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Just as we got off the monorail the skies totally opened. I mean hard, constant rain….and guess what?......Right before I left our room, I took out that free poncho they had given us on our first night. I had been carrying it in my bag all week and yet to need it, so I took it out to make the bag a little lighter…..DUMB..Dumb..Dumb!


We stood on the ramp and waited. Some people braved it and ran out, but it really was coming down. There were puddles already everywhere and we knew our shoes would become wet and stretchy too…something I hate…and Patty mentioned the same thing.


We could hear the CM’s making announcements, but we couldn’t understand a word they were saying because the rain was pounding so hard on the roof. Of course, monorail after monorail was coming and unloading too, so it became very crowded.

Finally a CM came down the ramp and said that no one was allowed to stand on the ramp, so we either had to brave the weather, or get back on the monorail and ride it around till the weather broke.

We decided we would get on the resort monorail and take it over to the Poly and get dinner there. We both still were after a dole whip and we knew they had them there.

Of course the monorail was crammed full, but we squeezed in.

We made it in one piece over to the Poly and got off and found Capt. Cooks.



They have the computers there to order off of, so we had to play around a bit to understand how it works. Right away we were unimpressed with the selection. Very little to choose from, and not much that was striking my fancy.

I decided on the grilled cheese and a dole whip.

We made our orders and paid…and to tell you the truth, it was confusing to us…but we did make it through.


We waited for our meals and then picked them up when our buzzers went off.




This sandwich was not like any grilled cheese I have ever had. It was kind of deluxe with some different cheeses. It was just OK. Almost too much though in flavor. I think half was enough, but after eating the whole thing, it was just ok. I doubt I would get it again.


Then it was time for the dole whips. We both again were kind of clueless. Patty went up first and we laughed at how it was in her cup…Not very pretty like the “experts” do. I went up and mine was no better. We did notice that mine was lighter in color than hers. After a while we figured it out. I had a swirl…which I am happy that I got. I like pineapple, but again, the full pineapple taste would’ve been too much for me. The vanilla tamed it down for me enough…without giving me that tongue canker sore thing going on.



I am glad I tried it, but I don’t know if it will be on the top of my list to get again. I think I will try the orange one at MK next time.


After we were done eating, it was still raining out, so we looked around and browsed through shops.




I pulled out the boys and took several pictures of them here.




They were getting really wild! LOL




We moved on and looked around some more.






We just kind of sat here and waited. There was a family nearby and the child was crying because it was their last night there and they couldn’t go anywhere….I know the feeling!




It sounded like the rain had let up now, so we made the decision to head out. I purchase another rain poncho…boy that hurt to shell out about $8 for another poncho when I had one sitting on my bed back in my room, but what are you going to do?


We hopped the monorail and headed to MK. Boy that was one heck of a ride. We had to stand and there was a group of a bunch of young guys in our car. I would say they ranged from 16-24. They offered to let us sit, but we declined. They were sooo funny! From what I remember, 1 or 2 were CM’s and they had friends and family with them for the day. They were cracking jokes and talking with us. We all laughed and I swear they were hitting on us. It surely made this old gals day!

Once we got off, Patty and I laughed about them and she said the same thing…”I think they were hitting on us”. I said they probably thought we were old women and trying to make our day. Or maybe…just maybe…we are 2 hot mommas out on the town….Look out world!


We entered the MK and it was still drizzley and our feet did get wet. We decided we would shop around for a bit and make our way into the park via the stores. It was crowded, but needless to say, I found some things to buy…Lucky Claire!


I got this cute shirt with a couple of pairs of shorts.



I also bought myself a pin. It was cute, a pair of ears with the 40th anniversary. I had several in my hands and put them back. I wish I would’ve gotten more now. I also got some of those lockable backs for pins and some postcards.


After an eternity of shopping and our hands full of packages we headed towards the tiki room. I wanted to check out the new version…..and guess what? It closes at 9PM, so we missed it.


I didn’t take my camera out much this evening as it was wet and we just went and had some fun.

Here are a few of the pictures I took.




My notes have ended here, so I can’t remember the exact order of things, but I know we rode the jungle cruise and had a great time. We had a fun captain, who actually was from a town near me.


Brook texted us every so often, they were at Epcot, and even though they thought Illuminations had been canceled, it ended up going on at a later time and she said it was fantastic!


