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TPR's Orlando Halloween Trip of Awesomeness

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Awesome TR! I was down there with some friends from 9/28-10/8. It was my first F&W, and we all had an amazing time. I'm definitely going back next year. A couple of other notes:


1. Our Halloween Party was sold out on the 30th. The crowds were unreal. I'm guessing it had something to do with it being the weekend of the 40th anniversary.


2. The parking lots changed while I was down there. Seemed silly when I first heard about it, but I liked that there's a dedicated tram for each side of the parking lot now. Gets you out to your car a little faster.

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It looks like you're all having an amazing time at the World! Revisiting Orlando is on my near-future hit list, I haven't been in Orlando since I was ten and that was in 2001. I really need to go back, especially around Halloween like you are right now. I hope the rest of the visit is magical and absolutely amazing, outside of that "certain" IOA status I read on your Facebook, Robb.


I wish I could be there with all of you, it looks wonderful and the food sounds wonderfully tempting *punts his cherry pie out his window*.

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Today was an incredible day at Legoland Florida! I was so impressed how the park has been transformed. I'll do a full update soon, but for now here are a couple of photos and some videos to hold you over....


TPR had an amazing time at Legoland Florida. The transformation well exceeded expectations! Perfect fit in family of Legoland parks!


This is the only Southern Belle that would let Robb touch her!


The traditional Cypress Gardens have been beautifully preserved at Legoland Florida!


TPR's Favorite Legoland attraction.... Rescue Academy!!!


It's a race to put out the fire!


The 50th Million "Golden Brick" is put in place to officially finish and open Legoland Florida.






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I also attended media day.


I was at Cypress Gardens the last operating day as well. IMO the park is much nicer and more enjoyable as a Legoland park.


At the media event, it was announced the park will be expanding in May 2012 with the addition of a Legoland Waterpark. Their area also plans for a Lego Themed resort hotel in the near future! The long term goal is for Legoland Florida to become a multi-day resort destination.

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I have returned from my epic week (more or less) in Orlando. I'm tired, bruised, injured, have new scars, don't need to eat for about a month, and cannot wait to do it again. This is always my favorite week of the year. I didn't take too many pictures, except of food. Probably because I was constantly eating! Seriously, Food & Wine is something everyone should do at least once. It is so much fun.


And I would totally move to the country of Cheese...



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