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Intamin LSM Coaster (Blitz) [NL]

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Been working on a little project in the past few days. Thought that I might end up posting it on here considering I haven't really posted anything on here in quite a while, so here goes.



Unnamed Intamin LSM coaster (Blitz)


Height: 125 feet.

Length: 4480 feet.

Speed: 60 mph.

Inversions: 1

Trains: 5



As always, comments, questions, and concerns are always welcome.

And as we all know names are never my strong suit, so if you have any good name suggestions, please post them below.


Finished Layout

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Just a quibble - the LSM propulsion on the Blitz coasters doesn't go all the way up the lift. The crest is completely gravity-powered.


Other than that, looks great.

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Looks good, man! Any possible theme? Running 5 trains without stacking would be awesome! You should release your other Intamin Blitz NL coaster too! I would love to see it unfinished too.


No clue as to the theme yet. (Again, ideas are always welcome)

Unfortunately, I lost the computer where I had the last Intamin coaster, so not much I can do there.



Here are a few progress shots.



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Have you tested G-forces sitting in the very back seat of the train? There's a reason why Maverick and Fahrenheit only have three cars per train.


Yes, they are good.



Very nice looking coaster


Question: How did you get your supports to look like that?


What do you mean?

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It's taken me a little while (recently moved and some other stuff going on), but I have finally finished supporting this coaster.


I might move on to do some (very light) scenery, as wel all know I'm not the greatest with 3ds. So I might just do a simple station and some fins and a tunnel. Not sure where I am headed with it yet, but we will see.


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