At one point she also texted me and let me know that once again she left her KTTW in the room. LOL! She was just going to go to the desk again and get a new one made.


We rode pirates, which is always a favorite of mine. Patty said she had only rode it like once or twice before because her son screamed though it the 1st time they rode it, so they haven’t been back.


We also rode Splash Mountain. Hey, we were wet already, so why not ride a water ride? I believe this was another first for Patty? I can’t remember for sure.



And I have disobeyed the almighty law here…again, something I NEVER do, and HATE when others do it. I took 2 flash pictures……but we were the only ones around…only 2 on our boat and no one else in sight, so I didn’t bother anyone else.




When we got off, a CM was standing there with a big Mickey hand, so I wanted to take a picture…well he wanted to do one better than that, and another CM took a picture of all of us….Don’t we look great?




I did take our redneck photo…BUT it was awful…I realized that the camera has some rain on it and every single picture (many of empty boats) looked the same. They were all just a big blur….they wouldn’t be selling any photos that night.


I can’t remember if we rode BTMR, but I think we may have….


I know our last ride of the night was the Haunted Mansion…..again, this “might’ve” been a first for Patty….I can’t remember anymore. We were in the last group of the night. They actually gave us something to carry in to where we boarded our doombuggy. I assume it was to let them know we were the last group.

They had the new hitch-hikers working this time around (it was under construction in April) and that was pretty cool. I can barely remember what happened, but I think they did some switching of heads.


Sadly, the park was now closing.


We made our way back to the YC. I don’t remember lingering around or doing anything, so I must’ve went straight to bed. I think Brook had fallen asleep with every light blazing and a book in her lap, so I turned everything off (the mother in me. LOL) and went to sleep myself.


And that is the end of Day 5.

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Day 6~ August 19, Friday


I have no notes for this day. I guess I gave up writing, thinking I would remember……that was foolish.


I do know I forgot that the previous night when we were leaving MK, I had picked up a cinnamon roll at the bakery to have as a snack. I took one bite of it the night before when I got back to the room and picked at it this morning…..sadly, it wasn’t that good. I had high hopes for it. I think my problem was it wasn’t fresh anymore.



I think our morning was like all our others. We got up and showered and got ready for our last day. This day we were having a graduation ceremony. I had pretty much gotten most things packed the day before, and stuffed the rest in the bags before leaving the room for the most part.


We had another buffet breakfast in the convention center…this time with Mickey Waffles!!!!!



I took pictures of the buffet before loading up a plate for myself.









They had several vendor type tables set up all around, so we all roamed a bit and talked to some of the people.

They had people there who specialized in group activities and special needs to name a few. I would say about 10 tables set up. And we got freebies from them too! I’ll post them at the end of the TR.



After we were done, it was time for a little more talking.



The hot topic was that the new website was going to be revealed soon and we got a sneak peak at it. It did look nice and now that it is in use, it is nicer than the old one….BUT it still has many flaws and we asked if certain things had been addressed, only to find out that none of it was, they just changed the look and actually took away a few options too. UGH!

There was a lot of complaints…but as of yet, none of those issues, that every single agent agreed was an issue, has been addressed.


I took many pictures of the screen they showed with the new website look, but I’m not sure if we are allowed to show that website, so they will remain in my folder. I know at the time they had asked us to only show them to our fellow agents.


We were addressed by another celebrity from the College of Knowledge. The girl showing us the website was also another cast member in the cheesy online classes. I think her name was Shanna.


I didn’t get a picture of her, I guess, but here is one of Tommy.



We did have one more celebrity visit us!





We heard a knock at the door and in strolled the Big Cheese, himself.



He was here for our graduation ceremony. Ironically, Mickey was wearing the same colors that are of our local high school too.




You would’ve thought it was a room full of children. We were all excited and oohing and ahhing and taking a ton of photos.



They called our names 1 by 1 and we got to go up and get our certificate from Mickey and have a photo opportunity as well. I must say, I look HORRID. The dress I wore was not flattering at all. I should’ve looked in the mirror that morning a little better. I was bloated and puffy as well. I had another dressed packed, and I should’ve worn that.





After all the names had been called, Rita and Tommy stood for some photos as well.




After the ceremony we were free to leave or stick around for an extra discussion group. We quickly grabbed Tommy and asked if he would take a picture with us. He said yes, and we headed out the hall to do that.




