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Favorite Standalone Haunts?

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For the Boston area, it's probably Spookyworld, which is now up in New Hampshire. They have a ton of mazes, though honestly, none of them seem terribly world class.


I liked spooky world in NH. they just opened a second one down here in RI but it only has two mazes as opposed to the 7(?) of then NH one.


I head to the one at Lake Compounce instead which is one epic 45 min long maze.

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Queen Mary's Dark Harbor is solid again this year---their new maze is pretty good and the performers go all out.


Agreed. A few of Queen Mary's mazes out performed HHN @ USH. The talent at the Queen Mary did a fantastic job this year.

HHN is becoming diluted. As-is Haunt @ KBF.


Has anyone done any of the haunts that are listed on this site? Some of them are listed as having "Extreme physical contact, mild torturing and simulated drowning." 1 also has a warning of "Do not wear expensive clothing that you don't want to get wet."



These are actual guests.....

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I live in Columbia sc so there aren't as many as up north. USS Nightmare (in Cincinnati)was pretty awesome this year, going through alone and walking in circles made it interesting.


Deceased Farm in Lexington sc was also very good. It's a haunted corn maze/house. The wait was pretty long but worth it. Especially when they chased a guy the entire way out and he ran into an orange plastic fence. He hit it and popped right back up.

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I have a few. One is Delusion in LA. I went last year. It's a more of a play with groups of 10 having to participate. I loved it for the fact that it took place in a mansion which was creepy enough but not knowing what to expect. This year it's in a new location with a new back story and takes place inside a church. Having to go get the key from grandma's neck who was sitting in a bathtub at the end of a long creepy hallway (let's just say I didn't make it) and the events afterwards are etched into my brain for eternity.


Another one is Big Worm's Sherwood Scares in Northridge CA. It surpasses even Universal quality from a home haunt. The storyline from start to finish makes sense. The sets are amazing. Admission is only $3 and goes to Cystic Fibrosis. The talent surpassed some of those at Knott's and Universal. They loved what they are doing and it shows. I was screaming in every single room and now I will have nightmares from "the man in the lake".


BUT the one that stands out the most is Freakling Brother's Trilogy Of Terror in Las Vegas NV. Having a free night in Vegas I did some research online and came across this haunt. They have been doing this for 20 years. They have 3 houses Circus of Terror, Castle Vampyre and Gates of Hell (this one is R rated and requires a waiver signed and must be 17 years old to enter). The setup is located in a parking lot in front of a movie theater about 10 miles from the strip.


Really looks as if it was a carnival where you set foot inside the houses only to never come out (see the light of day or night again). Circus of Terror is the tamest of the 3 but you do have to wait for things to happen inside as well as figure out to advance in some of the rooms. It is definitely dark and narrow in some places thus single file. The ending is one that terrified me because I was picked to "feed the beast". There is a short "mirror maze"that actually is much better than Knott's Scary Farm's Mirror Mirror maze.


Castle Vampyre was my favorite of the 3. This maze is definitely darker than Circus of Terror. There are several rooms where we had to figure out what to do to advance. Some unique effects I was sad that weren't even thought of for this years Trapped at Knott's Scary Farm. I don't want to give away anything but even to this day we are talking about this maze. The ending didn't make us run away because we just stood there watching in awe. I noticed several groups leaving being escorted out "chicken exits". Yes there are "chicken exits" incase you get too scared.


We come to the final house The Gates of Hell. This is where you have to sign a waiver in order to enter. There is a safe word which this year was "Purgatory". This house is unlike others. They will PUSH, SHOVE, GRAB, YELL, CURSE, and do worse things to you in here including being shocked. Yes shocked. There are several rooms where we thought Trapped would be like this year but apparently isn't which is sad. I can see where someone might be scared enough to say the safe word. I almost did in the first room alone but curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to see what was in store for me. The ending did have me running out but mainly because of the room prior to the ending and the actual ending. They do get in your face, shove, push, curse, grab, try to do as much as they can to you with in reason of course.


I do recommend that if you go there is a Fear Pass for all 3 attractions that saves you money as well as the Fast Pass which includes a tshirt. They do strict line control so it is just your group that goes into each house which makes for a better experience than at some of the theme parks. Nothing in my mind can compare to Gates of Hell or any of the 2 other houses.

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I've tried a few in the central Virginia area. Not as great as some you guys are describing, but still possibly worth a try.


Creepy Hollow/Scream Forest was professionally done, but the tamest including some lighting on the trail. They have a somewhat short woods trail and a hayride, which while shows effort didn't impress (I was also freezing).


Haunted Hill made an effort to do acted scenes in some small buildings along its trail, including one of the most messed-up scenes I've experienced. Slightly short but good quality.


Ashland Berry Farm is much funkier and their trail is very long, in fact a bad choice if you don't like walking. They also have 2 houses. You will need to at least stoop over to get through the houses. The intense thing about Booger Woods is the sense of isolation. You are taken way out through fields to it. There is minimal light pollution and on a clear night the sky is huge! After much walking and becoming even more isolated then you come to a building where you have to crawl through! There are also pitch black mazes you can get lost in. The actors are a little sparse due to the length and are mostly for scares rather than anything complicated. But this one definitely makes you feel like you survived an experience when it's over, and the size and setting is impressive.


I haven't tried Wicked Woods yet but am planning to try it on its last weekend, after KD is closed.

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Am I the only one that thinks that video is fake as all hell? Those people didn't seem terrified at all.


If I was bound and had my mouth taped shut, blood sprayed on me and had real snakes crawling around my face, I would definitely be scared and VERY freaked out.


As much as I love horror movies, books and Halloween scares, wanting to live out a real life Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Human Centipede or Hostel scene is not something I would care to do - even if there is a way out.

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I had a chance to checkout Netherworld in Atlanta last weekend and was pretty impressed with it. It wasn't overly scary but the sets were freaking amazing, easily the best I've ever seen outside of HHN, and the layout was long and a lot of fun. Man the had some gigantic set pieces and figures in that thing, and I loved all of the huge animatronics. There were 2 haunts, both were pretty good and fairly similar, and I'd check it out again.

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The best stand alone hands down is Erebus in Pontiac Michigan. The whole haunt is great, but then near the end they bury you alive. Watch the video to see what I mean. This is the longest walk thru haunted house in the states as well.It's over a half mile long on several levels.


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I worked at a Haunt in Hudson, Wisconsin called "Dreadwood Haunted Forest". I got to see some of the other parts of the Haunt and it looked pretty intense, and I've heard nothing but good reviews from this Haunt. Even though we were all just volunteers, we all worked on our characters a lot and I personally love that Haunt. Has anyone else heard of it/been there?


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