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Photo TR: The Brit Crew in the Midlands

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It's been a while since the Brit Crew all got together for a weekend and actually visited theme parks but we just did that this past weekend. In fact it's been so long since we all got together this was actually my first park visit in the UK this year!


Drayton Manor was quite busy, something I've never seen before. That said, there weren't really any long lines except for Ben 10 which is to be expected since it's brand new. I will say that I quite liked Ben 10, in fact I'd even say that it's my favourite Vekoma Boomerang! Shocking I know.


The rest of the park is looking okay. Thomas Land really is too small for the amount of people they get walking through it. I hope rumours of expansion are true. The only thing that let down the day were some really demotivated staff members, but that aside the park is looking good and if it keeps expanding the way it is the next few years should be very interesting!


Here's some photos...


My first UK park visited in 2011 - Drayton Manor!


Here's our fearless crew for the day. I say fearless because we're in line for The Haunting and Scottish Steve wasn't with us.


We wanted to make sure we got on The Haunting in case it's not around in its current form next year. Why might it not be around? I don't have a Scooby!


For breakfast this morning I'll be eating this weird bacon/cheese/pastry contraption. It was awesome.


Of course the real reason we're here is Dave 10: The Ride.


The Mike Fudge Army is ready to take on Dave 10.


We all approve of lapbar-only Vekoma Boomerangs!


Best Vekoma Boomerang in the world!


It might be a short layout but at least it doesn't attempt to maim you!


Marvin the Martian 3D now resides in the 4D theatre! Put your 3D glasses now and experience it for yourself.


Apocalypse! Still the best ride at Drayton Manor!


Dave and Russ prepare for bullock realignment.


Mike's favourite ride in Drayton Manor is obviously the Wiki Wiki Wild Wild West Shoot Out!


I don't know why he's smiling, this was yet another case of TPFail.


Thar be some crazy spinning going on in the drunken barrels. There were some ill people after this.


But really this ride just inspired us to do one thing...




Dread the thought!


Dave’s eating Humble Pie for lunch. Seriously!


The Fat Controller really does say a great mass.


Oh yeah, there's some "big" coasters in Drayton Manor. This one is weird.


The big news for all you Shockwave fans is that the trains have been painted new colours this year!


In the turtle box there was some REALLY kinky stiff going on!


Mike and Brad got to live out their life long dream of visiting 1885.


No trip to Drayton Manor is complete without ordering a Waffle Cone!


Or if you're Dave you just say "Give me a giant one"


Buffalo Coaster is where the good times roll!


The big disappointment for Mike today (apart from being bald) was the closure of the amazing Dinosaur Cave!


But still, we'd heard stirrings of dinos still residing somewhere in the park...


Damn, the raptor pen's empty.


Aha, this looks like a result!


All your favourite plastic lizards reside here.


Some AMAZING use of the word “where”.


Standard group photo. With added Tyrannosaur.


Drayton Manor was looking pretty good this year! I get the feeling we'll back pretty soon for more new hotness!


West Midlands Safari Park is up next!

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Is these awesomely cheesy pirate ride still in operation?

It is indeed still there, Chuck but I get the feeling that the ride is on it's last legs and won't be around much longer. The area sits on just looks like prime "Thomas Land Expansion" real estate.


Thanks for the comments everyone!


- Divv "If I ever manage to take a normal photo of TPDave some day, there's no way I'm posting it" Walsh

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Part Two:



The next day we hit up an old Brit Crew favourite, West Midlands Safari Park. Notable to us because both Fudge brothers have worked here in the past and Mike was actually a ride op on our last visit!


Needless to say the operations have improved tremendously since our lasy visit. Can't quite place my finger on why though.


All in all it's a great little park to visit with some really good animal sections. Special note to the cutting edge prizes on offer at the redemption games too! This park has it all!


It's Safari time!


Will TPCar make it through unscathed?


Not if the rhinosaur has anything to say about it!


These are camels, they have humps. And toes.




Onto the "rides section" of the Safari Park which is still looking as good as it was in 2009.


The one part of the sea lion show where the sea lion did the trick he was supposed to.


There's some great food at West Midlands Safari Park for the health conscious among you.


TPDave was the only one of our group who hadn't been to the park before. This meant that he was also the only one of us who needed the Wacky Worm credit.


Being the cruel bastards we are we stood and watched as he rode along.




The redemption game parlour offered all the latest prizes for all the kids who collect trading cards.


Knowing that those Free Willy 2 trading cards would be snapped up by another gamer within minutes if we didn't do something we set about getting the scores of tickets required.


Result! Brad got his hands on those Batman Forever and Bill Nye trading cards before anyone else in the world!!!


Seeing as we're in a safari park and meerkats are all the rage these days here's one from WMSP new Meerkat and Lemur area.


And here be the Lemurs that complete the picture. They're very active.


It's only a Veloma!


Behold Russ, the goat whisperer.


Dr Umboto's Catacombs just aren't quite the same without Scottish Steve.


Hey Larry! New ride sign! I think Dave Thomas may like this one too...


That's a pretty cool flat ride if you ask me!


It's not quite Apocalypse but the drop tower at WMSP is one of their better rides.


Seeing as TPDave still needed his credits we made sure to hit up the Rhino Skater.


Plus the Twister. (Well, not me)


You can tell they loved it. Immensely.


The rapids have moved to a new location since our 2009 visit. But since Anth wasn't with us we gave them a miss.


Of course Mike can't visit the Safari Park without paying homage to his old favourite, Black Fly. I think he misses it.


Before we headed out of the park to head home we figured that it was a good time for a beer. Well, it's always a good time for us!


That'll do it from West Midlands Safari Park for this time. Always a nice place to spend half a day or so!


Thanks for reading the TR, hope you enjoyed it!

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I know how it feels, the shame of riding Big Apple at WMSP on your own with little kids (my family did not wish to join me).


Did any of the Brit Crew see what was going on by G Force where Black Revolver used to be (in the bottom left of the picture)? Construction seems to have progressed, but I have no idea what it is.






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