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Hi everyone! Just wondering if any of you have tumblrs. Mines r0llerc0asterz.tumblr.com . I basically post/reblog funny stuff and pictures of roller coasters (duh!).


Follow me and Ill follow you! (Or I might follow you anyways)

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It's mostly a blog of re-blogs (which wasn't the plan at first, but after a while you just can't help it, right?). They do vary in content, though. Rage comics, architecture, funny pictures, topical nonsense, and a few OC posts about me being bad at school and whatnot are scattered in between. Pretty boring, but I enjoy it.

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that's mine.


I mainly blog my own pictures that I take; sort of in a Facebook status update style. I do reblog other people occasionally.


EDIT: Wow...that's changed. Sort of like a 75/25 split with reblogs/original posts now...

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I just started it. I've been getting lots of nice compliments on my photos lately from Facebook friends and the site I report for. So I'm sharing my best Theme Park Photos. (I've started visiting the parks very as often as possible, at least once a month!)


I also made this awesome logo for my little photo blog.



Orange Bird, Epcot and Florida. Doesn't get much better than this.

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