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Photo TR: Deep South Bash!

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Allright guys, let me start out by saying if you missed Deep South Bash, you missed out on some great fun! The event was a blast from start to finish, and the park was an amazing host.


The best part about the day, was I didn't even really ride much during the day, and still consider the day a great success. I basically made a lap around the park hitting up all the coasters (except Goliath) during morning ERT and 11:30. The lunch the park served was really good, and between lunch/walk back and the EBT/ERT, the only ride I rode was a lap on Ninja to compare the original and GASM train (GASM train was smoother, but I have always "liked" Ninja).


Between the two park presentations they discussed several things with us. Some of these include:

-The Flash Pass was a huge hit at White Water and they expect other Six Flags water parks to add it in 2012

-While their 2012 capital is aimed at entertainment, as part of their 5 year plan they are looking a ride capital for 2013, likely a coaster.

-When asked if they would like to see some old rides return, like Deja Vu as one example, "No!"

-A second train from Great Adventure will be added to Ninja.

-Visual Scans- the parks does do them, but they do not do the hand on the forehead method GADv uses because that is up to each park's Ops Director


The park was clean, the employees were friendly. The park even opened up Acrophobia for us for night ERT even though it had been closed most of the day (did it even open during park hours?). The water challenge was INSANE!


I've included some of my photos from the day. For some reason my camera has decided it HATES SFOG, so it died yet again even though it was charged the night before (just like my last visit), so I did have to use my cell phone for some of them. It was a great day overall and it was great to meet some of the people you see posting here! Ending the with 10+ rides on Goliath was a GREAT way to end the day!


We are Here!


The Monster Mansion walkthrough was very cool!


We're gonna go out there and we're going to WIN!


Any takers?


Lots of boats! The line was full basically all day!


So cool to be walking right next to these while they were moving!


The tour was popular




Open wide and say Ahhh!


SO many boats!



No, thank you for letting go backstage Six Flags!


Goliath tested for what seemed like hours prior to park opening, almost taunting us!


I see you test dummies!


Dare Devil Dive had a full line all day, or a walk on during ERT. ERT FTW


We got up close to Ninja walking to lunch


And Great American Scream Machine



A train from the steel GASM now running on a ride next to the wooden GASM.


More GASM hotness on Ninja



Backside of GASM


The original SUF!




Audit results


Guest Service stars.


Eventhough I get to do it at work, I still enjoy walking around coasters like this.


Goliath, Through the Trees!


Smile for the camera!


Not Dan friendly


It still amazes me how they placed Goliath in the park



DDD is a pretty good ride.



Anton goodness!


All of us nerds snapping away!


The Stride train was missing large chunks of the wraps


The only coaster not running two trains, but they were working on the second one.



Estimated wait times. They were busy. Once again, ERT FTW!


EBT! A great way to end the day! Thank you everyone for such a great event!

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Just wanted to touch on these three things...


-The Flash Pass was a huge hit at White Water and they expect other Six Flags water parks to add it in 2012

-While their 2012 capital is aimed at entertainment, as part of their 5 year plan they are looking a ride capital for 2013, likely a coaster.

-When asked if they would like to see some old rides return, like Deja Vu as one example, "No!"

I was only slightly bummed that White Water was already closed for the season, because we would have liked to added on a day there on Sunday, and I really want to try out the new water park Flash Pass! Next year...


I feel that SFOG has a pretty good coaster line-up as it stands now. I know some people were bummed that they were "only getting shows" next year, but I do think that a nice end-of-the-night fireworks show will do them well, and if it keeps people in the park longer, spending money, that's quite a success if you ask me.


Loved the response on the last one!

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To answer one of your questions, Acrophobia did open during the day. Not exactly sure when, but it was open before the group dinner started at 6:00 P.M.


It opened around 6:15 pm as a few of us who didn't do the dinner rode as soon as it opened (didn't know it would be added to ERT but hey, how can you pass up an Intamin ride no matter what time it is???).


Thanks for the photos! This event was amazing in every way possible. So sad it's over!

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^I really dig stuff like that. When we first started keeping track of ridership at work I would post updates in each zone each week with the previous weeks numbers. You got either a congratulations or a better luck next time. I really like the guest survey scores and the stars on the wall! I think they were both great ideas.

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