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TPR's Orlando Halloween Trip of Awesomeness

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Reading this while hungry was a mistake. Then again, eating doesn't really help, since it's not Epcot food I have here.


I agree. Reading this, and then realizing all I have is peanut butter and jelly, is depressing. (Hey, it's either that or I eat the food the Navy provides for me...I'll take the PB&J)


Awesome pictures - clearly everyone had a great time.

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^I hear that there is a lot to learn. Is it true that Pierce is the tour director?


It looks like an awesome week! Really glad that everyone is having a great time and especially happy that Matt Damon is finally having some long awaited TPR fun.


Enjoy the rest of the week!

We have Fat Damon, not Matt Damon.

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Very cool TPR house.

Can you visit it ?

Yes. Public tours are open Tuesday's and Thursdays from 11am-2pm. $8.75 per person includes a slice of cake.

^I hear that there is a lot to learn. Is it true that Pierce is the tour director?


It looks like an awesome week! Really glad that everyone is having a great time and especially happy that Matt Damon is finally having some long awaited TPR fun.


Enjoy the rest of the week!


How many bottles of Jager is the up-charge for the Pierce led tour? We're so in for that!

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More pics from Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, and Epcot Food & Wine Part Deux...with a little bit of DHS thrown in!


Hey look! It's DeFazio Studios.. I mean DCA... I mean MGM... I mean Disney's Hollywood Studios!


Get your Mania FastPass early... Or you never will!




Happy coming out day!!!


They dug up Judy Garland for National coming out day!


Mama Melrose's at DHS may very well be the most under-rated restaurant on WDW property! It's great!!!


Time for Toy Story Mania!


We got a pussy and a beaver!!!


These might be the coolest Mickey Ears I've ever seen!


Not for TPR!


This always promises to be an awesome evening!


In the future we are going to have something called "virtual reality", Laserdiscs, and televisions with remote control!


"Hey Disneyland, where's your Peoplemover?"


"Hi Disneyland, where's your castle?"


The Tiki Room is no longer super sucky... It's just kind of normal sucky now...


There is something very "Tokyo Disneyland" about this!


Hanno is dressed as a traditional Dutch. (No, really, they all dress like this!)


Janice is dressed as slut Minnie! (And Russell is dressed as a pervert tourist!)


Elissa and KidTums looking very pretty!


Are we not men?


TPR at Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party.




Mrs. Nezbit, Scarface, and a Dutch soccer fan on Big Thunder!


KidTums' first ever ride on Big Thunder!




Yay! Big Thunder Mountain!


Big Thunder in action!


"I AM.... MRS. NEZBIT!!!!"


When you see this sign...TRICK OR TREAT!!!


KidTums and Logan want candy!


DEVO needs candy too!


Weather tonight was the BEST we've had for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in years!


Haunted Mansion is all dressed up for Mickeys Not So Scary Party!


13 minutes? That means it's a walk-on!


They even dress up the Haunted Mansion cast members!


Seriously, it's so awesome how much they dress up the Mansion employees.


Russell enjoys the new interactive queue at Mansion.


More Mansion awesomeness.


"Scarface! Little Red Riding Hood is not interested in you! You are not a wolf!"


Space Mountain was a walk-on! This is why we love Mickeys Not So Scary!!!


This year the Treat Trail was moved over by Splash Mountain due to the Fantasyland construction.


Even though MILF has gotten better, it's Still the "Nexus of mediocrity!"


It's fireworks time!


HalloWishes, with fireworks "in the round" is always a fun and impressive show!


The Headless Horseman rides tonight!




Getting ready for the awesome Boo for You Parade!


Boo to You!!!


Was so nice of Mickey to invite us to his Boo to You Parade!


The Haunted Mansion themed floats are impressive!


The gravediggers always steal the show!


More candy during the parade!


Another awesome Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! We highly recommend this event!


When did they do this??!?!


It's time for Epcot Food & Wine Festival Part Deux!


First we get our "jump in the cranberry pool" credit.


Adam presents... "The Pineapple!"


TPR at Epcot's Food & Wine Festival!


"Mmmmm. This pork slider is both fantastic and kosher!"


Fruity drinks for the fruits.


"I only drink manly drinks...because I am a man."


Hooray! Food & Wine Duffy!


The sign says "Don't miss it!" so we will do exactly the opposite.


"Canada is only good for cheese soup and Moosehead beer...ok, maybe just cheese soup."


Ireland is good for two things...


Warm chocolate lava cake...


...and Guinness!


Two gays with a really big pussy! (cat)


Oui! Oui! Le fruity boissons!


Which do you think Adam prefers? The "coq" or the "dirty french snails?" If you know the answer...


Portugal is new for 2011, and OMG it's good!


Portuguese sausage is TPR approved!


The new QR codes at each country are a nice touch!


The rumors are true! All TPR moderators and close friends got a free trip to Japan!!!


Still sucking down that pint of Guinness!


American Pavilion? SKIP!!!


Giant baked ravioli! Yummmmm....


Forcing the alcoholic to drink??? Blimey!!!


Ahhh Germany... How we love your beer and Olympia Looping!


When at Epcot, be sure to check into "The Country of Cheese" on Facebook Places!


Elissa conquers the triple cheese fondue!


Which is sexier? The cheese fondue or Piers' crotch? To answer...


This is how you juggle at Food & Wine!


More countries... More beer!


Anyone interested in a TPR S. Korea trip in 2013?


This looks like I just crapped out a salad, but OMG soooooo good!!!


Who do you think is more drunk? Piers or Shirley? If you know... EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com


Who's ready for TPR's China 2012 trip?


I love China!!!


"Hey Bryan - I'm holding two giant cups of Jake's semen!"


Yay for Norway!


We love Norway!


Poke you in the eye!


The Norway movie was really packin' them in today!


Ending our drinking around the world with Margaritas and Tequila shots in Mexico!


We did our drinking...and now it's time to go driving!!!


KidTums and Logan love Test Track!






"Now that we have you all heated up..."


TPR group photo at Test Track!


Another amazing day at Epcot Food & Wine Festival!


Now everyone....



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