Patty left then to get her bags together and check out. She wanted to head to Epcot before she had to catch the ME bus. I told her I would text her when I got there, as we wanted to use our fastpass for Test Track together.


While we waited for the discussion group lady to set things up, I took this random video. It’s not too interesting, you can hear Mindy and Brook talking in the background.



Soon the discussion started. It was supposed to be over in plenty of time for us to be able to check out, but it went VERY long. It was about the call center and what we thought and how to improve it.

Let’s just say, no one is impressed with the call center….it is NO better for us TA’s than it is for the public….get false info and clueless CM’s. What was supposed to be a ½ class was turning into something much longer. The lady conducting it was new to this position and was amazed at the complaints. As time ticked away, some of the agents left. I decided to go as well. I did want to get to Epcot for a little bit before I had to leave and to be sure all my stuff was packed and taken to luggage services too. It was becoming very clear that nothing was going to be done about the situation yet, as the girl seemed a little clueless. They did record it and I do hope she shared it with someone who matters.

Don’t get me wrong, she was nice and seemed interested, but I just didn’t see the problems getting addressed by her.


I left and Brook and Mindy remained.

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I highly recommend Blizzard Beach. It has a good mix of "thrill" and "family" rides, and the theming makes it enjoyable even for those who don't care for waterparks. The lazy river is particularly good.

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I highly recommend Blizzard Beach. It has a good mix of "thrill" and "family" rides, and the theming makes it enjoyable even for those who don't care for waterparks. The lazy river is particularly good.


I actually prefer Typhoon Lagoon to Blizzard Beach for the exact reasons you list above. To me, Blizzard Beach is a bit too heavily weighed towards the higher thrill slides (for the average waterpark guest), whereas Typhoon Lagoon has the better mix of family oriented attractions. And I love the old school tube runs built into Mount Mayday. My favorite slides at Blizzard Beach are "Runoff Rapids", which are traditional tube slides. While also topo-driven, they are more commonplace fiberglass tube slides that are elevated above the terrain.


Typhoon also has the great wavepool, unique (for a waterpark at least) snorkeling opportunity, and great, lush tropical landscaping. This is nothing to take away from Blizzard Beach, but I just feel more driven to return to Typhoon Lagoon.

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I highly recommend Blizzard Beach. It has a good mix of "thrill" and "family" rides, and the theming makes it enjoyable even for those who don't care for waterparks. The lazy river is particularly good.


Maybe someday. For us there is just never enough time or the extra cost.....But hopefully someday we can get there.

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I really want to get around and check out some of the other resorts the next time we go to Disney World. We have pretty much stayed in the Boardwalk area but some of these other areas look pretty nice.

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I really want to get around and check out some of the other resorts the next time we go to Disney World. We have pretty much stayed in the Boardwalk area but some of these other areas look pretty nice.


I always wanted to as well. but it just seems like I never have enough time, thats what made this trip great...it was on the schedule and I couldn't stray away from it.

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Let's get this report finished!!! I have had it written up for a while now, but just haven't been finding time to post it.


And I have an announcement. We wil lbe heading down to Universal Studios in 13 days! We will just have 3 park days, but I am excited. I haven't been there since 1999, and I've never been to IoA.

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As I headed back to my room for one last time, I did take a few last pictures.





I went to the room and packed everything up.




I did a final scan and found anything that was missed and anything of Brooks that was missed, I set near her bags. I hate to say it, but my luggage was HEAVY. Spirit has a lower weight maximum limit than other airlines and I was a bit worried. My carryon was so packed and full and heavy, so I couldn’t even add to that if I wanted to.

I grabbed my bags and started rolling them down the hall. Remember we were in the furthest room away possible from the lobby and this was not an easy chore. I heard Brooks voice down the hall, so I stopped and rested and waited for her to come by and then said a final goodbye. It was so wonderful to meet her and she was a prefect roommate.


I kept on then and got to the lobby. I went out to luggage services and weighed my bags. Just as I had feared…. I was about 71/2 pounds too heavy, if I remember right. There was no way to make it lighter, so I checked the bags in and let them know that I would be buying another suitcase and bringing it back.

Off to the gift shop I go and look at the suitcases. Those little buggers were all $100.00!!!!! Well I pulled the one down that wasn’t a hard cover and that one was $50. What a bargain….. So that was my new suitcase…another gift for Claire.

