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Photo TR: Shijiazhuang Botanical Garden (October 6, 2011)

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I went to the Shijiazhuang Botanical Garden yesterday and found two more roller coasters to add to the RCDB. I know about Roller Coaster, a loop and single corkscrew that is like one I found at Shuilianshan Amusement Park a month or so ago. This ride was as rough as the one at Shuilianshan. The botanical garden is a huge place with a lot of natural beauty. There are many plants and trees, a lake and a large amusement area. I decided to walk through the whole amusement area as I was certain that, with the way I have been finding coasters here in China and the fact that the ride offering at this place was so large, that there would be another coaster. I was right. I found a mine train coaster that is like the ones I rode at Beijing Shijingshan Park and Sun Park in Beijing. This coaster is basically an expanded Wacky Worm.

I was almost done with my walk through the rides area when I found a mouse coaster. This is a Chinese built mouse that appears to be a knock-off of a mouse built by a Japese company. Once again, I had ridden this design before at SunPark in Beijing and at Laodong Park in Dalian, China. I took some photos of other rides and some of scenery at the garden and left. This place is well worth checking out.


I have arrived at Shijiazhuang Botanical Garden.


Here is what part of the garden looks like.


This boat takes guests for a nice ride on the lake.


Here is another scene from inside the garden.


This serves as the garden's carousel.


The flume ride here is hidden by a fake rock mountain.


The ferris wheel is huge.


I thought the outside of this walk-through was interesting.


This mine train coaster is at Shijiazhuang Botanical Garden.


I am ready for my ride on the mine train.


The mine train featured many turns.


I am ready for my mouse ride.


Here is a view of the mouse.


Here is Roller Coaster from across the lake.


Here is the helix on Roller Coaster. This ride is painful.


Here is a shot of Roller Coaster's painful corkscrew to finish off the trip report.

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