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Mooreville Amusesment Park [RCT2]

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I see you took the advice of PSiRockin and changed the exit station to the castle, looks much better.


Maybe add some shrubbery to the ground of the mouse ride and take away some trees by the B&M. I feel like the B&M looks great but is blocked by an excessive amount of trees, which is kind of unrealistic to a ride of that size. However, what you got right in the ground of the B&M, which is pretty hard, is the shrubbery. I see patches of bushes and shrubs which are great. Keep this up, you have great buildings in this very promising park.


Just a question, I notice there are no boundaries or fences indicating your property in the park. How'd you do that? (The 2nd to last picture, with the wooden coaster, is what I mean.) Thanks

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If you're willing to re-theme that area some, you look like you have some room to expand it out into the water a bit with a nice cornerstone attraction. Its hard to tell without a good look at the overall park of whats going on in that area.


Other than that though the park is beautiful.

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