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Vengeance - Knex Coaster

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Well here are the interlocking corks. I really dont like the last one at all. I'm probably going to remove it and find another way to the end because even at its current size the train doesn't clear it. I have also started some of the work on the station and theming. I think you guys should be able to tell where everything is going to go. I also made a logo on cooltext. Onto the pics!








The second cork will probably be replaced with a small raised turn that will go under that large over bank rather than over it. The ending will remain the same. The coaster is almost done and I can finally be done with it!

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I can see how the second revision is necessary. When I saw your first layout concept in NL, I didn't see how it would clear all that. My CoasterDynamix wouldn't be able to clear that, and the trains are more efficient than K'nex. Though, honestly, how many of our models wind up exactly as we initially envisioned them? Certainly none of mine!

Perhaps you could replace the second corkscrew with a corkscrew hill? Since inversions are notorious speed eaters, removing the inversion would afford you some more speed. You would simultaneously remove the inversion and preserve the look of the original interlockers. Also, corkscrew hills just look plain cool! Whatever you do, it's good to see that your creation is almost done. It has a great, realistic look to it.

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I know what you mean. This is my first time doing inversion with this kind of supports. I didn't expect them to lose that much speed. Plus my trains haven't been ran in a long time and are running badly. I dont know what I will do about that last cork. If I can get it working I'll keep it in its current form other wise it will just be a small raised turn going under that larger one. Thanks for the comment

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Nice to see your finished coaster. Great job. I agree with what

QueerRudie said above. It's too bad you weren't able to keep the second corkscrew, but I understand if it didn't have enough momentum, you have to make changes. Looking forward to the video. This is one of the top K'nex coasters out there, IMO.

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Amazing job with the set! I still have one of those screamin serpent tracks around in my basement, but haven't toyed around with it in quite some time. you may have inspired me!


Always thought it was frustrating that gravity doesn't scale though. Maybe you could film it with a high speed camera!

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