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A while back, I had the idea of building a K'nex coaster, and using actual LIMs to launch it. Since my dad works in electronics, and I dabble in them as well. Our original plans called for the coaster to be a shuttle layout, but that proved to be a little too complicated for a prototype ;layout. Instead we settled on a low to the ground Maverick Esque design with two sets of LIMs. One for the lift hill and another pair to launch the coaster.


The layout goes like this: Maverick Lift, Zero G Roll, banked turn around, second launch, and after that: ????


Onto the video:


This is currently what the layout looks like...


The current progress...


The Maverick-esque lift...


The zero G roll and turnaround...


The total layout so far...


The turnaround...


Please comment on what O have so far, I'd really appreciate it...

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Really an actualy magnetic launch? A few people the sscoasters froums have attempted to build these before and none of them got one to work. Since you have someone who works with electronic you might have a better chance than them. It will be interesting to see if you can get some kind of LIM/LSM to work.


It looks like you need more speed, you could lube you cars with something like silicon oil. It helps a lot, trust me.

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Yeah, I need to do that. I used to do Pinewood Derby when I was in Cubscouts so I have the graphite lube around that I can use. Yes, it will have an actual magnetic launch. We've started working on the mechanics now...We've going to be using an old laptop to control them.

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Yes, you can make LIMs that small! It's quite interesting as people are coming up with ways to use them in toy applications!


As for the ZG roll, yes, it does need that manky pieces in order to keep shape corrctly, and be able to navigate the roll without loss of speed.

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I figured that it was something like that. I used to have a k'nex coaster in my basement, but it fell apart over the course of two years . I always envisioned LIMs as a high tech coasters only invention. I guess I was wrong!

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It's not like LIMs are these huge things that only work on a large scale. If you have the right circuit built, LIMs can be any size and do practically anything. It's not like a magnet that small is weaker than a large magnet, the only difficulty would be storing the energy, which really actually wouldn't be that difficult. I'm sure you could even invent a control system that doesn't require storing energy but uses live feed or just simply batteries. Probably a rather strong battery, though (9v per say?) It's all about design.


Induction is used for a lot of small things, especially household objects. Just buy any small 3 setting fan and take it apart.

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