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Warner Bros. Movie World (WBMW) Discussion Thread

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^You've been to Australia!?!?! WHAT?!!? Next thing you're going to tell me is that PKIJizzMan has also been there!?!?


Who? Never been there. Was definitely not an exchange student living the life there.



And I DID ride Superman Escape!


...no I didn't...it was closed for rehab


-PKI Jizzman/PhotoBoothe.

Edited by PKI Jizzman
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I rather like what Movie World has been doing lately, with the Green Lantern coaster, the Justice League dark ride, and possibility of this new "Doomsday" tower. As for becoming more of a "super hero" park, it looks like they're going with what works.

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I rather like what Movie World has been doing lately, with the Green Lantern coaster, the Justice League dark ride, and possibility of this new "Doomsday" tower. As for becoming more of a "super hero" park, it looks like they're going with what works.


I completely agree. One of the pitfalls of movie-type parks is that any brand that doesn't become a classic can quickly become dated, and the park gets stuck with a pricey attraction themed to an unpopular license. Think Indiana Jones vs Lethal Weapon - both well-known but the latter lacks the 'timeless' aspect. Plenty of comic book characters, on the other hand, are already perpetually popular, so whether they're Batman or Snoopy they're a safe bet for a ride's licensing budget.


Movie World are, slowly, creeping towards becoming a full-day park. It's a radical idea, but I'm hopeful that at some point they will extend their operating hours beyond 10-5. On a busy weekend or public holiday, perhaps? One can dream...

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^I think you're spot on. The local parks just don't get the attendance figures to justify investing in a nice big B&M. I read recently that WVTP's annual capital works budget is around $15m across all three of their Gold Coast parks, which means to add something like Banshee would be 2 years' worth of investment!

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^Banshee was $24 million US, the most they spend on attractions these days is $6 - $10 million. It's too big an outlay for the likeky return.


Long gone are the days where they spent $14-$20 million on attractions like Wild West Falls, Tower of Terror, Superman & Scooby.


Here's hoping they get something really good someday.

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We haven't seen any new additions that have cost up around the $16 million since Superman, but what we have seen lately is the increase in frequency of new additions.


It was usually around 4 years a new attraction came along to the parks and you would generally find the additions spaced out. However, lately since towards the end of 2011 VRTP gave us Green lantern, Justice League, a re-theme of an old roller coaster from Lethal Weapon to Arkham Asylum, Aqualoops, a new waterpark about to open in Sydney, Seal Harbour, Spongebob Parade, Storm, Polar Bear extension, the new Wild Exhibit and in the year before in 2010 Penguin Encounter and Castaway Bay. We also know they're planning for a Looney Tunes River Ride replacement, which they did announce was some sort of driving car ride (however it has disappeared lately). While they're not spending the big outlays VRTP seem to have gotten very smart in how far they stretch their dollar in what they spend.


In Australia, theres an interesting reaction to this proposed ride, half seem to be against, while the other half are all for it. I'm all for it, however I don't if the theme is quiet right, especially if your trying to say there is a gentle cycle. I would have preferred to see something more like Lex Luther themed with the tower and base themed to The Daily Planet. Because to be honest I had no idea this guy was a comic character and I don't think the general public will either.

Many people have always advocated for a ride in this section at MW because as it stands its just an empty parcel. However, I think some people are worried people will confuse it with the Giant Drop and say it isn't as good, and that it will dwarf Superman standing at 40 metres and Batwing standing at 60 metres.


I'd also like to see the rest of the area see some love, maybe a new flat ride in the old Lethal Weapon cinema currently not used, like a Vekoma Madhouse and a eatery in the old Lethal Weapon gift shop (currently unused) and do whatever they are planning to the currently closed off old China Town Alley to breath some new life into that section.


I think one reason people are completely for it is other parts of the park are needing some love currently, such as the Looney Tunes kids area and the Wild West area, with a new stage show in the currently unused stage show building since so much love has been given to the front of the park lately. However, the park faces challenges from neighbours living behind the park, hence the reason the reason they keep investing at the front IMO.