I rolled it out and handed it to luggage services. I would tackle putting stuff in it when I came back and grabbed all my bags.


I texted Patty that I was on my way and set off for Epcot.




We met near Test Track.



The park was MUCH busier today than it had been Monday. The FP line and the single rider line were both kind of long.

We got in line with our FP’s and Patty kind of worried that we wouldn’t get through in time for her to leave.





While in line, Patty offered the couple in front of us the left over FP’s that she hadn’t used. I dug around and had a few too, so I gave them mine as well, but kept my Soarin’ one. I still planned to try and get on it before I left.


We finally got on the ride and had a good time!




When we got off, we said our goodbyes and Patty took off at a fast pace back to the YC to catch ME.


Time seemed to be really speeding up this day. I made my way over to Soarin’ and stopped for a photopass on the way…again, ….I look like crud.









I did stop in Mousegears and did some of that last minute shopping that I really didn’t need to do. I was debating on a t-shirt I had seen all over the parks, but it was like $30, and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on a T…but I walked out with a bag of other things.










I like this shot!





I got in line for Soarin’ and prayed that the FP line would move fast…and it did for the most part.

I got to my seat and it had a puddle on it. I told the CM that it was wet and could they clean it and they had the nerve to tell me to just sit on it as it was just water. It would dry fast….Um no, I told them I was heading to the airport after this ride and they didn’t seem to care. One gal wiped it with a towel, but it wasn’t dried completely so she went looking for a towel, and after several minutes she came back and said she couldn’t find one.

I just sat there and wasn’t too happy. I would’ve reported them, but I was now limited on time myself.


The ride was nice, but my rear was slightly wet.

I left and made my way back to the Yacht Club, taking pictures along the way. I had hoped to have enough time to get a bit to eat, and perhaps walk along the boardwalk side, but time was ticking, so I just went straight back to the YC so I could get my luggage situation taken care of.
















Did I mention it was hot? Oh my!!!! It was another scorcher! That wet rear was long forgotten, as I was dripping in sweat all over now.



I finally made it to the back entrance/exit.




I pretty much was in zombie mode at this point. I was really kicking myself for not staying another night. I would’ve enjoyed going back over to Mk and seeing the fantasyland expansion “walls” in day light. I barely even noticed them at all in the 2 short trips I had made over there.

I took a quick rest near Storm Along Bay before I headed in to retrieve my bags.


Look what I spot…Do you see the “hidden Henry”?




I believe it was about 2:20ish now. I think my ME was scheduled for 3:15.


I retrieved the bags and just plopped them on the sidewalk in a secluded spot and transferred some of the “bulk” into my new bag. I was very classy. LOL!

It looked like the weight was now distributed better and I zipped everything up and noticed that the lady at the gift shop never took off the security tag thing….UGH! So I had to roll my 3 bags (which I got creative with) and a back pack on my back, back over to the gift shop and asked them to remove it. It was quick and painless, but I worked up a sweat doing that. I was getting very hungry now, but I knew it wouldn’t work for me to drag all these bags over to the food court at the Beach Club and get something, and time was ticking very fast. I had a package of grapes in my back pack, so I figured when I got on the bus, I would pull those out and snack.


I still had a bit of time to kill, and I wasn’t about to wait outside, so I stacked my bags against the wall, near an outlet, fished out my phone charger, and plugged my phone in for a little more charging before leaving. (I am so glad I now have a portable charger…..my phone tends to run out of juice fairly fast when I use it a lot, so now I can just plug it into that and not worry about outlets so much).


When the bus arrived it was a sad, but happy moment. If I couldn’t spend any more time at Disney, I was ready to get this journey home on its way.

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I boarded the bus and there were only like 1 family and one other guest on it. We had a fun bus driver who goofed around the whole time.

Sadly, we had to make SEVERAL stops to pick up others. I started to get a little worried….again the time was ticking away. I did take a few last pictures on the journey to the airport.







I caught this guy red handed!!!!





Good bye Disney….boo hooooo!!!!!!



I pulled out my grapes and started eating them….sadly they weren’t very good. I had them in our mini fridge for 2 days and they lost their firmness. I could only eat about half of them. And that didn’t fill me up at all. I also had another pounding headache, and the ibuprofen was packed away.


