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Djbrcace's Work Room [RCT 2]

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It would be neat if you added a concrete border/ditch for the track closest to the water, plus some mechanisms or fountains to simulate a water splash, as that area looks perfect for one. Other than that, it looks awesome. I love the station, and the scale of the ride looks immense, pun unintended. I sincerely await you submitting this (;)), and if you ever want more advice w/ it, just let me know!

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Thanks guys! I'll be adding some color, though, the theme is a tad morbid, so I want it to look old and drab.


Robbie: I have some fountains on the "turn" that swoops back up from the cliff; the idea was already there. And thanks!


Here's a brief look at the adjacent village that is pillaged by the myth of the Alkonost:



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Originality! I like it. Instead of the roll before the half-loop, it's the other way around?


Or are you trying to create an Immelman? I can't tell. I'd think an actual roll into a drop would be better. People in the back would have no choice but to savor the hang time.

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^ That is the way I did it, seeing as win-hack doesn't want to work for me (and win-hack gives a better appearance than mine does, but it does the job.)


Using MOM for some reason causes error trappers.


And you guys have a point about the fences--they seem a lot higher here then the last time I used this system.

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The archy looks fantastic! I'd recommend possibly adding some overhanging roofs for shading opportunities. I'd also break up that plaza with a fountain or planter of some sort, both to break up monotony and to create a more intimate scale. Finally, the path blends in with the rock texture of the right-most structure. I'd either change the path or add a trim to indicate the difference in materials.


Other than those small nitpicks, it's fantastic. I can't wait to see more!

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