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Thorpe Park Trip Report

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So it's been a long time since I have posted or even been logged on this site (exams, school, hobbies, friends, busy) but I visited Thorpe Park yesterday and thought that I would write up a quick review of my day with a few pictures (taken on my iphone 3gs)


I visited with my Aunt and Uncle and we had a great day. Thorpe Park was running a "Fright Nights" theme for the Halloween period. This meant that the park was opened longer (from 10 till 10) and had some cool mazes and theming. From 4 o'clock the mazes are open to the public. This year there were four mazes, a magic show, Saw Alive (the year round horror action maze) and the rides were also open until closing. We didn't do any mazes but spent our day riding and chilling!


My Uncle was very helpful and booked fastpass tickets for Nemesis Inferno, Stealth, Saw, Colossus, X:/No Way Out, Loggers Leap and Tidal Wave. Most rides were very busy and I should congratulate the park for having a fabulous free app giving up to date wait times.


Anyway, the rides!


Firstly we rode Loggers Leap and Tidal wave. Both were very enjoyable and a good start to the day. The rides were very thrilling but would also be appropriate for the whole family. One of my favorite elements of Loggers Leap was the drop in dark which was surprisingly long!


We then rode Colossus and Nemesis, My least favorite of the coasters however fun! The number of compact inversions is amazing!


X:/No Way Out was rather standard and isn't worth waiting in line for. I guess in a way it delivers what it promises, A feeling of being trapped and out of place. The whole ride is backwards and in semi darkness apart from strobes. The ride stops at various intervals which adds to the feeling of disorientation.


We then rode Saw which was surprisingly well themed and actually managed to scare me a lot! The queue is very well themed both outdoors and in. Sirens sound and screams are heard as you board. After passing jigsaw and turning a sharp bend you face two large pendulums which you drop under sharply before being turned upside down in semi darkness. The coaster section is extremely smooth although very short.


Finally we rode Stealth at sunset (Picture at bottom) It was a lovely ride. I expected it to be very rough and distorting. It was however lovely and I loved it.


The new ride "Swarm" was advertised a lot and the entrance is even in place. It seems to be some kind of 4th dimension coaster.


We finished our day in the bar! I would recommend the park for families and those who are looking for a thrill. It has something for everyone.


I hope you enjoy the very few pictures below.


Stealth rises high above the trees!


I approve of Saw!


Without train...


With train...


The new "Swarm" theming!

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