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SoCal's Work/Random Creation Thread (RCT3)

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Following a trend as of late, I've been meaning to show off more work, the problem is I hardly ever had time to finish anything...


This thread will have a collection of projects I have yet to (or never will) finish.




A lost building...


Launched Intamin Terrain Wingrider


An attempt at a Doctor Who coaster...


A failed Gertslauer Spinner


Racing Corkscrews, one train forward, one backward...


A compact slide complex


Capacity King, a compact looper than can run up to ten 12 passenger trains and continuously move through the layout with no stops


A very heavily themed mine train (I'll show this baby off in full detail later)


Superman Ultimate Flight


An Anton creation of very large proportions


An S&S Screamin Swing over water


An insane night shot of an Evolution









Hope you guys enjoy my randon "thread o crap/work thread"

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This is my not-so-Vanilla-Hills-project.


I'm planning on going through (eventually) every RCT3 scenerio and sprucing them up with my NCS Flare. So far here's what Vanilla Hills looks like.


I'd say it's one of my favorite creations in a while. Not finished yet but...


Entrance Plaza with a Chairswing and top spin modified from the original one.


"Propeller Flight", an Enterprise in the park's "Aircraft Adventures" section.


"Aviators" a highy themed version of the original in-game suspended swing in the park's "Aircraft Adventure" Area.


A closer look.


"Pinewood" a Zierer Jr. coaster in the Forest of Fantasy section of the park.


Overview of what I have so far.

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More never gonna happen pics:


NCS Woodie Supports


An attempt at a darkride based on the Web Comic HomeStuck (may revisit this one)


A failed attempt at making a super intense Space Mountain-esque ride.


TRON Dueling Coaster done the night after I saw the movie (this one is still in the game exchange if anyone wants to download it)


A Drop Tower inside a castle.


An SLC themed to a Dragons flying rampant through a castle. (May revisit this one as well)





That's it for now....

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That SLC actually looks pretty good, I hope you do decide revisit it.


Yeah, it's a really great design. The only problem is that it's a bit on the massive side (think Kumali but larger)


Here's a brief clip of it: That trench dive is probably my favorite thing I've ever done in RCT3


[MOD EDIT: Clip has been removed temporarily. Thank you.]

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I think you need to revisit a lot of those concepts. They all look phenomenal.


Maybe extend the life of that park you're working on and implement some of those projects. You could stick that watchtower into your MW3 coaster and it would fit well (maybe change the roof/supports to something more military).


A good chunk of those coaster projects would be awesome for the park. Plus you've already done the trackwork. You just have to stick some theming elements and call it a new ride.

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Not sure why my video clip got removed, but anyhow...


A couple other things I dug up from the grave: Here's a few more shots of that extremely detailed NCS Mine train from above...this is a very prominent project for me, because this was done entirely NCS with NO cheats.


The splashdown inspired by Blazing Fury


What it looks like from above...


Picture from earlier again for reference....


Station/prelift area


First drop





Comments/feedback will determine which project(s) I may choose to re-visit.

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I love the mine train!! It looks amazing!! My only thought is... It looks a little short. But would love to see it develop into a full project!



Thanks! It's actually on the long side ride time wise because the chain lifts are very slow (the whole lift segment is a darkride).

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Hey guys, a long long long long long long long time ago I posted a thread called "project Atlantis". Well, it's not dead! I've been working on it for over a year now.


This is not the actual ride, but it is a test of the scenery in RCT3.


I call it: The Temple of the Kraken King

Shot0604 (Copy).bmp

The overall test area, themed to the once abandoned temple discovered by Archeologists.

Shot0605 (Copy).bmp

A closer view showing the detail.

Shot0606 (Copy).bmp

the backside of the temple was removed for inside viewing.

Shot0607 (Copy).bmp

Another view

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Update/Junk added


Since it's been awhile enjoy your relatively decent sized pile-o-interesting

Shot0539 (Copy).bmp

An apocalyptic themed Wingrider

Shot0551 (Copy).bmp

May revisit this eventually

Shot0556 (Copy).bmp

Short, but forceful GCI woodie

Shot0557 (Copy).bmp

an S&S Fly Free

Shot0602 (Copy).bmp

Fountain Show

Shot0623 (Copy).bmp

Rip Ride Rockit re-imagined

Shot0627 (Copy).bmp

Eurphoria before I enclosed it

Shot0669 (Copy).bmp

Ghostrider: Steel of Vengance

Shot0670 (Copy).bmp

Was going to have it be a Rocky Mountain treatment with a tie in to the new Ghostrider movie

Shot0683 (Copy).bmp

You'll see more of this one soon enough :)

Shot0685 (Copy).bmp

A super dive machine: 60 people per train with a swarm-style first drop :p

Shot0686 (Copy).bmp

See here's another pic! Is that soon enough?

Shot0718 (Copy).bmp

Flight School: S&S El Loco

Shot0734 (Copy).bmp

Unnamed Mine Themed Eurofighter...probably the smoothest coaster layout I've ever done, and my first attempt at wooden CS supporting

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