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Photo TR: Jianghui Amusement Park 9/25/11

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I woke up this morning and headed to Jiangmen in Guangdong in China. About a month ago, I learned of a park there called Jianghui Amusement Park. The park was not on the RCDB at the time I learned about it. The park is a wonderful traditional park that is, by Chinese standards, well-kept. The gondolas on the ferris wheel are new. There is a new kiddie ride there and most of the older rides look decent. There is a mouse coaster there that is like several others I have ridden. Most small parks in China just have a mouse coaster and nothing bigger. This is okay though as I love mouse coasters. There is also a powered coaster called Golden Dragon. The helix on Golden Dragon is taken at a decent speed. There is a nice log flume with the shortest flume boats I have ever seen. There is also a dark ride with dinosaurs (Cedar Fair doesn't have anything on the Chinese) and it cost only 5 yuan (75 cents) to ride through and look at dinosaurs, which is a much better value than the dinosaur attractions Cedar Fair has been building. There are two Jeff Johnson credits at Jianghui Amusement Park and other rides, including a Paratrooper and a moon cars ride. It is a very nice park that sits just outside of the city of Jiangmen and not far from Jiangmen's East Lake Park (Donghu Park).


Welcome to today's adventure


I think I know where to go here.


Here is Jianghui's Golden Dragon.


Here is part of the Golden Dragon's layout.


Here is the Dragon in action.


This is the ride I came here for.


I took this photo from inside the station area.


Here is a good view of a lot of the mouse's layout.


Here is another view of the mouse.


I took this shot while riding.


All parks need one of these.


This Top Spin knockoff was a new ride.


I think this ride came from Australia. There was an advertisement on the arm of the ride for an Australian company.


This game stand was at the park.


A dinosaur overlooks Jianghui's dark ride. This one must have gotten loose from a Cedar Fair park.


I love these moon car rides.


The park had this Jeff Johnson credit.


The park also had a second Jeff Johnson credit.


This flume ride has this smallest boats I have ever seen on a flume.


This was a new ride.


A spinning coaster like the one Amazing World at the South China Mall used to have once stood in this spot.


Here are the footers that remain from the spinning coaster.


I took this shot of the ferris wheel before saying goodbye to Jianghui Amusement Park.

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