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Bakken To build Mack Wild Mouse And Zamperla Kang'A'Bounce!

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As the title says it's confirmed that Bakken (one of my home-parks) will get a Mack Wild Mouse and a Zamperla Kang'A'Bounce for the 2012 season.

To make space for the Mack Wild Mouse, they have removed and sold the Huss Enterprise ride that stood there before. The ride ops told us a month ago that the Huss Enterprise is going to Belgium somewhere. They have also removed a restaurant to make space for the new coaster.


To make space for the Zamperla Kang'A'Bounce a small boat ride called "Junglebådene" (in english "Jungleboats") is removed. Where that ride is going is currently unknown.


Personally i think it's a good move as the park rarely get's something new, the Huss Enterprise ride where getting old and another coaster to Denmark is always good. The boat ride is not that old though.


I was at Bakken today to check out the progress, note that Bakken is closed and has been that for about a month now, so the park is pretty 'death'. But as there isn't any "official" entrance the park is always open to the public.

We checked out the construction of the new coaster and there really hasn't happened much yet, and track is not on site, i can imagine that the coaster will go up pretty fast. But still, we have some heavy winters in Denmark so i would say that track work would begin very soon.


I am gonna visit Bakken again in 2 months or so, so check back for updates in the near future.


Enough reading, on to the pics:


This is the reason why Bakken closes so early in the season...


As you can see, Bakken is, pretty closed!


This is where the Zamperla Kang'A'Bounce will be.



Here's the actual boats for the old boat ride.


Walking further.


I see construction site! :D



They've even put a sign up for us to look at! :D




Wilde Maus...? We are in Denmark dudes, not in Germany...


Mack! ;)




This is the former site for the Huss Enterprise.


Dirty dirt.


This is the former site for the restaurant which is removed now. But that's it for now, check back for updates in the near future. ;) Have a awesome day.

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Yay for a new Kang'A'Bounce! Those rides are adorable (and fun).


Rode one of those in China and the ride op never checked the restraints before starting the ride. When the ride started to move we closed them


Loof forward to seeing an update on construction.

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