .


. . .and here's a couple enveloped in pure glee.


The Georgia National State fair had some of the best carnival game options I have seen in a LONG while.


Here's another example . . .


. . . and this reminded me of an episode of America's Next Top Model.


Of course the fair was not without its eclectic mix of carnival food.


I loved the GIANT graphic signs all the stands had at this fair.


This couple can't decide what to buy . . .


. . .and understandably so.


Oops! Missed Full Tilt. This was a superior version (in my opinion) of the regular Huss Rainbow's etc. . . due to the fact that you felt like you were mostly suspended the entire ride! This ride had one of the longest cycles at the fair and just shows how a simple motion, with a little variation can really be a showstopper.


Oh yeah! Can't forget about . . . . FREAAAAK SHOOOOWS!!!







People pay money for this?!?! Well . . . . my friend did anyway.


Seriously though, this one was EXTREMELY annoying. It kept saying the same line over and over again, and we all know its a nutria rat!


Here's one last look down the midway . . . .


And here's another, with Flip 'n' Out. Didn't get to ride this one either. They were only seating one row the entire night and the line was INSANE.


Did we mention there were two credits for me to obtain on this visit?




SUPER FAST INDY 500!!! My friend and I rode together and really made the toboggan tear through the course. His knees were smashed to bits. And his knees smashed my sides to bits.


Here's Credit #2


Fun. Kinda Mild, Wish we had only two people in our car, but they were loading em up. PROFIT, PROFIT, PROFIT!!!


Nighttime at the fair. Here is a ride that I wasn't able to photograph in motion, looked painful though.


Why go on this when you have full tilt???


Wild Claw. . . . had a very short and terrible ride cycle. My side was stuck on the lower side the entire time.


Here it is!!! The ultra-uber-super-duper-himalaya. The "fastest ride on the midway" according to the ride-op. Also the shortest ride on the midway according to me. Five bucks for one, maybe two minutes??


This fair had two haunted mansions with cars. I didn't ride either. I'm partial to the spinning flat rides.


This was one of the, like, five or six awesome fun houses here!


Here's another. . .


. . . do they really have the rights for this????


This was the most AWESOME looking one in my opinion.


Fire Ball




Hope Everyone Enjoyed!



And finally, here's a Zipper in SUPERB condition.

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Nice pics! Thanks for sharing! Now I'm getting excited for the Florida State Fair next February! I didn't make it to this year's fair, but I've been in previous years and it's just tackily awesome. Next year I will FINALLY get the 2 or 3 coaster credits they have, hell or highwater!

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Thanks for the positive feedback everyone!


It's a fair, I don't think they really care. Love that the caption had ANTM in it
This particular episode that i'm talking about is quite hilarious. Here's a link to some photos of the episode:




What manufacturer makes the Stinger? It looks awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Here's a link that describes how and when the Reithoffer Shows unit purchased the stinger. It also describes what the ride does:




The name of the Manufacturer is Technical Park. Here's a link to the ride's page:



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Thanks for the info about the Stinger. It really looks like everything I wanted Excalibur at SFStL to do but didn't deliver. I always wanted to see Chaos cars on an inverting frisbee so this looks like an amazing ride. It looks like it would be perfect for a park like Beech Bend.


Your photos are great too. Looks like a pretty awesome fair! Thanks for sharing.

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^One reason might be because there was already a State Fair, which was in nearby Macon. Word is that Sam Nunn, a former GA senator who happens to own a lot of land in Perry, was a big influence in getting a "second" state fair in Perry. Now this one has basically put the state fair in Macon out of business.

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Its a shame they dont let the stinger run how its supposed to run, with its seats freely rotating.

Just like its similar counterpart made by KMG, They also dont let the seats freely rotate.


When the gondolas are able to swing free the intensity is INSANE ! I was able to ride the KMG Version on the Hannover Schützenfest here in Germany...and even though the gondolas were fixed when the ride went upside down...it STILL kicked the crap out of me !!!

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Reithoffer's is the main midway for Bloomsburg Fair, and I remember some of their rides. Flip N' Out is from the 90's! Interesting ride, but not as good as a Huss Top Spin. I was disappointed they moved the Tornado (Huss Flipper) to the Orange unit. The Blue unit is the one that visits Bloomsburg. I remember the Raupenbahn, a rare Mack Caterpillar that Reithoffer's had in the 80's.

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Cool pics! Martin's Fantasy Island got one of those Stinger type rides, they're insane! I remember watching how much the legs jiggle and shake back and forth. It's definitely a cool ride experience. Thanks for the pics, fairs are the best!


Mind Warp is an awesome intense ride! I just didn't like how long it takes Martin's to unload/load the ride. When I went the op had to give each set of 4 seats instruction on how to brace themselves, which added about 2 minutes to the load time... Hopefully the operations of stinger is better.

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