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Oktoberfest 2011

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Today at 12 Noon the Oktoberfest officially opend it's doors (actually you can come early, but they wont sell you any beer until the Mayor tapped that first keg...)


I go twice this year and thought to open this thread to see if other tpr'lers go aswell. Maybe a Meet and Greet can be done, who knows...


Otherwise, I will try to post some pictures here (last year I went and took exactly one picture of me in the beertent, so I will try to do better this year )

Or others can post there pictures here as I probably will fail...


ANYHOW, for the beer to flow the mayor will say ""O' zapft is! " . Lets take that spirit and see if we can do a cool Oktoberfest 2011 TPR Thread...


The last seconds before the beer will flow...




The beertents are insane..

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I think everybody's gonna hate me now, but personally, I strongly recommend to skip 'Oktoberfest'-Munich and go to 'Wasen'-Stuttgart instead!!

I was at 'Oktoberfest' in 2010 and it was just bad. Of course, the 'TPR-Trip' with the tent-reservation is beyond my critics.

If you don't reserve some seats in a tent, you won't get beer! It was a shocking experience for me and my friends, that the only this we came for (1l Beer 'Maß') was outlying of the possible! You won't get beer if you aren't in a tent (and they are all reserved for at least 1 year) . You've to be there early in the morning at 8am only to get in, then wait till 11-12am to get an expensive beer! Prices are going up tp 11€ (15$) for one beer this year with the tips! (And no tips means you won't get another beer!). If you're in the tent and want a beer, you won't get any, because you are not seated! Also everything closed at 11pm . Bugger me, it's the biggest fair in the whole world, why they close at 11pm? Also the rides are very expensive (yes, it's normally for a big fair) BUT the whole rideduration is really really short! I was on a big-scaled-ride about 1min for 7€(9,6$).. That was just unfair!


This is just my opinion, of course 'Oktoberfest' can be awesome if you've a tent-reservation and enough money!! But for me and my friends it was a bad experience. We'll go to 'Wasen' on this sunday, the 25th !!


I can advise 'WASEN' at Stuttgart! It is nearly at the same time as 'Oktoberfest' and the 2nd biggest fair in the world after munich! There are cheaper beerprices, longer ridedurations, no reservation needed for the tents, if you come before noon and it's really equal to 'Oktoberfest' !


I am sorry for my english, I am not an native men.

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^Well, I am sorry it's just my opinion. It's not a big deal for me to go there, but I want to warn people about getting maybe no beer, shot rides and an expensive experience. So, they might get more fun at stuttgart.


Hmm,.. but I do understand, if i live outside germany or europe, 'Oktoberfest' might be the only opinion for me, that's true

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Well, I never ride any flat rides in Munich because I can ride them at our local fairs here in and around Augsburg at a lower price with longer ride cycles.

Therefore I only do the big coasters.


You actually can get a beer outside of the tents. For example at the Beergardens most of the big tents have or at the smaller bar stands.

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I am not active in here but i just had to answer. I have been a Oktoberfest guide sine 2008 to pay my college education.


It is true that you can't just jump into the Oktoberfest experience and some of the international tourists are somehow disappointed if the arrive totally unprepared BUT with some preparation and reading you will get the fun and defenetly enough Beer.


Judging from several trip reports about the TPR Oktoberfest Trips you will get a prefetctly prepared trip planned by Robb and Elissa that even seems to be superior to the most trips of the munich based travel agencies.


I really recommed a trip to Oktoberfest: After 3 years of guiding groups from all over the world through the Theresienwiese I never met a tourist that did not enjoy it.


Best Regards from Germany



P.S. The Wasen in Stuttgart is nice and in some ways very authentic, but its far away from the size, fun and experience of Oktoberfest.

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I started this thread so might aswell post my Tripreport here aswell


Ok, Oktoberfest is probably the ultimate themepark. Just think about it, you have great coasters, tons of flatrides, darkrides, funhouses, wierd Shows and BEERTENTS!!!


This year it will go down as one of the best as the weather was perfect! Temperatures in the upper 70's, sunny skies and a almost recordbreaking 6.9Million visitors ( Magic Mountain gets 2.8 Million visitors in an ENTIRE YEAR, compare that to just 17 days that Oktoberfest is up and running and you might understand how big this is!) So, yeah, it is a busy place and although the visitor record of 7 Million was not broken, the beer consumption of 7.5 Million Liter was (1 Liter=32 oz)


Of course Oktoberfest is more than just Beer and rides, I will try to show a little of the "vibe" but pictures can only show you so much, being there is what it is all about...


I went for 2 Days, first Night I was hanging out with my friends at the Haxenbraterei Beertent, the second day was all about relaxing, having a beer here and there to take it all in

Craziest thing is that by the time you see these pictures, EVERYTHING WILL BE GONE until next year

(This is my first Picture TR, so bare with me if I make some mistakes..)