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^You're right that the VRTP have been smart with their investments. The Arkham Asylum retheme is really impressive - the park has turned an awful SLC into a great ride, at what I assume would have been a fraction of the cost of adding something new. They've also replaced a terrible simulator with a decent dark ride and added a compact but awesome El Loco.


I think these changes have given the parks, particularly Movie World, a better 'base' to give people enough to fill a day. Granted, we're talking about a 10-5 day since their operating hours still appear to target the 'young family' demographic, but at least there are now enough non-headliners to spread out the crowds a little. Hopefully this is making the place more profitable, and will justify more (and larger) investments in the future.

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But...but...if they installed a Balder or Outlaw Run clone and a GeForce copy it would save me a fortune on travel.


It's interesting to see the pattern of their spending on major rides over the years (I haven't included the other parks):


1995 Lethal Weapon $16m

1998 Wild West Falls $18m

2002 Scooby Doo $13m

2005 Superman $16m

2006 Batwing $5m

(also of note 2006 spent $23m on Outback Spectacular)

2007 Dodgems $1.98

2008 Stunt Driver Show $10m

2011 Green Lantern $8-$10m

2012 Justice League $9m

2013 TBC

2014 Outlaw Run clone $10m

2015 Expedition GeForce clone $18m


Okay, I made up the last two....

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Thought I might just do a small update for those interested in Movie World's Fright Night and haven't been keeping up with the Australian updates.


Movie World's Fright Night (Halloween Event) begins Saturday night. This year the main theme is based around the "Ringmaster" who commands the dead, the demons and the psychopaths. 4 mazes again this year, Walking Dead, Evil Dead, Hill Billy Slasher 2 and The Darkness. The ad for fright night is here: http://vimeo.com/75456927 -- follows the whole thing they're pushing this year that the "Ringmaster will lock you in".


Two new shows, Space Cowboy and Carnevil, no details have really been released on these yet.


These events are pretty popular with this year being the most popular yet so it's going to be exciting to see how it goes (assuming all well).

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Warner Bros. Movie World is set for a villainous take-over with the announcement of the world-first DC Comics Super-Villain Unleashed themed area and the Doomsday Destroyer attraction launching in October 2016.


DC Comics Super-Villains Unleashed, an immersive themed area, will become home to the Doomsday Destroyer, a monstrous looping ride like nothing else that will unleash an army of DC Super-Villains upon Warner Bros. Movie World. The aim is to leave mass destruction in their wake in order to prove that sometimes it’s good to be bad.


With Village Theme Parks Unlimited Memberships almost sold out time is running out to get yours and be among the first to receive Super-Villain Central and the Doomsday Destroyer updates and information. Premier and Elite members will also be eligible for exclusive access to the attraction once it opens as part of their members-only benefits.

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Well back in 2013 a 145m tower was proposed themed to Doomsday. A description for the rides reads:

"The ride experience would feature a low speed setting perfect for those who want to get a bird’s eye view of the Gold Coast. The ride would also feature a high speed setting to get hearts racing for thrill seekers. On the low speed setting, the ride would travel slowly up and down the tower and then rotate slowly at the top of the tower, while on the high speed setting it would zoom to the top of the tower then spin at a high speed. Riders would be seated in one of three gondolas which each feature twelve seats. Riders sit in individual seats where their legs hang free and they are secured by a chest harness. A height restriction of 110cm would apply for safety reasons. During the day the ride would operate in both “scenic” mode and “thrill seeker” mode at pre-designated times."


This was however was suppose to go into the helix of Superman. This ride appears to be going between Scooby Doo & Wild West Falls, in front of the unused Stage Show. The press release talks about looping and an interview talks about being inverted, so this plan is obviously out.


Most people seem to be guessing an Intamin Suspended Twin Hammer.




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The rumour doing the rounds is that the new attraction will be an Intamin Suspended Twin Hammer: www.intaminworldwide.com/amusement/RoundRides/Suspended+Twin+Hammer/tabid/141/ProductNumber/Suspended+Twin+Hammer/language/de-DE/Default.aspx


If this is indeed what they're adding, it certainly fits the space they're currently preparing for the ride. I'm cautiously optimistic - Movie World definitely needs some flat ride capacity, and it would add some much-needed "kinetic energy" to that corner the park as well.

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