Our driver made the trip fun. He joked about the music playing. It’s on a loop and he said how he used to like the songs, but now they drive him nuts. He did little dances with his shoulders and bobbing up and down for some songs. I was on the bus long enough for the loop to come full circle.


We made it to the airport and I headed off to pay for my extra bag and check them in. Luckily this was a fairly easy process and I had a great gal from Spirit who helped me along quickly. I then made my way to security……Nightmare would be the best way to describe it. The line was unbelievably long. I have NEVER seen a line this long at an airport in my life! It was now only an hour before my flight and I was really getting worried. I needed to get some food and use the restroom before I boarded.


We slowly went through and they made us take EVERYTHING off. I think they would’ve been happy if we stripped naked.

I have never been asked to take my belt off before, though I know many people do. They even asked me to empty tissues out of my pocket, which I did. I still got flagged. UGH!

She told me to feel through my pockets to see if I had a stray tissue, but I didn’t find anything and she wanded me and gave me the go ahead. I quickly got my stuff and everything back on and hit the first food spot I saw. I got some sort of sandwich and drink and paid a ridiculous amount of money for it and headed to the fake monorail and then to a bathroom.

I made it to the gate!!!!! I started digging in my backpack to see if by chance the ibuprofen was in there, but it wasn’t. I started talking to an older couple, and they said the flight was delayed, due to storms in PA…….wait…I’m not going to PA. I look at the gate number and I was across the way from my real gate. Thanks goodness they said something. I got up and headed over to my gate and they started loading.

As I waited, I reached in my pocket, without really thinking and pulled out a tissue…..the tissue that had me flagged. There was one there after all….ooops!

We slowly loaded and a family of several “foreign” people started arguing about the size of the one ladies personal item. Spirit is very strict with this policy. If it is too big, you have to pay for the carry on. This lady was really arguing about it. Not a smart thing to do, given that she looked to be middle Eastern. (I am not prejudice, but I know enough that even though they aren't supposed to do racial profiling...it is done at times) Most of the family boarded, but they made her stay behind and talked to her.


I got to my “middle” seat and rested. A father and son came and said they were in my row on either side of me, and asked if I would mind moving to the end so they could sit next to each other! YES!!!!!! This was a blessing!


I stood up to move out into the row to let them in and I stood on the ball of my foot…the foot with a huge blister. I felt it pop and a wet ooze went all in my sock….YUCK. Nothing I could do about that though now.


I started talking to the guy in the row across the aisle and to a couple next to him. They were all very nice. We complained a bit about Spirits prices on everything. I think we all swore we wouldn’t be flying with them again with the nickel and diming and the smaller seat space.

The guy then said to me “you must’ve been born and raised in Michigan your whole life?” I sad, well no, I live in Ohio, but right at the border….why? His reply…”You have that Michigan accent.” LOL! I must really talk plain, because people tell me this all the time randomly. I don’t think I talk any differently than any of my family members, but I always seem to be the one who is asked about it.


As we were waiting to take off, some of the “foreign” family was seated directly in front of me. A flight attendant came back to talk to the guy. I really tried to listen in on the conversation, but I only got bits and pieces. But it sounded like they gave him the option to get off and take another flight. They told him his wife may not make it on the flight. I think they sent her back up front to pay for her personal item and her sister went with her. The guy didn’t seem concerned and said he was staying on with his kids. I kind of thought that was funny.


The lady did make it on just as we were about to taxi out. She was nasty and her sister was too. They were getting loud and obnoxious. Again, I thought they came close to getting kicked off. The husband did tell her to shut her mouth or they would be kicked off and a nephew was getting mouthy too.

Luckily they all calmed down and kept quiet for the remainder of the flight for the most part.

I worked on my notes, did a crossword puzzle and dozed a little. Again the flight seemed extra-long without my family with me.


I was very happy when we landed and made my way out with the herd. I stopped off for a bathroom break, pulled Eeyore out of my bag for Claire, and called my Mom. She, Claire, and my Dad were picking me up. Skip was at a tractor pull…the biggest one of the year, the Grand Nationals, which is only 30 minutes from our house, so I didn’t dare ask him to pick me up. LOL.


Soon my Dad pulled up (they were waiting in the cell phone parking lot) and my little girl came running out to greet me! It was very nice to see my little girl after 6 days. I did miss her a lot while I was gone.

