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You Might Be A Coaster Nerd If....

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You get pissed when a textbook lists coaster stats incorrectly.


One physics problem was where you had to calculate the speed of Superman at SFA. The problem started out as the following:

If the Superman roller coaster in Maryland is 70 feet tall...


I hated that book from then on.

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You were the one who was gonna "Grow up to design rollercoasters" lol!

You know your a coaster nerd if you geeked out the first time you met Robb(guilty!)

This is special for November though... you're a coaster nerd if you are more excited about IAAPA than Thanksgiving in November!

Yep, it's like meeting a celebrity, you don't know what do, should you shake his hand?

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Whenever you get in a conversation about coasters, you try to quickly change the subject. It's only a matter of time before you geek out...



You might be a coaster nerd if...

You feel ashamed whenever a close friend or family member makes a GP comment.


You frequently dream about coasters.


You've never gone an entire year without riding a coaster.


You've spent your paycheck to go to a park when you probably should have used it for rent or something similar.


If you've ever had a coaster-related nickname. (My nickname on one site was "Coaster" for a while, and I'm currently trying to find a coaster-related roller derby name for myself. Any suggestions?)

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-Two of your favorite vacation spots are Ohio and New Jersey

-When you hear the word "sexy", you have to resist to ask which Intamin coaster the person is talking about.

-People who do not know you are a coaster nerd think you have a cardboard personality.

-You still play RCT, despite everyone else thinking you are too old for that.

-You spend hours sinply making sure the coasters you designed in No Limits have the perfect amount of G forces you want, even after you think you are done


Sorry, I can't resist posing in this thread; it is really one of my favorites.

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-People who do not know you are a coaster nerd think you have a cardboard personality.

^THIS We drove by SFMM the other day on our way more south and I spazzed out all excited, and everyone was like, "We've never seen this side of you before." Hell yeah! Just wait until you actually go to SFMM with me!


You might be a coaster nerd if none of your friends truly know you unless they've been with you to an amusement park.


-Your favorite moment in National Lampoon's Vacation is the end.

I tried to watch that movie yesterday, got about halfway through and then decided to watch another movie. I was going to turn the channel back to catch the end of it, but I completely forgot!

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