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How was your day?


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Hey all TPR peeps! Had a good day today or a bad day? Well we, er, I wanna know! Just post your wonderful day here!


My day was as follows:

Woke up, took a shower, danced, whatched some t.v., then went to school. At school, went to PE and we had to run the half-mile. Started out, and the sprinklers were on so we ran through water. Then ran the rest as usually. I finished in 5:30. Pretty good, for me at least. Then went to woodshop, talked about plan sheets. After that, went to science, learned about mass and matter, and did this cool expiriment(sp?). Then went to math and did some mathy junk. Then, LUNCH!!! Had a burrito, a nectarine, and some dorritos. After lunch, went to Spanish, and did something quite funny. After that went to english and history. Learned about idioms, and did a drawing. Then in history we finished our notes. After that, I went home. (finally) When I got home, went to Burger King, and had some chicken fries. Then, danced again. Talked to this one girl on MSN messenger, but then she left, so, now I'm here listening to music and reading stuff!!


Now you know how it's done, it's your turn to tell!



--Davon "Half way to 300 posts!!" Dorsey

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Um... my day was okay. I was sick on Friday, so I had quite a bit of make-up work to do, although I've finished most of it. I just finished a hard English assignment (I can never pick the theme out of a story) and right a paper on it. Fun, fun!


Highlight of the day: Learning that my band is going to spend four days at Disney World during spring break.


Lowlight of the day: Literature assignment

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My day wasn't that great. I am getting over being sick so I have felt horrible since last week and still don't feel well. I got up at 8:00 went to my first class from 8:40 - 10:00. Went home and did some work and had to go back to school from 4:40 - 7:10 (I HATE my schedule this semester since you spend the whole day knowing you have to go back to school for a night class and it's like that 3 out of 5 days a week), sat through a boring 2 1/2 class on Accounting Information Systems which I almost fell asleep in (along with 1/2 of my class).

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My day was good!


It started off with a trip to the oral surgeon so that my stitches could be removed from my wisdom teeth extravaganza. It was quick and painless. After that I headed over to school for a meeting on "Quaker decision making". It was HYSTERICAL (Not purposefully). I enjoyed making snide remarks to my friend Jess, though I did have to hold back a bit. I figured this was the first time my teachers have seen me in three months and I should somewhat behave.


After the meeting, Jess and I headed over to Starbucks where I got an iced chai latte. It was lovely. On the way home from Starbucks I swung by CVS to refill my perscriptions.


Tonight I went downtown with Jess and our friend Nate to a Hawaiin/French fusian restaurant as an "end of summer" excursion. It was delicious, but a bit more expensive than I had hoped for. Afterwards we walked to Capogiros, the BEST gelato place in town. I got Papaya and Macademia (two flavors, one cup). It was tasty.


Now I'm home.


Mark "Good day overall!" Luskus

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^ I spend $50 at lunch, you MAKE $50 at lunch?! WTF?!


My day was weird. Spent the day at home number 3 with my friend's dog who i'm dogsitting for a fortnight (he's gorgeous but stupid), went for a walk in the sun, then went to the pub, argued with my boyfriend, poured my heart out to a friend, got a bit tipsy, came home, sobered up, and it's now 5.04am and I 've given up on sleep for the night. Overall... a mixed day.

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my day was boring and uneventful. woke up, went online, ate lunch, slept. woke up, went online, played some GTA3 (finally made it to the 2nd island) ate dinner, napped. un-napped, watched some comedy central, and now I'm chatting with crispy on yahoo and waiting for my friend James to call me or come online, but I'm secretly thinking he won't which sucks because we made plans for later tonight.

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^^ I've got a little great-niece (a great-aunt at the age of 20!!) on the way and somehow I've already been booked for about 100 nights of baby-sitting... I have DOORMAT stamped on my head, guess I shouold look forward to taking pics like that!!


^ Ok, I'm relieved, I thought you were gonna say you were stealing other people's lunch money or something!

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Yesterday was horrible!! It started by me being almost attacked by two raccoons, then it was busier than crap at work, then I get told that we have mandatory ot for the rest of the month!


Today has started much better, no raccoons hissing or growling at me and it isn't busy yet.


Kristi "raccoons are scary!!" C.

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Well, I'm gonna describe my last 24 hours because they have been quite good really. Yesterday afternoon i played around on my PC and then did something for a couple of hours which I'm not allowed to talk about. I then cooked dinner for me and Simon. I made Kung Jo, which is like Kung Po (like a spicy sweet and sour sauce), but cos I made it, everyone calls it Kung Jo. We then watched crappy TV for an hour, then I did more stuff I'm not allowed to talk about until about midnight. Then I spent about an hour on my friends cool site where there is an amazing arcade. Then we went to bed, and I've decided not to describe what happened there .


Lucy woke me up wanting walkies at around six this morning so off I trotted with her up and down the River Trent listening to Erasure and Abba and other "cool" stuff. Got home and fell back into bed until 9am. We got up and went into town to meet my mum for a drink in JD Wetherspoon. 10am may seem a little early for a pint of John Smiths Smooth, but OMG it was nice! Anyway, we wandered around town a bit and my mum didn't buy us anything but she bought Lucy a bone and a new collar. The collar is fake burberry, so my little dog is officially a "Chav"! Went home, had a sandwich and checked my emails and TPR. Just now I've just got back from Tesco, where I bought cool stuff like mushy peas, pasta, bacon, potatoes, oil and noodles. Came to £3.78. Passed the petrol station, where the unleaded is now £0.95p. After I've finished boring everyone to death with this post I will maybe play Diablo II, or RCT3.

Is anyone still awake?

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