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College Football 2011


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And sad that he only did the bare minimum to get away from that. The first offense he didnt know about but that was just improper touching. The second case, the one he knew about - that was rape. And he only told people with enough power to get him off the hook but not the right people to handle it. All that was done to Sandusky was took away his keys to the locker room.


Joe should have severed all ties with him, friendship and all. Pursued legal action and gotten this man tried for the atrocities he committed. Really is sad, this is what Joe Pa will be tarnished with.



Makes NCAA violations look mighty weak by comparison.

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TaxSlayer.com Gator Bowl > National Championship Game.


I mean, seriously, the NCG is a rematch of one of the most boring games in recent memory? So much for the whole "the regular season is the playoff, so we don't need a postseason playoff" viewpoint. The BCS really messed this one up, big time.

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^^^Speed always negates speed. "Huh, we can't just keep running the option and out run everyone with our star players?"




Oklahoma State: wins over No. 10 Oklahoma, No. 11 Kansas State, No. 17 Baylor, at No. 22 Texas, at No. 25 Missouri


Alabama: wins over No. 8 Arkansas, at No. 21 Penn State (I thought the SEC was amazing and tough and every game is a huge win in conference?)

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Alabama's loss was a lot more respectable than OSU's too.The debate can go on forever and that's fine with me if it leads to a playoff. Not sure if you should really fault Alabama for playing in the same division as the best team in the nation... I'd love to see them get a rematch (first game wasn't really decisive) but also would love to see OK State get their chance too.


If you want to talk about a soft SEC schedule, look at the team that won the East - they play all but 3 teams with a 12 team conference, and UGA managed to miss Alabama, LSU and Arkansas.


Sure, the SEC East has been ACC-like the past couple years... can't hate on the West though, the top 3 are stellar.


^^^Speed always negates speed. "Huh, we can't just keep running the option and out run everyone with our star players?"

.. don't remind me =( goddamn Miami kills us every year with their speed, and they have sucked lately!


Kudos to the ACC for sending 2 teams to get embarrassed in BCS bowls for the first time. Congrats to UVA too, welcome back to relevance. And.... a day game in El Paso? Kill me now.


btw Joey, I haven't seen the schedule, what bowl are the Trojans headed to?

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Using the final BCS rankings:


Alabama: #6 Arkansas, #22 Penn State, #25 Auburn

Oklahoma State: #8 Kansas State, #12 Baylor, #14 Oklahoma, #24 Texas


The SEC proposed a plus one format in 2008. The ACC was the only other conference to vote in favor of it. That's a Big 12 problem. OK St wants to throw out "they aren't even conference or division champs!" Oklahoma lost their conference championship in 2003 and Nebraska didn't even win their division in 2001. Both played for the title. Both from the Big 12. They had a chance to add in a conference champion rule and voted it down. That's a Big 12 problem.


Alabama thoroughly dominated every opponent other than LSU this season (and many even claim the only thing LSU won that night was the scoreboard, unfortunately for Alabama that's all that matters in the end). Oklahoma State lost to a 6-6 Iowa State squad. They squeaked out a win vs 6-6 Texas A&M.

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^We could go back and forth all night on this making great arguments as to why one team was more deserving than the other. No doubt Bama's one loss is far better, but IMO Oklahoma State's overall better body of work offsets that (no FCS teams on the schedule, 3 wins over top-15 teams, more quality wins [7 wins over FBS teams above .500 vs 3 for Bama].


The good news in all of this is that is brings us one step closer to a playoff system.


^^Maybe it was buried at the bottom of the schedule, kind of like how I could barely make out Georgia Tech in the "other receiving votes" category at the bottom of the AP Poll.

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Even without the BCS the Sugar Bowl would not have taken a team like Kansas State or Baylor. Bowls want teams that bring lots of fans and a large TV audience. It sounds crazy, but without the BCS it most likely that Utah, Boise, TCU, and Hawai'i would have never made it to a major bowl game.

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Saban is a tool as well.


Taken from TheSportingNews:


The Alabama coach, on national television, subtly pushing his poll message: Don’t forget the Tide when you’re watching Oklahoma State.


That’s Problem No. 1.


Here’s problem No. 2: That was Saban, praising Oklahoma State as a deserving team during his time on the GameDay menagerie, but less than 24 hours later, he was voting the Cowboys fourth as an official voter in the coaches poll. That’s right, behind No. 2 Alabama and No. 3 Stanford.


Stanford—the only heavyweight team with a worse home loss this season than Alabama—was one spot ahead of an Oklahoma State team with a resume better than Alabama and Stanford combined.


Now, everyone, you see what you’re dealing with in the BCS system. And what aren’t we seeing?


We know how truly awful some human voters are (more on that later), but what do we really know about the computers and their quartiles and standard deviations and a BCS formula an MIT mathematician can’t understand? Wait, Jeff Sagarin does understand it.


But good luck comprehending his explanation.


Saban often talks about “the process” of a successful program. If you don’t think him voting down Oklahoma State was just in case the race for the BCS National Championship Game came down to one vote in the controversial BCS series, you—in the lovable words of one Harvey Updyke—have too much ‘Bama in you.


Saban can vote however he wants; that’s the beauty of this poll-based system. But because he’s a voter, he’s also open to criticism when that vote is released.


And frankly, his vote was unseemly.






What a joke this has all turned out to be.

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And Troy Calhoun voted them 5th. Unlike Saban (or any other coach for that matter), Calhoun releases his ballot every week. He dropped OSU to 9th after the Iowa State loss and moved them up as other teams lost. Last week the teams Calhoun had ranked 1-4 didn't lose, so he only moved them up to 5th. Considering the teams Saban had ranked ahead of OSU it's possible he did the same thing.

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The BCS is really like an election when it comes down to the polls. Coaches vote within their conference and do anything they can to lobby Harris Poll voters.


The AP poll looks better everyday for getting out of that mess. But I'm bias, since they allowed USC to stay in the polls. USC not being included in the BCS also really hurt Stanford, since it robbed them of a high quality win.

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