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Ride Attendant Foul-Ups

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MOUNT OLYMPUS!!!........nuff said.




They once made us clean up someone elses puke if we wanted to ride because they refused to do it! Or the time they just decided to sit down on the platform and not face the crowd and talk about their love lives for 10 minutes! Oh man, I still don't understand how that place doesn't catch on fire on a daily basis.

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^^That's not true of all coasters, in fact only newer coasters. All the coasters except Maverick (newer) at CP don't do that. They are all able to dispatch with open restraints. In fact, I've seen the mechanics do it on Dragster many times. (I'm not sure why a ride like Anaconda would have a system like this, if you were just referring to that one coaster. Does it?)



If I remember correctly, All B&M Coasters have restraints locked indicators, I am pretty sure they cannot dispatch a train in operating mode if all the restraints are not down, however, if they are running in manual mode (i.e. the mode they use to reverse trains out of the station to transfer) they can do this without the restraints being down.


I am pretty certain this is the same with Intamin coasters, I believe on the rocket coasters with Load/Offload stations, the only movement the trains can do with restraints up in normal operating mode is offload to onload. Can anyone who is currently operating an Intamin rocket confirm?

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^No that is not true. Only the newer B&M coasters have indicators. Raptor and Mantis (I know first hand) do not have this. They CAN be dispatched with open harnesses.

Also, with the OLDER rockets (again, I only know of Dragster specifically) the trains CAN be dispatched with the lap bars up. There isn't a way the ride can know whether the restraints are in locked position or not.


Freehand, to discover whether an Intamin ride has restraint sensors, look at the contact plates that pop up underneath the train. If there are only 3 rails, the three rails are [+,-,ground] to release restraints only. If the contact plates have 5 rails, there is additionally [+,-] to indicate that all restrains are down past a certain position. These are present on Maverick, in fact there is a confirmation button each panel must press before dispatching trains.

To tell on B&M coasters, there are similar electrical rails that lie underneath the train in the station, and they are usually underneath each car. These are visible quite well on newer hypers (i.e. Diamondback). If those are not present, then the ride has no way of knowing if the restrains are down.


You can also tell with the even newer rides, because the control host must indicate verbally that the train is locked, or whether there are specific seats where the restraint is not down far enough.


IMPORTANT: I am referring to restraints that are not DOWN, not restraints that are not LOCKED. There are proxys underneath the harness release rails on every roller coaster that sense whether or not the train is LOCKED, but not whether the restraints are DOWN.

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