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TPR 2012 Tour Flyers, Details & FAQ!

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I will let Robb or Elissa answer that. But keep in mind that the final total payment will differ some depending if you are a Club TPR member or if you are doing both trips (which you seem to be).


BTW, seeing how the Club TPR discount for the combo trip is $150, you would come out ahead by becoming a Club TPR member

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When I paid my deposit for New Hotness there was a box where it said add guests, does that actually reserve that person a spot or do they have to pay the deposit to be guaranteed a spot. (I noticed it said for "events" I just didn't know if trips were the same...)


A separate deposit is needed for each guest.

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  • 2 weeks later...

^ We are still in the process of moving to Orlando and we'll have confirmations out for everyone soon!


You should have gotten an email from the TPR Store showing you that you "ordered" the initial deposit, which means if you got that, it means we did too!

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Sorry for the delay everyone! Some of you may know we just moved TPR Headquarters over 2500 miles so there was a lot to do!


I am happy to announce that as of today, everyone has been accepted into the trip they signed up for. There are a few of you who still owe payments and you have about a week left before I release those spots.


As of today, Europe, Beijing China, and Shanghai China trips are all on wait list only as they are FULL. If you are interested in one of these trips and did not sign up yet I urge you to register ASAP so you can be number one on the wait list and get into the trip as soon as we have a drop!!!


The rest of the trips are filling fast so please sign up ASAP.


Trip boards will be opening up sometime in the next week or so, and that's going to have a ton more information and fun!


We hope to see as many of you as possible in 2012 and as Robb would say...GET EXCITED!!!

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Thanks for the Great Update, Elissa!


And I hope the move hasn't

stressed you guys out, too much.





(and... So Excited!!!)

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I wish I could go to the Europe trip...

"Participants aged 15 and under as of June 16, 2012 (for Italy) or June 23, 2012 (for Europe) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian."


Lol I am turning 16 on July 1, 2012... bad luck. Maybe next time

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^if your serious about a trip you could email Elissa and discuss possible solutions, or perhaps an exception. I believe this question was asked during the live chat also.


edit: I checked and this question was addressed during the chat and posted on pg 1 of this thread.


Q: If I turn 16 after a trip, can I still go without a parent?

A: Contact Elissa for any situation like this.

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