Love the German High Speed trains and yes, the majority of the riders from Frankfurt to Munich were getting ready for Oktoberfest while drinking beer(which is of course legal in Germany)


A big change from my last visit(20 years ago) is that young people actually love wearing the Lederhosen/Dirndl. That was so uncool back in the days, now it is almost a must! Tourists get into it aswell, you can get your gear right at the railwaystation


All dressed up, it is time to enter the crazyness that is Oktoberfest (From the railwaystation you dont need a map, just follow the crowds in Lederhosen/Dirndl)


It is big... (and busy for 1pm)


I see you Olympia Looping..


I am getting goosebumps...


That's as close as I can get to the rides because I had a 12 Noon reservation at the Beertent...(and was 1 1/2 hours late)


There are 16 Beertents at Oktoberfest, you would think these are permanent structures but nope, they will be taken down just like the coasters and rides as soon as Oktoberfest is over


They start to build the tents in the middle of July(for the Sept 17th opening), each tent holds between 5000-8000 people and it takes 4 weeks to dismantle them- That's a lot of work for just 17 days...


And that's what it is all about... (Beerprices were between €$12/13 for a liter/32oz)


This was my tent(Haxenbraterei) for the first night from 1.30pm to 11pm! Yup! It was fun, you meet people from all over the World, sing songs you forgot about and of course have a beer(or seven)


After a couple of hours it kinda all looks like this...

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The night was long and fun! There are plenty of afterparties and Munich is a great city. Man, the stories I could tell would certainly belong on a different messageboard,lol, so let's just start with the next day ...


I stayed at a youthhostel(which are nothing like in the States) for €27/person(double occupancy), so if you plan ahead, it wont be to expensive(like a previous poster mentioned here)


ANYHOW....let's move on!


Back to Oktoberfest at 10AM on a Friday, Breakfast was Käsespätzle and a Beer


Time to check out some of the Flatrides(there is no way I could post all of them here, so here you get an overview)



Rocket, which honestly is a ride I would never get on


Techno Power is a flatride with B&M Suspended(a la Batman The Ride) Seats. I know the ride has nothing to do with B&M but it felt like a Six Flags Batman Coaster that is out of control


Rio Rapids is a brand new, well, Rapid Ride which had it's premiere at the Oktoberfest


Starflyer and some other flatride


The Logflume was quite impressive


This ride(Freestyle) kinda reminds me of RCT3


If Elissa gets ERT on this in 2013, I will sent in my deposit right now ;.)


Parkhour, I have no clue what this ride actually does...


Playball is another of those mysterious rides I have to actually check out in 2012


This was a mean Top Spin that actually got you wet


So many rides, so little time....


And last but not least, TAUMLER! My favorite ride!!!

You might ask why....ok, the reason is....


....it is the only ride that you can take pictures like this ;-)

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Let's check out the coasters...


What could possibly cost €8/$12 to ride???


Oh yeah, this piece of Art is actually worth every penny you spent on it


Just look at it!


For all those people who are worried that the ride will go away. I was sitting next to it for two hours(at the beercarousell) and with 3 trains running, €8 each/28 people per train, this ride makes some serious $$$ uups €€€...and there was a 20 min line in the Afternoon. As long as the operators will howl in the $ like this, Olympia Looping will be around for years to come


And what do I see here? Alpinabahn was in some lonely corner but no worries, the ride was packed all day/night long


It is just sexy! Next time I am graving some coasterporn, I look at this picture


Alpinabahn next to a Beercarousell = Juice in your pants (you need a sense of humor to read this website....You know what I mean!)


So pretty, so smooth, so sexy, sooooo...ok, I need to hold off the beer while writing this Tripreport


Poor Höllenblitz, it is such a massiv ride really, but in pictures it always looks so tiny


And yes, in the frontseats you will get wet!


Almost forgot about the Mouse, which was cool aswell, especially considering that they were...



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I know this is getting long but I want to show some random/wierd stuff that you can also find at the Oktoberfest


The Fleacircus, I highly recomend it if you are drunk to check it out. I had a blast(although I think they work with magnets and not fleas)


There was a shout out to the L.A.County fair with this Monster Truck Show


A Mouse Circus...


Illusions just freaks you out after a couple of beers, trust me, dont go, you will think way to much about this show for the rest of the night


Let's not forget about all the Funhouses. I counted at least 10...


This one looked quite impressive, although it reminds me of that awfull Robin Williams Movie in the 90's


....and of course you have plenty of those "Geisterbahnen" aka Haunted rides which are all looking impressive but are rather tame on the inside


I took this Picture just for Robb, dont ask me why as I have no clue...

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Let me conclude this Tripreport with my favorite part.

OK, Oktoberfest is about drinking beer, big rides and going crazy(if you like). But besides the beertents there are quiet corners where you can just sit down, relax and meet people from all over the World.


While you have to find these quiet corners, it is well worth it to look for them(some are right next to the major coasters) as making new friends, having great conversations and an all around good time is really what makes this "Fest" special.




See, there is peace and quiet between those 6.9 Million people


This beercarousell is really spinning! Slow but none-the-less it will mess you up when you sit on it for an hour(or two)


I loved this place(and met some cool italian dudes)


I think you get my point :-)


See you there in 2012 (or 2013 with TPR)

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