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[RCT3]Tropico Shores

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Update 7-24-2012


I've fnished the ride lineup... for the most part. There are still a few things that I would like to do. I'm planning to add a small water park to the park. The entrances will be on either side of Shockwave's loop. Here's a screen to help illustrate what I mean.

They will be near where the curve next to the teacups, and where the bench is.


I've also put a ton of work into the deep jungle area of the park. In fact, most of the foliage is done in that area, and I've added a wooden coaster. See for yourself.

The wooden coaster (Panther) takes some inspiration from Grizzly at CGA.


As such, the train takes a while to make it through the turnaround.


Panther's entrance seems a little bit secluded.


Hopefully it will be getting some signage soon.


Panther might not be the best wooden coaster out there but it does have a few hidden tricks up its sleeve.


Oh yeah. You also saw a food court.


Quite a funny story when building it too. I had been raising land so that I could arrange the seats in the way that you see above, then this happened.

From what I assume, the game thought that the track in the corner was underground.


There's another building in the area. I'll be working to try and get at least one more building into the deep jungle.

This building serves as a candy store.


I've been waiting a while to take this shot. It didn't come out as well as I had hoped.


And I'll end it here with my favorite shot of the area.


Join me next update when I put some life into that old boardwalk.

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You have a very unique style twitch, i'll give you that. I prefer the usual way of having custom scenery instead of experementing with the ingame content though. But you are really good at it.

Believe me. I prefer whichever I see as fun and right now, I'm having a lot of fun playing around with the in-game content. That doesn't mean that I'll never use CS, just not right now. Thanks for the compliment!



What's that in the distance?

You can just barely make it out.

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Bringing a small update today. I'm still working on the boardwalk and the area around it.


Took a stroll down the boardwalk today, and while it's still incomplete, there are a few buildings that did pop up. Most of which were sideshow games, but there was one in particular that caught my eye.


It's got a train in the display case! I wonder if it could be a nod to anybody...


An overview showing some of the stuff that has been done and some of the stuff that still needs to be done. Foliage take FOREVER.


And lastly, a teaser for the water park, Aquaworks. I took this shot from Panther's station.


Join me next time when I take a stroll through a fully finished boardwalk as well as take a closer look at Aquaworks.

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Giving an update from the isometric viewpoint. The water park is going to be completely redone so I don't see any harm in showing what I had built before.

This is Aquaworks 1.0, a bit empty and just didn't suit the park to my liking. As such, I've decided to scrap this part of the park and start it over.


The rest of the pictures are of the rides in the park. Not much work has been done as I tend to play sporadically, adding minor things every now and then.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the park entrance for a while, but it's really started to grow on me. it looks nice and it's a great indicator of the contents of the park.


Riptide sits just beyond the entrance welcoming guests into the park.


Just past Riptide is the stand-up known as Jungle Warrior. It doesn't look like much right now, but it will feel like a full fledged attraction to the park once I can get the theming done.


The boardwalk offers two rides. The giant wheel and Windstorm. Many of the buildings need a makeover and That's something that I have high on my "to do" list for the park. Also visible is Windstorm's pre-lift tunnel


Now we get to the most complete area of the park thus far, the Deep Jungle. It offers a wide variety rides from Panther to Tropical Plunge to Tiki Twirler. The area even gets some interaction from Windstorm!


Shockwave sits above the next area near the teacups and the water park's entrance. It serves a great purpose to the park in that not every coaster needs to be large in order to fit in.


Not far off in the same area, Bird of Paradise dominates the park's skyline. Not shown is the second half of the layout with the interlocking corkscrews and a turnaround around the drop tower. I'll be doing some experimenting to see if I can get the pacing of the coaster on point. I still have a few problems to work out with it.


I'll end things off with a full overview of the park. It's progressed pretty far from the stretch of path that I had little idea what to do with at the time.

For reference, this is the first image that I showed of the "park."

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You certainly got your own style, I'll give you that.




Not much to show today. I grew tired of working on the water park so I made the decision to cut the area altogether, but this isn't about what could have been. It's about the rides that are currently in the park!

What could this be a picture of?


It's a kiddie coaster that I hadn't covered before. Truth be told, it's been part of the park for a while now. I just hadn't gotten around to showing it.


Jungle Warrior needs a little more love than I've been giving it. It's really a good layout. I just need to get around to theming it.


Jungle Tumbler is sandwiched right in between Windstorm and Jungle Warrior. It's got a short layout that it makes two circuits through before the ride is actually over. Because... Really, it would suck if it only made one circuit.


One last image.

Can you guess how many coaster stations are in it?

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