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Deep South Bash 2011 Official Update!

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I know I say this too often when it comes to TPR events, but I had such an incredible time and so much fun! I love all the special things Robb and the park managed to set up for us and just how enjoyable the entire day was. Even with only getting 3 hours of sleep the night before, not once did I feel tired or that time was dragging, it all went by so fast and there was just so much packed into the day. The Monster Mansion walk-thru was definitely a highlight and I don't think there was anyone anywhere in the world happier than I was when I discovered Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale was one of the free beer offerings during EBT. Such a great time was had and it is definitely one of the highlights of the year. Thanks to Robb, Elissa, park management, and all the ride ops for putting together this great experience. It was great seeing so many old friends, many that it's been years since I've seen, as well as meet new ones. Don't worry, I won't forget about you, Deep South Bash and every time I hear that song by Simple Minds I'll most likely think about this event before I think about Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, and the rest of The Breakfast Club!

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^^The lap I took on it shortly after park opening was not that slow. The second trim did grab pretty hard, but it still seemed faster than the POV.


I agree. My ride on The Georgia Cyclone that morning felt pretty brisk. It definitely was tracking better and moving faster around 6:30-ish that afternoon. The airtime is, and has always been crazy ejector on that ride. I'm praying for Fright Fest to have the second set of trims turned off. They weren't really running that much on the first set last Saturday it seems.


The park had no trims during Spring Break Week and the second half was really moving fast, so there was airtime on every last hill to the end. However, this really makes the shuffling quite worse and more violent around the last two turnarounds. I can see why they keep them on.

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Totally agreed with all of the above from Elissa and Derek. I've done a few TPR events, and all are great for a variety of reasons, this one was great for ALL reasons. Just an all around amazing event.


But I truly think it's the people who make the event. Sure the rides are great, the tours are great, the food is great ... but the people I had the pleasure to spend two full days with just made an amazing event 1000% better. This includes the awesome staff at SFOG.


As for DSB next year ... Josh and I scored two free r/t tickets on Air Tran for sometime in the next 12 months (thank you 4 hour delay and a return trip to ATL after an hour in the air). So we've got airfare covered for either a TPR trip or event next year.


And we get to add in the Southwest Airlines cities in a few months!!! (Buffalo for LeviaTHON???)


(Of course, to stick it to Air Tran, I could always surprise my wife with a long weekend in the Caribbean).

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On behalf of the park, I wanted to thank everyone that made it out for the first ever Deep South Bash!


The park's management team was talking today about how great the event was and how personable and appreciative everyone was on Saturday. We have truly been blown away by the comments you guys have sent to us, posted on the forums and left on the park's Facebook page.


It was great to meet everyone at the pre-DSB dinner and at the park on Saturday! We can't wait to host everyone again in 2012!



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It was great to meet everyone at the pre-DSB dinner and at the park on Saturday! We can't wait to host everyone again in 2012!


This just made my night! Time to go set up my countdown clock for the next Deep South Bash!

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Without a doubt will be marking the calendar for next year! Ladies and gentlemen, this even can not be missed. I am still overwhelmed at how well SFOG treated us and all of the hard work that went on between R&E, Brad and SFOG. I can't thank all of you guys enough! It also should be mentioned how gorgeous and friendly the park was too. Honestly everything was just perfect and made for one of the best days I can even begin to think of. I have no idea how this event can be topped but I will go over and over again and I know SFOG and TPR can do it with their amazing efforts. Can't wait to find time to share my photos (maybe tomorrow ) and already can't waitto see everyone in 2012! The people involved with this weekend flat out rule.



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A few days later and I'm still thinking about what a fantastic time I had this weekend! It was my first visit to SFOG and my first TPR event, and I have nothing but the utmost respect and gratitude for Robb, Elissa and those at SFOG who put in the time and work that went into organizing the day.


Highlights for me were the Monster Mansion tour, the photo walkback tour, the GASM water challenge and being on Goliath's last train of the night. A great day at a great park where I met great people! (In fact, my only, *only* regret is that I didn't get a chance to try Brandy's cake because we couldn't make it to the Carrabba's dinner the night before!!)


Thank you, thank you and thank you again to everybody!

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