We loaded up the car and took off. They were all hungry and I wasn’t going to refuse food at that point either (the sandwich was ok, but not enough to get me through the night), so we found a Big Boy and had a bite to eat before heading back home. Skip called me and told me something major had broken on his tractor and he was packing things up and heading home too. I knew it had to be something big if he was going to miss the rest of the weekend (he has since built a new motor).


Skip pulled in the driveway about 10 minutes after we got home. Again, I had missed him too, and it was nice to see him.

Of course, Claire wasn’t about to go to bed till I looked through my suitcases to fine her some more gifts. I pulled them out and she was very excited with everything.

We all hit the sack tired. I knew the next day would be a lot of unpacking and laundry…..what fun!


And that is the end of Day 6!

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I did forget to add that besides the crazies on the flight home, a storm was coming and the Captain had gotten on and told us that we may be delayed from taking off because it was really bad. Luckily they gave us the go ahead and off we went, but it was a little bumpy for a while. I had heard from others that it really poured hard that evening.


As promised, here is all the loot I brought home.

The next day I tried to take pictures of everything. Claire was all too glad to help. The potato head parts were a huge hit with her and she played with them for days. Now she brings them out every so often, but I think next time I might get her some more, because she does have a good time when she gets them out.

I have posted some of these during the report, but I’ll post everything again.


I think this rice crispy was from one of the vendors on the last day. I ate it, and enjoyed it!



That last trip to Mousegears gave me enough purchases to add on a watch for a “cheaper” price. I do love this watch as well.




These were all given out by vendors. I have the graduation Mickey on my car antenna. Claire was amazed by this when I put it on. She was so worried it would fall off. It’s still there though. I actually got 2, so I do have a spare one. I love the post its too. I use them quite a bit.




We each got a “graduation” pencil. And this is my lanyard. It has all the pins I earned from the College of Knowledge, the ones given to us during the course of classes (we got one each day) the one I bought at MK and the one that Karin had given me from Disneyland Paris. Also there is a Mickey paper clip. We received those when we would answer questions. (I think Brook ended up with several)

The Adventures by Disney thing there is to put on a luggage/bag strap to make it more comfy on your shoulder. Those were from the Adventures Vendor.



My unused rain poncho!



I had bought a child sized one for Claire last spring, plus the one I bought at Poly, so now we have a matching set for the whole family.


The new suitcase I bought to bring home the extra weight!



A bag from one of the vendors.



Tissue holder from Tom and Karin.



Pot holder, cookie mix and tissue pack holder from Tom and Karin.



Candy and picture CD from Tom and Karin.



Claire modeling her new dress and a few potato heads all dressed up. As you can see the dress is a bit large, but I wanted to be sure it would last for at least a year. I can hike up the straps for her if they are too big when she needs to wear it.





More potato head parts.



And a few more parts and the other side of the pot holder. The silly bands were from a vendor.



Claire’s parasol from China.




The giraffe watch.



Another bag from one of the vendors. It is HUGE!. I haven’t used it yet, but I think I will store some seasonal clothes in it.




The cup from La Nouba and a CD case we got at graduation as well.




The 2011 sweatshirt.




The “Mine, Mine” tanks. The purple one is drastically smaller than the white, even though they are labeled the same size.




The tote bag we received during classes.



Some helpful books we got.



Each day we had a pad of paper waiting at our seat and a pen. I collected these pens over the course of the trip. The skittles (as well as a pack of M&M’s that Claire already ate) came from a vendor.



Baby Dumbo and Eeyore.




This was a map of the world on a handkerchief. It was cute. Rita said you could wear it around your neck and if anyone asked where something was, you could just whip it out and show someone……of course, in the real world none of us would wear it. But it was cute.



Claire’s glass slipper.




The tank and shorts.



I also got Claire some princess tattoos, but I guess I didn’t take a picture of those.


I might’ve missed posting a few other pictures, but I am too lazy to go looking for them now.


I thought I took a picture of the caramel apple that Patty made us, but I can’t seem to find it. Let me just tell you this was pure heaven…I think about it often. I ate it over the course of a few days, as it was huge. I had to keep hiding it, as I kept finding Skip taking slices off of it too. I would re-hide it and he kept finding it!...That bugger.


I also shared the black and white cookie Brook had brought us with Claire, and we both enjoyed that quite a bit too


Thanks everyone for reading along. When I get my next one started, I'll post the link here..

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