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Photo TR: Oktoberfest '11

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After living in London for over four years, this was going to be the year we made it to Oktoberfest!

A few friends and I headed out to Munich to join in the ultimate festival of beer guzzling and awesome rides.


We had a few visits to the Oktoberfest site over our four days in Munich.


Of course all of the rides look better at night with the millions of lights everywhere, so enjoy the photos from a big night we had enjoying the roller coasters and finishing off with a couple.....ok a lot of beer!


The sun is setting and the lights are coming on, it's time for Oktoberfest!


I didn't make it on this one, there was just too many other awesome rides to go on.


What's that I see in the far distance...


These kind of rides are impressive, but you wont get me on one.




Spin spin spin


Monster was new for Oktoberfest 2011. This 40m high beast was awesome!


I didn't get any photos of it in action, but with the pumping music, the spinning axis and the forces as it climbed up beyond horizontal was amazing.


Anyone for gingerbread?


There it is, the holy grail of fun fair rides, but we'll get to that soon.


Fun houses, horror houses, I lost count of how many were there.


So close.



Your typical spin and puke ride.


The Germans love their fog machines.


Not the warmest night to be getting wet, but some people love it.


It's like a nightclub on a ride.


The mouse roller coaster was pretty cool. Your usual switchbacks at the top then a few drops before the harsh breaks at the end.


Ready for my ride.


Hmm still getting wet.


Alpina Bahn was very cool. The first drop launched you over he airtime hill, then it was non stop tight turns till the end. A very impressive portable roller coaster in my book.


A spin on a classic.



Now this was definitely a crowd pleaser and hilarious to watch.



There was the 'holding on for dear life approach'


The 'just drag you option'


The 'fall over after a few attempts'


And finally 'just fall flat and lie there'


More smoke for night time riding.


Hollenblitz was weird, but in a good way. As from Rob's video from last year, the Christmas tree was still there and the crazy spinning into darkness made this indoor coaster pretty good. There was also fire which is always cool for us fellow coaster nerds.


This is it. I've seen this so many times on trip reviews and now I finally get to the ride Olympia Looping!


Freakin awesome! Wow! It starts with the ultimate view from the top of the lift over the entire ride area of Oktoberfest. Then bang, through a loop, then another and after the blur of it all you've gone through five loops. For me this ties with Monster for the best ride at Oktoberfest.


Another view of the size of this awesome coaster.


You can't have an Oktoberfest with a gigantic Ferris wheel.


This is Rocket and hmmm does it look safe? I didn't go on this, well I was running out of money after all of the rides so far.




After we made it through the huge collection of rides, it was time for the other enjoyment of Oktoberfest, Beer!



The tents are gigantic holding over 6000 people indoors.








I know you are all here to see the rides, but of course you need to make a new friend while at Oktoberfest. His name is 'The Stein' These photos were taken from the previous day.



Beer number 3? I lost count.


Beer and meat, the only way to go.


Oktoberfest is awesome and if Rob plans another TPR trip there you should definitely sign up, if even just for Olympia Looping!

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Too bad you missed out on the star flyer, but who can blame ya with all that Oktoberfest has to offer. I really pray that I have a chance to ride Olympia Looping before it is eventually out of commission. Anyway' great TR, and I'm green with envy.

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Oktoberest is indeed the holy grail of funfairs, but really, you can sample the atmosphere of it a nearly every German fair which has Olympia Looping. Beer Tents are at all of the German fairs, as well as giant Ferris Wheels, Starflyers, insane flats... It's just that Oktoberfest is the biggest. But herne, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Düren... all those fairs are just AWESOME. Are there any evidence that Olympia is indeed retiring ? I've heard that for years, but I doubt the Barth family gets rid of THE treasure...

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^ as much as you'll laugh at me for committing to this (or anything), sign me up now!! I'll be done with school by then


oh how I have a love-hate relationship with this time of year - I love seeing the photos, but hate not being there! My little town's oktoberfest tomorrow just won't be the same =(


and, Olympia Looping will never be retired - if they decide to sell, I'll just have to buy it!

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I highly doubt that there are many alternatives here in Germany to Oktoberfest. As I know all the big ones here in Germany...there are a few special things about Oktoberfest. It`s not just that the rides...especially the coaster selection is top notch...there are so many people from all around the world waiting for those days...the sheer amout of beer tents (huuuuge ones !) is incredible...it`s hard to explain...it`s just the biggest of all funfair partys...and you totally feel that all over the place !


I think if someone is travelling soooo far to get this kind of carnival atmosphere...it HAS to be Oktoberfest.


Just my two cents...and by the way...my heart is bleeding cause I will not bethere this year. DAMN !

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You really should to Rocket if you have the chance - thats one of the signature rides!


Next to Olympia Looping you have to do Rocket, Das Hexenhaus - an old-style mad-house and Das Teufelsrad - a group of poeple on a polished always-faster spinning round plattform, who's last on the plattform wins.

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I need to get my German friend to smuggle me over there so I can go to Oktoberfest next year.


Although, if I went, I'd probably be one of the few people in the fair who wouldn't have a beer. Is the whole "Oktoberfest = Beer" thing just a stereotype?

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I can assure you that Kristen did not have a beer! There is a quiet minority of people who opt not to drink, however, I'd personally feel really out of place if I did that! Not to mention that beer is slightly cheaper than coke, would you really rather pay 10 euros for a litre of coke...? Learn to drink beer

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This is Rocket and hmmm does it look safe? I didn't go on this, well I was running out of money after all of the rides so far.

Viewed 310 times


From what I can vaguely remember, Joe & I rode this ride after 6L of beer and thought it was pretty weak. It only flips you upside down a couple times, and the flips are too slow to really scare you.

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Although, if I went, I'd probably be one of the few people in the fair who wouldn't have a beer. Is the whole "Oktoberfest = Beer" thing just a stereotype?


It is most definitely not a stereotype. lol It is not unusual for many to drink at least 5 + liters of beer!

If the reason you also wouldn't want to drink is based after the taste of American beer, don't let that fool you. German beer actually tastes extremely good compared to American "beer".

But there are many who don't drink, but in my opinion everything feels more epic when you are loaded off beer.


God how I miss Germany!



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